Vikings Go Berzerk

Lose yourself to the chaos, become the viking you always knew you’d become in the best viking casino!

Summary of Vikings Go Berzerk Slot Game

After releasing all the way back in November of 2016, Vikings Go Berzerk has ran rampant for the past year and a bit, tearing apart the competition as one of the most popular slots going today! This is not without the passion from the games developer: Yggdrasil Gaming, who have proven time and time again as to why they are one of the most trustworthy online developers going. This is a 5 reel slot, played over 4 rows and 25 pay-lines: a very traditional lay-out for a slot that you wouldn't believe enjoyed playing to the rules of others. This is a very visually pleasing 3D slot, one that boasts an impressive RTP of 96.1%, which compared to that of its peers is quite the difference. Play today at

There are a lot of additional features for players to try to win here, all turn standard gameplay into a free-for-all of frenzy. There is a grand total of around £500,000 on offer here for players putting the most down for each spin, a very large sum indeed. Once you have played one spin of this casino slot, you will be hooked, that’s a Yggdrasil Gaming promise. Vikings Go Berzerk can be played on a variety of different operating systems, showing no bias to any particular player; everyone is welcome in this land. If you are still conflicted on whether or not Vikings Go Berzerk is the right slot for you, then might we suggest checking out the rest of our written review below! Play today with our Viking Casino Offers today!

Expectation vs Reality on Vikings Go Berzerk Slot UK

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Many slots that tend to have wacky/eccentric titles tend to only do this to be eye-catching, and the slots themselves are as dull as Nordic dishwater. We can happily report that this is not the case with Vikings Go Berzerk. We’ve never came across a slot like it before. The gameplay hits so hard and heavy that it feels like putting your fist through a wall whilst simultaneously head-banging to some really heavy music (don’t do this, it’s just an analogy). If there are players out there that are looking for the complete opposite in what many slots out there are doing, then they should play Vikings Go Berzerk, Yggdrasil Gaming should take a bow every time someone mentions vikings for this creation!

Gambling on Vikings Go Berzerk Online Casino Game

 Vikings Go Berserk Gameplay

Before this slot even begins, players are shown an intro into the world of this slot. It is a very well-done video that introduces us to these characters and this world perfectly. Most developers tend to avoid videos as they often cost a little bit of money to create, but it looks like Yggdrasil didn’t get the memo. Vikings Go Berzerk is a slot that is available in various languages, making it very accessible for a variety of different players out there. This slot takes place on a viking ship, a ship that is chocked full of various symbols and colours, all of which represent a different character from the story. Each symbol is very well crafted, and looks incredibly stylised, perfect for this slot and the story that it carries with each and every spin.

Each of these symbols feature something different in terms of numbers, with the more of these symbols you match the more you will earn. This slot can feel like it moves to the sound of its own drum at times, and this is down solely to the way that it takes traditional features and makes them its own. We will get to these features in a second, but it’s worth noting that these features can often appear relatively quickly, which can often overwhelm new players, but once you learn how to ride this wave, you will have mastered the art of victory. The colours of this slot are also a highlight, where drawn out colours are used to help showcase a specific time period. For some reason the designs and colours remind us of Shrek, but hey you might think they look like something different and that’s fair too.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features available on Vikings Go Berzerk

Vikings Go Berserk Paytable

As we’ve already stated above, the additional features here are very well done, and alter gameplay in a very distinct way that is perfect for the theme and time period of this slot. Wilds and scatter symbols can be found here, but they are not the most desirable compared to the other features. These features will manipulate gameplay to fit the whims of the player; this slot can feel like an uncontrollable beast at times, but stopping it would cost you money so its best to just let it run rampant.

RAGE METER: At the bottom of the screen players will see the various characters fixed to the bottom of the reels. These symbols are all meters, meters that will build every time their respected character are matched on the reels. Once full these meters will grant players free spins depending on the character. If one waits until all symbols light up at the same time, they can cause Ragnarok where the reels will give even more cash pay-outs!

PRE FREE SPIN: Unlike most slots, the free spins here can be won without having to go through wilds and scatters to do so. Simply match the free spin symbol and you will win them. Simple.

TREASURE CHEST BONUS: These symbols appear on the fifth reels only, and when matched they will offer higher scores; a notable increase than from basic scores.

Hit or Miss?

 Vikings Go Berserk Win Example

There’s not a lot we can say about this slot that we haven’t already said, it’s epic and should be played a lot if you happen to be someone that enjoys very well crafted slots that have a story element running throughout. Check out Vikings Go Berzerk today or why not play Gonzo's Quest?

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