Mermaids Millions

Take a dip in the briny and see what treasures lie beneath!


Plunging to the depths of your own wallet can seem so easy at times that we can often forget the many ways out there presently to make money. Instead of falling into the recesses of your wallet, why not fall beneath the waters of the Mermaid Millions, where you might bob back up to the surface with a variety of cash prizes both big and small. Mermaid Millions is a Microgaming slot, making it a must play for that and that alone. Microgaming have been around the block a few times, although in this slot it seems like they’ve decided to go for a swim, and are inviting you to do the same when you visit this website.


Mermaid Millions is a very appropriate title for a slot that is incredibly fun as well as generous when it comes to paying out what players have put in. This is a very simplistic slot compared to the other offerings one has in todays slot landscape. It’s a 5 reel slot that is played across 15 different pay-lines. Players can experience this slot for as long as they like, although the best way of playing in our opinion, is hours at a time due to the accessibility of everything and how user-friendly the gameplay is; you generally feel like you are doing something special here. Struggling to find a valid reason to play Mermaid Millions? Be sure to skim over the rest of this review to see if Mermaid Millions is the right fit for you. Play Mermaids Millions at this play casino online.


Expectation vs Reality

 The Logo Of Mermaids Millions

Going into this slot we fully expected it to be a homage/rip off of The Little Mermaid, so we were quite happy to find that this wasn’t the case at all (although some symbols do bear a striking resemblance to certain characters from the movie). Having expectations for slots such as this one will often paint a particular idea in players heads, so it’s up to the developer to try to adhere to these expectations whilst leaving enough space to experiment a little. There is just enough active experimentation here for players to get excited about, this will become more evident as you read on in this review.


About the Game

 Gameplay Of Mermaid Millions

The first thing players will see when they click on Mermaid Millions is the incredibly simplistic design of this slot. Mermaid Millions has been out  a few years now so what you see is reflective of the time that it was released. It’s true that we’ve came a long way since then but still, that should not take anything away from this slot as it is one of the most popular Microgaming’s offerings out there to date. Across the board players will find various sea creatures latching onto certain symbols on the reels. These creatures are all very well-designed and help carry the underwater theme that Mermaid Millions has going for it. All symbols and the background to an extent, are all in a cartoon-like theme, a theme that is very well done compared to the other underwater epics there are in the market currently.


It’s of note that the pay-lines in Mermaid Millions aren’t fixed which should offer a little variety compared to that of slots that tend to have their pay-lines fixed which can be quite distracting to say the least. There is an option for players to get right into the action with the bet max button. This button is quite self-explanatory, and will cause players to put the most down for that particular spin which will forego any time wasted in picking bet amounts. Once you are happy with your chosen settings, then all you need to do is hit the spin button and watch as you hold your nose and plunge into the deep blue with all of your new fishy friends.


Bonus Games and Bonus Features

The Paytable Of Mermaid Millions

Although Mermaid Millions looks overly simplistic, that does not mean that it is without additional features. These features alter gameplay in a variety of different ways, ways that are very rewarding (literally as they will boost your scores tenfold compared to basic gameplay). It’s features like these that make online slot gaming a highly entertaining experience indeed!


WILDS: Wild symbols have the ability to substitute symbols on the reels for all other symbols bar the scatter symbol. Wilds are quite common here, and will also provide quite a cash pay-out when matched on the reels too, so there’s always that.


SCATTER: Scatter symbols are exactly like their name suggests, these symbols will throw around symbols on the reels in a manner of different ways, all while granting access into free spin games. The more of these scatters you can have in the winning pay-line the more free spins you earn.


TREASURE BONUS: Matching 3 of the treasure chest symbols will unlock a treasure bonus game, in this mini game players have the chance to win up to 2,500 coins. All one needs to do here is simply choose various matching objects, the more chest symbols used to unlock this feature, the more symbols you’ll have to choose from.


Hit or Miss?

 An Example Of A Win on Mermaid Slots

Mermaid Millions is packed full of outstanding features and exciting gameplay to keep you occupied for hours on end. It’s not everyday that you can say that you plunged into the deep and came out richer for it. Play Mermaid Millions today! If you liked Mermaids Millions, you will also like Vikings Go Bezerk!


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