Think bingo and slots combined in perfect harmony from this one…


The developers of Slingo, Gaming Realms are known within the industry most for their various bingo themed slots that can be found on many websites out there, although with Slingo we can’t help but feel a slight change in the tide. Slingo is the perfect hybrid between bingo and slot gaming, which is something we very rarely utter as such a feat is seen as impossible. How can a slot be like bingo? To find the answer to that question then they need only play Slingo for themselves and see. This is an experience that every avid online slot gamer should try out for themselves as it is very experimental, and will no doubt be copied by other developers who wish to copy the same success that Slingo is bound to gain. Even the name, Slingo is an amalgamation of the words bingo and slots, what else do you need to know?


Developer Gaming Realms have apparently came from out of nowhere with this release; it’s not everyday that these types of slots come out of the woodwork, which if anything is a compliment to them for trying something new, reinventing the wheel  so to speak. This slot plays out in a very similar way that bingo does, where one tries to match various symbols on a board to those called out by a caller. In Slingo this is tackled a little differently; there is no caller, only you and the spin button. We can tell that Slingo is getting you interested, so why not do yourself the favour of reading the rest of our written review below in order to gain a full perspective on how great of a creation this is overall!


Expectation vs Reality


It is hard to compare our expectations to the reality of Slingo based on the experimental nature of this slot overall, although we will try our best. Going into Slingo we were theorising the many ways that the bingo and slot elements could work in harmony, and to be honest we struggled. We thought that there would be a bingo caller element here, but the way that this is handled is very well done. Bingo and slot gaming are so strong on their own that it is difficult to imagine them working together in this way. Again, props to Gaming Realms who have managed to make this all work for us to share it with you.


About the Game


The slot pace of bingo is married to the fast paced style of slot gaming in Slingo, making it a very odd game to play at first since players will be so accustom to playing one over the other. Slingo was released in 2016, since then it has only grown in player count, obviously due to word of mouth and the interesting concept that is showcased throughout. What Slingo does is it picks and chooses what it wishes to mash together from both slot and bingo worlds. This pick n mix style of design work could have very easily been a disaster of epic proportions if not executed correctly, however Gaming Realm clearly had the right idea in mind, hence the reason why we are sharing Slingo with you right this second.


Slingo is played out over a 5x5 grid, where players are tasked with finding as many combining symbols as possible. Matching 5 symbols in a corresponding row will grant the player a prize of some kind. The more total lines the player is able to put together then the higher their scores will inevitably be, it’s really that simple; not difficult at all. Players still confused should try playing Slingo on a low bet in order to get a feel for what they are getting themselves into. This slot looks identical to the 75 board bingo that players have known to love, making there various ways for players to come out with big wins in small spaces. The best thing about Slingo is the fact that players can come out with wins in a variety of different directions; both horizontally and vertically. Slingo is split into various rounds, with each round dealing different numbers for players to look out for. The later one gets into the rounds the higher the pay-outs will be, encouraging players stick around for full games rather than bow out early like you can in various slots. 


Bonus Games and Bonus Features


Slingo is relatively capped at what it offers players who are looking for something a little extra in terms of what they’re getting for their buck, although this shouldn’t take away from the interesting concept that Slingo has for itself.


FREE SPINS: Free spins are available to players who can find the right symbols at the right time. These free spins allow players to rack up big points from free games.


WILDS: Wild symbols will grant players the chance to throw around symbols on the reels which give players the chance to increase their scores tenfold in the process.


Hit or Miss?


Slingo is very much a hit, and we shouldn’t have to explain an awful lot for you to believe that too. If you haven’t played Slingo yet then you should do it at your quickest convenience because every second not spent on this slot there is money lost. Play Slingo and live out all of your bingo and slot fantasies in one!


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