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Wash up on a very secret shore, home to various sirens that float below…

Summary of Sirens Serenade Slots - Introduction

Sirens Serenade is not like most free online slots at thor slots, if anything it moves to the motion of its own ocean. As you can probably guess from the title, Siren Serenade is a slot that takes place across some other aggressive waves, the same waves that we are guessing washed you up onto this place; a location that is somewhat hidden to the outside world in some way shape or form. There are 25 pay-lines in total in Siren Serenade, this is played out over 5 reels. A 1500 jackpot should provide ample opportunity for players to continue spinning for hours upon hours. You see time does not affect this place, this is a location where anything and everything is possible.

Developer Saucify are always trying new and exciting things when it comes to online slots. Sirens are known to lure people in using human-like voices/appearances, before taking them underwater, where they presumably eat them? Your guess is as good as ours, but one things for sure, there’s plenty of gold involved that is worthy of the risk. Might we recommend reading the rest of this review? There’s quite a lot to see and do here, and we would highly appreciate your time.

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Expectation vs Reality on Sirens Serenade Online

Sirens are not often given a slot games of their own, if anything it’s mermaids that get the online slot treatment, so seeing this slot is something of a surprise to us. The gameplay is only as good as the theme that accompanies it, and going into this we fully expected this slot to be more style than substance, but we were pleasantly surprised to learn that this was not the case at all. This is a very atmospheric slot, so we fully understand if this isn’t the slot for most. Siren Serenade is an acquired taste that will offer all the thrill and excitement that you’ve come to expect from developer Saucify, just keep in mind that one might need to know how to swim before entering. For bonuses on pay by mobile slots follow this link now!

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Playing Sirens Serenade Free Slots

Siren Serenade is a game that’s best played in the dark, and the reason for this comes in the form of immersion. Immersion is the nature of this game, and developer Saucify have clearly put the work in to make sure that the experiences on offer here and worthy of your time and your money. We could liken this slot to other online slots yes, but this slot is somewhat of an anomaly. This slot is mobile optimised, allowing players to experience this slot on the go. Pay-lines in Siren Serenade are not fixed, allowing one to experience this slot in a variety of different means. Symbols in Siren Serenade are matched from left to right on the reels. Each and every symbol on these reels have been hand-crafted in giving players some sort of variety. There is a mixture of both low and high value symbols. It goes without saying, but the more symbols one matches, the higher their overall cash pay-out will be. Symbol icons include: maps, ores, sails and banners.

The interface is very well crafted in Siren Serenade. Players can bet the maximum amount almost instantly using the max bet button. It is here where one will find options to view the pay-table, the pay-table here is quite diverse so we would highly encourage that you do this as apart of your pre slot ritual. Autoplay is a mode available here also. Autoplay allows one to spin a select number of spins off in the background while they go about their other business. There is a lot more than meets the eye in Siren Serenade so be sure to play multiple spins in order to get a feel for what lies ahead.

Play Sirens Serenade - Free Spins & Other Bonuses available to Trigger

All additional features in Siren Serenade work in giving avid players the highest possible scores possible. Each feature has been handcrafted by the developer, and are used in a handful of their other slots too. Playing the most possible spins shall grant one access into the upper echelons of scores.

SCATTERS: There are two different types of scatters on these reels, the first will act in ways you expect which basically throws around certain symbols on the reels, whereas the other symbol will allow one to win a massive bonus should they find 5 of these symbols in the same winning line.

WILDS: Wilds will substitute out for various scatters on the reels, in-fact it will substitute for all other symbol aside from the scatter.

FREE GAMES: Free games are unlocked via the various scatter symbols. Free spins possess multipliers that will boost scores even higher, there are also additional re-spins available.

Hit or Miss?

Siren Serenade is one of those slots that has unique charisma, the type that keeps you fixated on the screen at all times. Developer Saucify have clearly gone out of their way once again to provide players with the most memorable spins possible. If you are yet to experience Siren Serenade they it might be best you take a dip in these waters sooner rather than later. Or why not play Emoticoins?

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