Jimi Hendrix Online Slot

From the watch tower to the reels, the Jimi Hendrix experience now has a fortuitous edge!


Jimi Hendrix is a music legend, make no mistake about it, and with this status comes the various other mediums that the musician can exist in, which why we would like to welcome you to the online slot adaptation, a slot that allows one to take a trip into the discography of the guitarist, as well as earn some rather generous cash payments in the process. The Jimi Hendrix Video Slot experience comes to you via developer NetEnt, a developer who act as the perfect roadie for this kind of experience. You don’t have to be a Jimi Hendrix fan to appreciate this slot, you simply need to be willing to let it take you places like Thor Slots.


There is an emphasis on purples in this slot, which was to be expected really considering Jimi’s penchant for the colour. Many regard Hendrix as one of the best guitar players in the world, and one doesn't reach such a feat without practice, and you will need to practice on these reels too if you hope to come out with cold hard cash. This slot is a 5 reel slot played out over 3 rows. This slot was released back in 2016, but that doesn't mean that it isn’t as good as any other slot you’ve played presently. If you are yet to decide if this is the slot for you, then why not check out the rest of this review below to make sure! Click here to play here now!

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Expectation vs Reality


When we first heard about this slot we were slightly tentative in what to expect due to the bar set by the musician and most licensed games/objects are often terrible, and barely resemble the life of the individual they are meant to be representing. This is not the case with this slot, one can see that from the outset and throughout. We would definitely advise you simply look at how beautiful this slot is before testing it out, NetEnt have done a very good job at making something that looks like it should be played for hours on end, and that’s because it should.

 Jimi Hendrix Online Slot Screenshot

About the Game


Before one even begins to play this slot, they are introduced into this slot via a cinematic cutscene, a cutscene that depicts Hendrix playing his guitar in a variety of different settings. This cutscene is very well produced, and does an incredible job at introducing players into this world, which can be quite difficult as most slots that have introductory cutscenes tend to miss the mark by a lot; most don’t even reflect the slot that they are meant to be advertising. The appearance of these reels looks like something from Rick and Morty, with the reels and background existing in their won cartoon world where the list of possibilities are endless. The background is of a purple haze, whereas on the reels there is a grey background that allows the various coloured symbols to standout a lot. Each of these symbols reflect something different in terms of cash pay-outs, with symbols being matched from the traditional left to right orientation. Symbols in this slot take the shape of vinyls, peace signs, flowers, hearts and eyes.

Jimi Hendrix Gameplay

Bonus Games and Bonus Features


This slot is only heightened by the various additional features that can be found throughout. Each of these features work in their own mysterious ways so be sure to spin a few times in order to get a feel for how they work and what they can offer you in the long run. This is a NetEnt title, so one should expect quite a lot in terms of additional features, as well as the creative nature to which one unlocks them in the heat of play.


LEGEND SPINS: Legend spins appear randomly on the reels and will provide players with 3 free re-spins as well as the addition of stacked wilds!

SOLO MULTIPLIER: The solo multiplier is exactly as it sounds, when triggered, this feature will instantly multiply scores from x4 to x10 randomly, making it very useful for high scores.


ENCORE FREE SPINS: Matching the scatter symbols on the reels will grant players access into the free spins round. The amount of scatter symbols matched will depend on the amount of free spins one earns. In the free spins round there is also the chance to match various stacked wilds on the reels!


CROWD PLEASER BONUS: In this feature the player is given the opportunity to pick various selections during standard play, this adds to the variety of standard play and offers players a chance to control their own fate.

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Hit or Miss?


If you’re sitting there thinking that this is nothing more than a cash grab then you need a reality check. The Jimi Hendrix Video Slot is one that commands your attention as well as your wallet. This is a slot that even Hendrix himself would like, and we aren’t just saying that because we generally like this slot, we’re saying that because we mean it. If you are sick and tired of playing the same old repetitive slots, then why not take a trip into music history instead? Play Jimi Hendrix Video Slot today! Or if you enjoyed Jimi Hendrix Online Slot, you will definitely enjoy  the Guns and Roses slot here at Thor!


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