Guns N' Roses Video Slots

The legendary rock group now have a slot of their own here at thor slots, and it is epic!


As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this is a Guns N Roses themed slot that allows one to take a trip back in time, from humble beginnings to legendary rock status, developer NetEnt welcomes you to a trip into rock history. Not many musicians receive the online slot treatment, in-fact there are only a handful of different musicians who have claimed such a title. It’s worth noting that there is a Jimi Hendrix themed slot from NetEnt too which is rather good, but for now let’s stick to the Guns N Roses. There are many of you Guns N Roses fans out there, and you will no doubt play this slot for that reason alone, which is fine because this slot is unlike many of the cash grab slots you see out there.


This slot is a 5 reel game that is played out over 25 separate pay-lines. Guns N Roses boasts a variety of different ways to play, as well as countless additional features for players to see and experience for themselves. We would advise listening to any of their albums whilst playing this slot for full effect, but keep in mind the soundtrack here is equally as heavy. There is a jackpot element in this slot that allows players to earn up to 750 coins in many instances. We would also like to point out that the RTP percentage here is quite high at around 96%, which is great for cash returns. If one isn’t sure whether or not this is the right slot for them then we would advise you read the rest of this review just to make sure! Click here to learn more today!

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Expectation vs Reality


Like with most slots that are based on an outside theme, there is always the worry that one will not live up to the hype of the other. Guns N Roses are a legendary rock band, so any slot that didn’t live up to that would be considered a failure by fans and players alike. We can happily say that this slot is an exception to that rule. Guns N Roses is one of the best slots we’ve ever played period, and that is not only due to the theme of this slot, but also the way the gameplay moves. Players will understand what we’re getting at once they play for themselves, but you really are missing out if you don’t try this slot out for yourself.

 Guns and Roses Video Slot Gameplay

About the Game


The premise of this slot is to highlight the career of the legendary band Guns N Roses, but what most fans don’t understand is that this slot was released on the bands 30th birthday, which was a cause for celebration. We are sure that the band have a soft spot for this slot seeing as it perfectly captures the history of the band in a very convincing fashion. In order for players to start spinning on this slot they must first select the game they wish to play. There are various modes for one to choose from, all of these modes allow for different experiences based on what you are looking for on the reels. There is one mode that allows you to customise certain features a lot more to fit personal preference, but we found the other modes a lot more fun as they were designed in the way that the developer had intended. Once you are happy with your mode, one must then select their coin and bet sizes.


The look of this slot is very well done, the graphics are always crisp and we have yet to experience a single point where the screen has slowed down due to the amount of action that there is on the reels. We aren’t really fans of the band but can appreciate good slots, but we’ll be honest and say that after we played this slot we went straight to Spotify to listen to many of their songs. Once one is happy with their settings, they need only hit the spin button and play. The symbols in Guns N Roses are matched in the same left to right orientation that you’re used to, and each symbol reflects a different numerical value depending on the amount of symbols involved within the winning line. All symbols take the shape of the various band members which makes it very fun for players who clearly have an attachment to each member.

 Guns and Roses Video Slots Gameplay

Bonus Games and Bonus Features


Each and every additional feature in Guns N Roses has been handmade by the developer to give players the most variety possible when it comes to spinning the reels. We can’t recall ever having two spins the same, which was very fun for us as so many slots can have a repetitive side if you aren’t careful.


WILDS: Like in many previous NetEnt titles, the wild symbols will substitute for various scatter symbols on the reels. The more wilds you make the more scatters will appear. In some modes there are also stacked wilds, making them very useful in coming out with the best scores possible.


LEGEND SPINS: Legend spins are triggered whenever players match up to 3 of the specific symbols. Legend spins allows players to re-spin various symbols depending on the symbol and however many you are matching on the reels.


ENCORE FREE SPINS: Matching certain symbols will grant one access into the encore free spins feature where players can earn various multipliers to their scores completely free!

 Guns and Roses Video Slot Gameplay

Hit or Miss?


Guns N Roses is very much a hit, if you are a fan of the band or even just enjoy a fun slot to play, then what are you waiting for? There’s music to be heard and money to be made! Or why not try Asgardian Stones here at Thor?


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