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What Is Slingo? Slingo is every free slot and bingo games lovers dream, as it combines aspects of both slots and bingo into one. It’s a strange combination, but it works perfectly and sometimes is even amazingly entertaining. Slingo is one of those games you either follow obsessively or have never heard of.

The slot serves up some compelling gameplay and offers decent jackpot wins, unlike set bingo prizes where the jackpots are your only chance to win big. Not a lot of online casinos offer Slingo, so when you have the a chance to spin, go for it. Slingo only became available to play in the UK since 2015 and has since spread out to the rest of Europe slowly.

If you’ve always been wondering what is Slingo, how to Play Slingo, where to play Slingo free and its characteristics, then keep reading to know more about this slots and bingo hybrid. There’s no better time to figure out what these new style casino games entail, as Thor SLots offers over 10 different slingo games.

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How to Play Slingo

The aim of Slingo free bingo and slot games is to complete win lines and win the amounts displayed on the paytable. When you start up a Slingo slot machine, you are greeted with a 5×5 bingo card. Below the 5X5 bingo card lie 5 reels, but only one is a row high. Startup Slingo by paying for a fixed amount of spins on a single reel. This usually ranges from 15 to 20 spins.  Only the first 11 or 16 spins will form part of the package, while the rest will have you using free spins or your total cash in points.

To score a slingo win, the goal will be to match as many numbers as you can on the bingo card using the most spins. Win lines in the game are called Slings. Slingo is nothing like a slot machine, because in slots symbols on a pay line determine the amount you win. In Slingo, the lines in the bingo table are the ones to determine the amount you win. So players go revealing numbers indicated on the spinning reels and mark off the respective numbers on the bingo card.

A Slingo is created when players complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on a grid. The more the Slingos you form within a fixed number of spins, the more wins you form on a paytable. Do you know the most amazing thing about Slingo? It’s that there are literally aspects of Bingo and Slots combined.

Slingo Characteristics
Developer Slingo Originals
RTP 85%
Bonuses Jokers, Special Wilds, Instant Prizes, Devil Symbols and more
Bet levels £0.50 - £200 per round
Max Win £150,000

Slingo Free Games & Bonuses

So, if you’re a fan of both, you got to thank Slingo Originals, since they came up with the combination. It’s got far more than numbers. There are special appearances from all your favourite symbols including scatters, jokers, wilds, super jokers and special Slingo symbols as follows;

  • Jokers – Jokers are basically wilds that can be used to mark off numbers on the columns it appears on.
  • Super Joker: Super jokers behave just like the joker symbol except these can appear anywhere on the board.
  • Devils: Your total score is cut in half and your total number is subtracted. 
  • Cherubs: Cherubs appear frequently on the reels and cancel out the devil’s effect when they shoot an arrow.
  • Coins: Coins automatically earn you extra points and activate more free spins.

Slingo Rules

Slingo has some rules; there is a set time limit on how long it takes to place your jokers on the table, so be sure to keep track of the game as it goes. Also, it works like a slot machine, but at the same time, it doesn’t. You can't just choose the auto spin setting and watch the gameplay out. 

There are some punters who tend to avoid Slingo for fear of bets. The common misconception is if it offers a 2 in one dose of entertainment, of course it would come at a higher cost. However, fear not as Slingo is far from it. And even though you prefer heavy bets, know that you are already well catered for here.

The Slingo machines here have different variations in betting and are able to suit the different budgets. Remember that you should always exercise safety first gamble responsibly and strictly within your budget. Join our mobile slots casino to get started with Slingo now and play with our 500 free spins welcome bonus. 

Slingo Games & Their Bet Levels

Betting ranges in Slingo vary from as low as 0.50p up to £100. Some fall to £0.10 or go as high as £200, but count as an exception to the general rule. The minimum bets you can place across Slingo games include;

  • Slingo Riches: 0.50
  • Slingo Extreme: 0.50
  • lingo XXXtreme: 0.20
  • Love Island Slingo: 0.10
  • Slingo Rainbow Riches: 0.50
  • Slingo XFactor: 2
  • BGT Slingo: 0.50
  • DOND Slingo: 1
  • Slingo Fortunes: 1
  • Slingo Showdown: 0.20

The maximum bets in Slingo include;

  • Slingo Riches: 100
  • Slingo Extreme: 100
  • Slingo XXXtreme: 100
  • Love Island Slingo: 400
  • Slingo Rainbow Riches: 200
  • Slingo XFactor: 100
  • BGT Slingo: 100
  • DOND Slingo: 100
  • Slingo Fortunes: 100
  • Slingo Showdown: 100

There’s plenty of room for both low rollers and high rollers across Slingo Games. It’s important to note that there are many Slingo versions, and most work differently too. Beginners need to make sure they choose a slingo game where they get paid for every single Slingo win.

Some Slingo games start paying only when you have 4 Slingos or more, while others have jackpots; some are more volatile than others and are basically real money slot games.

Enjoy this article, why not read and play our Irish Eyes game if you prefer something more traditional?

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Verdict on Slingo 

Slingo is something every type of gambler should try at least once in their lifetime. The range of options, creativity and versatility of the game make for an enjoyable time during gameplay. The thing that makes Slingo stand out is that there’s nothing like it. It’s one of those things you never thought you needed until it was invented, a little like sliced bread.

The combination of Bingo and slot games comes together beautifully, such that true fans will feel fully catered to. You will enjoy thrilling bonuses from the slot machine aspect of the game and the challenge and intricacies from the Bingo aspect. It will make for an enjoyable game for all players regardless of whatever level you are at. Give Slingo a go today and see for yourself. Our favourite slingo variant is - Slingo Fluffy Favourites, which can be accessed with free spins every Friday on Thor Slots!