Irish Eyes

A beautiful Irish woman who has money to give out, what’s not to love?


Have you ever sat and wondered what might be at the end of a multi-coloured rainbow? We have and the answers we came up with probably aren’t as lavish and as imaginative as playing Irish Eyes, a NextGen Gaming themed slot that has a lot going for it, despite being centred on a theme that is a dime a dozen. You might have heard of this slot before actually? Irish Eyes is one of the most popular slots in the industry today, often featured at the top of many online casino sites that promote this slot as one of the best, and that’s because it is and you’ll know more once we get more into this review at thorslots.


Irish Eyes is a 25 pay-line slot that is played out over 5 reels. There is a very generous jackpot bonus that allows players to aim for something a little higher in terms of additional scores. The jackpot sits pretty around 100000 coins, which should encourage repeated plays if you ask us. The RTP percentage of Irish Eyes is a very high percentage compared to others, making it a must play for those out there looking for a better return on their money. The RTP percentage is around 95% which is very high compared to other slots out there currently. If you are yet to decide if Irish Eyes is the right slot for you, then why not do yourself the favour (and pleasure) of reading the rest of this review for yourself!


Expectation vs Reality

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Irish Eyes is not like the casino slots online that you’ve played before, this is an experience that is worth your time as well as your money. The gameplay here works towards a point, with that point being very high cash pay-outs. Many slots out there will boast that they have a lot worth playing for, when in reality they can be fully experienced with around one or two spins. In Irish Eyes you can expect hours upon hours of different spinning combinations that just leave you in awe. Capturing a fanbase is very difficult in certain cases, but with Irish Eyes there is a very clear set demographic of players who have all helped this slot in becoming one of the most popular slots going today!


About the Game

 irish eyes gameplay

Irish Eyes is one of, if not the best Irish themed slot that you will have the pleasure of playing, the reasons for which come to fluidity when one reads on. This Irish-themed slot uses a lot of green on its reels. All the symbols on these reels take the shape of various Irish themed symbols. Symbols that can be found in Irish Eyes include: leprechauns, the games logo (Irish Lady), big pots of gold, rainbows, lucky clovers, as well as various low value symbols that can be found on the symbols. these low value symbols should provide plenty of opportunities for players to come out with wins no matter how small. If there’s one word we could use to describe this slot it would be colourful. Most Irish themed slots tend to go overboard with the green colours, but in Irish Eyes this is not the case at all. There are blues, yellows as well as the occasional green.


There are various ways for one to play and experience this slot for yourselves, but if you don’t feel like playing then there is an auto-play mode for players to spin a set number of games for as long as you desire. This feature can be stopped and started at anytime, but if you want to play this feature then you first need to set your bet amounts. The soundtrack here can be somewhat repetitive depending on what kind of person you are and your limit for repetitive noises, if you are this person then there’s a mute button for a specific reason. All of the symbols you see no the reels offer something different in terms of additional scores. Symbols in Irish Eyes are matched from left to right of the reels. Matching the most symbols on the reels will obviously give you the highest pay-out possible. Keep in mind that with each spin this will offer something different in terms of scores, so repeated plays are highly encouraged.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

 irish eyes paytable

Each and every additional feature in Irish Eyes works in a completely different way depending on the context that they find themselves on the reels. Playing the most reels possible will make it easier for players to fully experience each and every additional feature on offer here.


WILDS: The leprechaun symbol serves as this slots wild symbol. Wilds substitute for various other symbols on the reels aside from the scatter symbol.


SCATTER: The games logo, the Irish lady is the scatter symbol in Irish Eyes, matching this symbol will grant players a x3 multiplier as well as 12 free spins depending on how many of these symbols you happen to be matching.


GAMBLE: At anytime during stand play, players will have the chance to gamble all of their winnings. If one chooses to use this feature then they will be taken to an alternate screen where they will either lose all of their score or will double it!


Hit or Miss?

 irish eyes win example

Irish Eyes is a very well put together slot that allows one to reap the rewards of a very addicting experience. If you are yet to experience Irish Eyes then be sure to check it out for yourself, you wont regret it! Or why not try out the Jimi Hendrix Video Slot?


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