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Two Brothers that you know have it in for one another! Help them settle their differences and you will be rewarded on our Viking free slots site!

Summary of Viking Gods Slot - Introduction

Most of you out there will see the name Loki and Thor and will immediately know who we are talking about. Or maybe you are one of the only people on the earth who has never seen a Marvel movie. No matter what kind of player you are, what we can agree on is that this slot games is a very well-made and fun one.

Developer Playson has clearly gone to a lot of effort to make sure that players find the most fun out of this experience. We are sure that this slot will become a favourite to many avid players out there for a lot of reasons, but we will get to those in just a moment.

Viking Gods: Thor and Loki is a 5 reel slot that is played out over 15 separate pay-lines. This slot has a very strong 96% return to player percentage which should encourage players who wish to make the most money here at Thor slots.

Ever since the duo started making traction in the pop culture world, everyone can’t get enough of the Asgardian brothers, the same brothers who are often at one another throats for whatever reason. Loki is the god of mischief, and Thor is the god of thunder, so one can see how and why these guys are constantly arguing.

This slot has a story to it, which makes it very interesting to see when playing on these reels. We would advise one read the rest of this review to see if this is the right kind of slot for them. You can experience this casino game today with our casino promos!

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Expectation vs Reality on Viking Gods

There are actually quite a lot of slots out there that are based on this theme, like the Vikings Fortune: Hold and Win slot, which tends to make them a little saturated. With saturation comes repetition and laziness, where one can simply release a slot with the names Thor and Loki in the title and watch as players come from all around to pour money into something that isn’t worth the time of day.

Viking Gods: Thor and Loki is not that kind of slot, which is probably why it is among some of the most popular online slots going today. This is the definitive Thor and Loki themed slot, any other slots with the same name or theme are simply pretenders to this throne. Make sure that you check out this deposit by mobile slot today!

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Playing Viking Gods Slot Online - Gameplay

Although the pay-lines in this slot are fixed, that does not then mean that your experiences are limited in the process. In-fact we like this slot just the way it is, and any changes to this formula would completely mess up this experience for us, which is something we believe you will agree on once you’ve played this slot out for yourself.

Before one begins, the must set their coin sizes and amounts for each spin. Coin sizes can be placed from as little as 0.1 to around 6, making it very generous in terms of what you are getting for your money.

Players can only place one coin on each line which does sound limiting at first, but in reality it fits this slot perfectly. Player who wish to get straight into the action can simply hit the max-bet button and watch as they are thrown right into the reels.

If players want to play this slot off in the background then there is an autoplay mode for them to play from, which can be stopped and started at any given moment. All one will need to do is simply select how many games they’d like to run off in the background and watch as the money comes pouring in.

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Bonus Games and Free Spins available on Viking Gods Slots

Viking Gods Thor and Loki is full to the brim of additional features that help carry gameplay along at a very steady pace. Players who have ever played any online slot before will find similar codes and conventions, but these are then adapted to fit the theme of this slot overall.

WILDS: Wild symbols will substitute for various other symbols on the reels. These symbols are relatively common and will give players the chance to place more scatter symbols on the reels themselves. Depending on where players match these symbols will depend on the amount of scores you come up with.

FREE SPINS: Free spins here are unlocked when players match the wild symbols. The free spins are full of additional multipliers for players to choose from. The more wild symbols you match, the more free spins one will earn. There are up to 10 free spins up for grabs her.

LOKI WILD: Matching the various Loki symbols on the reels will give players the chance to unlock various sticky wilds on the reels, these sticky wilds will remain in place until players match them.

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Hit or Miss?

If any of you out there are looking to find the most fun slot going that centres on the adventures of Thor and Loki, then look no further than this slot.

The gameplay here is juts as fun as the graphics, play Viking Gods: Thor and Loki today! Or why don't you try some of the following Viking themed slots:

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Other Games by Playson - the Developers of Viking Gods

Playson are a Malta based game developer who strive to create lasting experiences for a very wide and diverse audience. So far the developer has found great success in only a handful of different slot creations.

There are around 30 different Playson slots for one to choose from right now, and every single one of them do a great job in providing players with immersion on a very grand scale. Most of these slots seem to tackle themes of adventure which tend to be very bight and colourful compared to the other dingy slots there are out there that try to do something similar.

Playson have been around since 2012, and we predict they will be around for many years to come if they simply remain on their current path. The sky’s the limit for these guys; watch this space. Here are but a few examples of slots by the developer: