Rainbow Riches

An Irish-themed slot for the ages trust us and play on Thor free slots website today! Deposit £10, to get 10 - 500 free spins on Rainbow Riches and other Irish-themed slots; full review of this Barcrest classic slot machine game below.

Those of you out there looking for a slot that takes you places will no doubt find all the fun and excitement that you’re looking for in Barcrest’s very own Rainbow Riches, a slot machine with a lot of upside for being based on a theme that has basically been done so many times within this industry. They were the first though, starting with Rainbow Riches slot machine over a decade ago.

Rainbow Riches Characteristics
RTP 95%
Volatility High
Bonus Features Free Spins, Wilds, Pick Me Bonus, Gamble, Scatters, Jackpots
Bet Levels £0.01 - £500 per spin
Max Win £250,000 / 5,000x original bet
Thor Slots Welcome Bonus? £10 deposit, 10 - 500 Free Spins on Rainbow Riches

Overview of Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

What can we tell you about Rainbow Riches slots that you don't know already? Well we could tell you that this is a 5 reel slot machine, that features 20 pay-lines as well as 243 different winning combinations for players to pick from. There are various additional features in Rainbow Riches that pad out the rest of the 2021 slots on Thor Slots casino, but for now lets simply summarise.

Like most slot games nowadays, the ability to reach multiple demographics is the desired effect, and in Rainbow Riches players will find that they can play this slot anywhere and at anytime due to the ability to play this slot on mobile as well as desktop devices. Rainbow Riches pay by mobile is also available on our site, so you can pay and play this game anyway you like.

The action will never stop rolling if you do so desire in Rainbow Riches slot machine! There is a very fun jackpot element to Rainbow Riches also, that allows players to aim for the highest of highs in terms of scores. The RTP of Rainbow Riches is average, standing at 95%. 

It’s moments like these that make you stop to think how fun online slot gaming is. If you still aren’t convinced that Rainbow Riches is the right slot for you, then why not check out the full Rainbow Riches slot machine review below? If you don't fancy Irish-themed slot machines, pick one of the Viking Picks from our site:

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Expectation vs Reality

We are going to be frank, we are so sick and tired of Irish-themed slots that when we get a chance to review them, we are just so burnt out by what we experience. There is very little in terms of creativity being used in these slots, the only attention is paid to the art style and even then this is very lacklustre in many different instances.

Rainbow Riches slot machine is a very welcome change in direction that we never truly expected until we played this slot out for ourselves. You obviously hear stories about slots being greater than expected, but not once did we consider Rainbow Riches to be the slot to potentially change our minds on Irish slots moving forwards! Besides its old release date, this Barcrest is also amongst the pay by mobile slots on our casino, with advanced graphics for mobile play!

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slot Game

Rainbow Riches is a very simplistic slot to grasp compared to other slots that are currently out in the market, kind of like the Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home slot which is a 2021 release of the same theme.

If you’ve played any other Barcrest slot before then you should expect much of the same with this one. Symbols are matched in the traditional left to right formation, and symbols can be matched from as little as combinations of 3 to around 5.

The more symbols one matches the higher the score, and certain symbols on the reels will have a higher score than others which gives players something to aim for when on these reels. The look of the Rainbow RIches slot is rather plain compared to other online slots out there, but that’s to be expected considering technology is moving at such a rapid pace.

Before one begins to spin these reels they must set their starting bets; these bets can be placed from as little as 0.1 to around 20 per payline, making it very easy to see why this slot is so popular in the industry as anyone can play! The reels are populated with a mixture of high and low value symbols, all of which offer variations to classic combinations. Each symbol is clearly outlined by its colour and the character on the symbol itself.

We would advice famiiaring yourself with the pay-table before each and every spin to make sure you are aiming for the right symbols as you play Rainbow RIches, but we find that playing blind is also a very valid technique. If you do choose the latter then there is a pay-table button at the bottom of the screen that allows one to view the pay-table accordingly.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins & Bonus Features

You thought that this slot was holding out on you in terms of additional features? Boy how wrong you were. Just like the Rainbow Riches MegaWays slot, Rainbow Riches is packed to the brim with additional features to keep those reels rolling. Playing the most possible spins will grant players access into these various features, although some simply appear in standard play.

  • WILDS: The golden coin symbol is Rainbow Riches chosen wild symbol, and will allow players to substitute for various other symbols on the reels aside from the scatter whenever this symbol is matched on the reels. Players will also earn 10,000 coins when matching 5 wilds in a winning combination.
  • ROAD TO RICHES BONUS: Landing 3 or more leprechaun symbols will grant players access into this feature. This feature offers players the chance to enter a mini game where they must match symbols in order to earn additional multipliers.

Hit or Miss

Make no mistake about it, Rainbow Riches is here to stay: a classic slot machine that is full to the brim of additional features and great gameplay. You’d be a sucker to miss out on a slot like this one trust us! Play Rainbow Riches today or at least give a try to another classic Irish-themed slot - Irish Eyes!

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