Mad Mad Monkey

Journey to the most lavish of jungles in search of friendship and gold here at Thor Slots.

Just how mad does a monkey have to be to be considered mad mad? Well, once you get a look at this slot from NextGen Gaming we can see how some of the soundest minds out there have gone slightly loopy thanks mostly to jungle fever. If any of you out there are a fan of 90s nostalgia, then you will no doubt see the similarities between Mad Mad Monkey and the Nickelodeon show: The Wild Thornburrys in both artistic design as well as feel; even the games monkey logo seems to be inspired by the exaggerated facial features that made The Wild Thornburrys popular to begin with.


The premise of this 5 reel slot game is simple, you are tasked with bringing together lost friends who have seemingly gone walkabouts in the jungle, only to lose their way. You could say that this loss in companionship is what drove the money mad, although we tend to go off the assumption that he was always a tad mad, and this experience only elevated his mental state in the process. Helping this monkey should bring him back to the brink of sanity, as well as provide you with some rather generous cash prizes that are just waiting to be plucked from the very tops of these trees. Additional features will help you on this quest, so don’t go into this one thinking you know what to expect; madness is often linked with spontaneity, and this monkey certainly has a few tricks up his furry sleeve. Be sure to check out the rest of our review for Mad Mad Monkey to see if this is the right adventure for you!

Expectation Vs Reality

 Logo of Mad Mad Monkey

Anyone going into a slot with the name ‘mad mad’ attached to it will often have a certain idea as to what they can expect. The wacky nature of this slot allows it to experiment a little with ideas that change gameplay as well as the bright and colourful graphics that can be seen on-screen during standard gameplay. Video slot games with a jungle theme tend to be quite one-dimensional, so having variety here is a very welcome change indeed. This is a 3D slot, meaning it possesses all of the cutting edge, present-day technology that you’ve come to expect from slots by a reputable developer (NextGen Gaming woo), so it would only stand to reason that your experiences here were memorable to say the least.


About the Game

Gameplay of Mad Mad Monkey

Jungle-scapes like the ones found in Mad Mad Monkey are known to be quite beautiful, and we can safely assure players that this is especially true in this slot. When players begin this slot they will be welcomed by the games protagonist (or antagonist depending on who you ask), the Mad Mad Monkey himself, the same monkey that can be found spread across the reels in a variety of different settings. The colours here are as bright as you’d expect for a jungle-themed slot, with an emphasis on washed out greens of various different shades. These colours can be found in the background mostly, with the games board being positioned right in-front. The game board is made to look like it has been crafted from various materials that can only be found within this jungle, this includes bamboo and paper, paper we can only imagine are from the various trees off in the distance.


Players will find a variety of different symbols in Mad Mad Monkey, all of which play towards the chosen theme at play. Even the lower scoring symbols are in the shape of the theme, these symbols are represented by various coloured letters. These symbols allow one to rack up wins constantly even when you aren’t coming out with wins from the other higher scoring symbols. It goes without saying but the more symbols you match the higher your scores will be. Each symbol in Mad Mad Monkey represent a different numerical value, making every victory somewhat different depending on how you are playing on that particular spin. Symbols here include: bananas, nuts, coconuts and snakes among others.


Bonus Games and Bonus Features

 The Mad Mad Monkey Paytable

One should expect all the telltale signs of a popular online slot here also, which includes wild and scatter symbols respectively, this is a very modern slot, making it basically a requirement to have these features lining this slot.


THE WILD MONKEY: Symbols of the games logo act as this slots chosen wild symbol, symbols that will substitute for the scatter symbols. Wilds also have the chance at providing players with quite the generous pay-out too when matched in combinations of 5 respectively. Wilds will double scores when matched within winning pay-lines.


SCATTER: Scatter symbols in Mad Mad Monkey take the form of the games logo symbol. Matching 3 of these symbols will grant one access to free spins. Up to 10 free spins are on offer here depending on how many scatter symbols you can match in total.


JACKPOT: Matching 5 banana symbols will give one access to a fixed jackpot that can award players up to £90,000 depending on your original stake.


Hit or Miss?

 Gameplay Of Mad Mad monkey

Mad Mad Monkey is one of NextGen Gaming’s finest titles to date. Definitely a slot for those that enjoy something a little off-kilter from their online gaming experiences. The wacky style of Mad Mad Monkey is one of the most memorable to date, encouraging multiple spins from those crazy enough to try. Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon? Play Mad Mad Monkey. 

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