Immortal Romance

Inspired by various vampire shows that now run rampant on all of our television sets: Immortal Romance!


Fans of True Blood and shows that heavily feature vampires will be pleasantly surprised to know that there’s an online slot dedicated just for them. Immortal Romance is a slot that puts you smack dab in the middle of this drama, a drama that plays out over each spin of the reels. Yes, that’s right, Immortal Romance has a story element to it, which will only encourage fans of this series to see it through to the bitter end. You can feel a lot of other different vampire related mediums being used in the very fibre of Immortal Romance, there is obviously the connection to Twilight, which some would say started off this trend, but then there’s slight references to other vampire related media. Play it here at ThorSlots today!


Immortal Romance is not your traditional 5 reel slot in that it allows one to reap the rewards of repeated play in a very creative and rewarding fashion. There is also plenty to do in terms of additional features that turn basic gameplay on its head. The romance element here can be found in the slots undertone, where lust clearly runs rampant for a lot of these characters. If you’re still unsure whether or not Immortal Romance is the right fit for you, then we would highly recommend you read the rest of this review before coming to a final decision.


Expectation vs Reality

 The Logo of Immortal Romance

The name Immortal Romance does an expert job in capturing the theme at play here. As with any online slot, the theme in question will be to some peoples liking, whereas to some they might be put off. That’s the great thing about the online slot gaming industry in that there is a slot for everyone and if you don’t like vampires and gothic romance then you can play something else. We knew as soon as we laid eyes on Immortal Romance that this was going to be a homage to various pop culture tv shows/movies. But what surprised us most is how they implemented each character and gave them a different function when matched on the reels, this was a very nice touch that is sure to divide fans in which characters are their favourite.


About the Game

Gameplay Of Immortal Romance 

Immortal Romance is a very dark slot, we’ll get that out of the way first. The reason behind that is to create a sense of tension and atmosphere when running the reels. We’ve never came across a slot with so much attention to detail, every symbol and every blood stain in the background, it all goes towards keeping you immersed for the longest time possible like with any tv show/series. In total there are around 243 different ways of coming out on top here, with each spin being drastically different from the last depending on what you happen to be matching on the reels. This is a Microgaming slot, meaning you should only expect the best from their offerings.


To begin this slot one must set their bet and coin amounts, this is easily achievable using the various arrows that speak for themselves. Left decreases and right increases the bet. Once you’re happy simply hit spin and watch as this story unravels before you. There is an option here to max bet, a feature that will allow you to place the maximum amount of money down on one particular spin. This is a feature used mostly by veterans of Immortal Romance, so we highly recommend you at least familiarise yourself with this slot before trying your hand at the best possible pay-out with the biggest potential loss.


Bonus Games and Bonus Features

The Paytable Of Immortal Romance 

With Immortal Romance one should expect a lot more than meets the eye, as every symbol here has the chance to offer something different when lined up in the right order. You will no doubt have your favourite features here, but for now lets state them outright.


TUMBLE FEATURE: The tumble feature here will activate randomly, and will cause certain symbols to roll down onto different parts of the reels which in turn will lead to more matching combinations by proxy.


WILD SYMBOL: The Immortal Romance game logo serves as this slots particular wild symbol, when matched this symbol will substitute for all other symbols bar the wild, matching this symbol will also double ones score for that particular roll.


WILD DESIRE FEATURE: This feature can be turned on at anytime, once activated this feature will make the reels randomly turn wild during gameplay, thus adding an un-predictable element to the status quo. You can even turn all 5 reels wild which will create a massive pay-out if matched accordingly.


SCATTERS: Matching 3 lion scatters will trigger the various character bonuses that we have already mentioned. Each character has their own offerings, for example Amber will grant 10 free spins and a x5 multiplier.


Hit or Miss?

 Gameplay of Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is one of Microgaming’s more popular slots for a reason. The gameplay here coupled with the various bonus features make for quite the experience for fans of True Blood and other vampire media respectively. If you are looking for a slot that offers something different that only benefits the money you’re putting in then we would highly suggest you play Immortal Romance out for yourself, it’s well worth your time and effort. Or why not try Thunderstruck?


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