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Various circus themed fluffy toys and a lot of cash to be won, what’s not to like? Check out our free online slots !

Summary of Fluffy Favourites Online Slots

When was the last time you looked at life through the lenses of child-hood nostalgia? Well for those wanting a top-up why not check out Fluffy Favourites from developer Eyecon, a slot that is based on everything circus related; we can smell it now, cotton candy, hotdogs and popcorn, is that your favourite? It’s ours we’ll tell you that right now. This 5 reel slot is chocked full of additional features for you to get your sugar-coated hands all over, but we’ll get to those in due time. We admit that this slot appears to be quite whimsical at first glance, what with the use of pinks and art style, although in saying that, this slot has its own style and look which is basically what you want from online slots such as this here at Thor slots.

Slots that tend to go above and beyond the ordinary are what stands out to us the most as players as most slots nowadays tend to blend into one another making them hardly distinguishable from the other; this is a problem, which is why slots like Fluffy Favourites are highly encouraged. If you perhaps live somewhere where the circus doesn't come to town then what better way to fill that space than to welcome the circus into your home anytime you like? Not sure if Fluffy Favourites is the right fit for you? Be sure to check out the rest of our full written review below!

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Expectation vs Reality when playing Fluffy Favourites Classic

The fact that Fluffy Favourites is quite whimsical will turn a few players off automatically, especially if you are someone that enjoys slots a little darker or ones that have a less somber tone. Fluffy Favourites is not one of those slots that has a lot going for it graphically speaking, but this is a purposeful choice used to elicit a certain response for players. It can be easy for players to write off Fluffy Favourites as something a little childish, but as we’ve already explained this is the slots charm. We’d much rather play this slot over the countless others saturating the slot market presently. The reality is that Fluffy Favourites is just an all-round fun slot, and that’s the truth.

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Playing Fluffy Favourites Slots

Fluffy Favourites is played out over 25 fixed pay-lines, making what you see pretty much what you get in terms of how the board can give you the best outcomes possible. The return to player percentage here is also relatively high for an online slot, a 95% gives players quite the advantage indeed if you ask us. We’ve glossed over the look of this slot vaguely so far so let’s get a little more in-depth. Fluffy Favourites is a slot that utilises a lot of washed out colours in its design. Some would call this decision dull as the colours aren’t as bright as other slots out there with a similar theme. The background is the biggest offender of this although the colours here tend to allow the symbols to appear more bold in comparison. The design of these symbols (the various fluffy toys) are quite melancholy in a way, probably an additional attempt at playing to child-hood nostalgia.

If you’ve never experienced an online slot before then you will be in for a treat. Fluffy Favourites is the perfect entry level slot due to it’s ability to balance gameplay and graphics. In order to win here all one needs to do is simply match corresponding symbols on the reels. Normally symbols are matched from left to right, although in Fluffy Favourites one can match symbols in a variety of different ways — some don’t even have to be on the same line in order to trigger a win! All symbols in Fluffy Favourites are represented by various cuddly animal toys. Each toy represents a different value, with the more lavish in colour the higher their score is. Fancy trying the phone casino? Click above for more!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features available on Fluffy Favourites Slot Game

Fluffy Favourites is home to various outstanding features that are sure to get fans of the classic online slot formula excited, as well as those who yearn for verticality in their online slot experiences. In terms of diverse features, Fluffy Favourites has to be amongst the more popular of slots.

WILDS: Pink elephant symbols act as Fluffy Favourites chosen wild symbol, matching these symbols will substitute various symbols on the reels for the scatter symbols, matching the wild will instantly grant one a 2x multiplier which will throw scores even higher up the pay-ladder. Matching upwards of 3 elephants will grant on free spins accordingly.

TOYBOX FEATURE: Landing 3 or more of the claw symbols (scatter symbols) will grant one access into the toy box feature. Once activated this feature will select 3 animal symbols at random, from there the player will be tasked with finding and matching them. Matching these symbols will grant up to a 100x multiplier to scores.

GAMBLE FEATURE: For those feeling lucky then you can risk it all and potentially make more returns but at the risk of losing all of it. After each successful spin will one be given the chance to guess the colour or suit of a card that is shown on screen. Guessing correctly will double that particular rounds winnings. Guessing incorrectly will take away the full amount earned on that round.

Hit or Miss?

While Fluffy Favourites offers players into a window of child-like wonder, it also serves to make you a very rich person in the process. We would highly recommend this slot for first-timers and those just wanting to spend a colourful day indoors. If you’ve yet to experience Fluffy Favourites for yourself then what are you waiting for? If you liked this slot, you may also want to check out Immortal Romance!

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