White Rabbit

Where does this rabbit hole take you? Why to Wonderland of course, a place full of gold, the likes of which have rarely been seen before!

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories are still spoken of today, and mostly because the stories of a girl falling into her own daydreams is very relatable to the way we all live our own lives today: within our own imaginations as a break from our mostly boring lives. White Rabbit is one of those slots that bring you back to stories that you might have forgotten, or simply want to remember for nostalgias sake. White Rabbit is a Big Time Gaming slot that is chocked full of additional features for players to use to the best of their slot ability. White Rabbit is a very simple slot to grasp, which is why it remains one of the most popular online slots at Thor Slots going today.


This interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story is very surreal compared to the well-known Disney interpretation of the story. This version lends itself more to the Tim Burton version, a film that saw Johnny Depp play the Mad Hatter. We can confirm that the Mad Hatter, as well as all of your favourite characters, will appear in this slot at some point or other. You might need to spin a few reels to see the full cast of characters, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as this slot is a very enjoyable one. If those of you out there are still wanting more information on White Rabbit, then might we suggest you read the rest of this review in order to find out more!

 White Rabbit Logo

Expectation vs Reality


White Rabbit is a very well put-together slot that grants one the ability to take a walk within the world of Alice, as she tries to make sense of everything. This slot is very metaphorical, in the same way that the book is, which is perfect, considering all of the various Alice in Wonderland themed slots that exist nowadays that all seem to choose only certain pieces of the story that they can then adapt upon. This slot is a perfect adaptation and one of the best casino slots, which in todays slot day and age is quite hard to come by trust us.

 White Rabbit Gameplay

About the Game


White Rabbit is a 5 reel slot that plays out over a various different pay-lines. This slot boasts an incredible amount of potential victories, this will make itself more known once one reads the section of this review that covers the additional features. Players can experience White Rabbit from as little as 10p up to around £20 per spin, making it very useful for players of varying slot entry levels. With slots like this one, we would recommend multiple spins beforehand in order to test out various different techniques.


As we’ve already mentioned above, a lot of the symbols you see here reflect the various characters found within the novel. Each of these symbols are matched from the left to the right of the screen, and will offer additional scores depending on the symbol as well as how many of said symbol are within the same line. Symbols in White Rabbit include: the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Dodo, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, as well as the red queen who can provide additional multipliers to your scores if you are matching 5 of her in the same line. 

 White Rabbit Screenshot

Bonus Games and Bonus Features


Each and every additional feature in this slot work towards giving players the most bang for their buck. Big Time Gaming have spared no expense when it comes to the various bonus games and features here. These reels can move incredibly fast, and that is due to these additional features, which make online slot gaming incredibly worth it.

WILDS: The caterpillar symbol is this slots chosen wild symbol, having him in the winning line will grant players a boost to scores as well as the ability to switch out various symbols on the reels, every symbol aside from the scatter that is.


SCATTER: The hare acts as the scatter symbol here in White Rabbit. This symbol will grant access into the free spins feature which can throw scores even higher up the pay table via additional multipliers.


EXTENDING REELS: Matching the cupcake symbol will cause 2 new symbols to appear on the reels. With every symbol matched on these new reels will players unlock an additional reel. This will cause the game board to widen, which in turn offers more chances for slot victory.


Hit or Miss?


If you enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland stories, then you will no doubt love White Rabbit, this is a story that will be told for decades to come, so slots such as this one serve as a constant reminder which is perfect for every new generation who are told this story. If you are yet to experience White Rabbit the what are you waiting for? Fall down the rabbit hole today. Or hunt for the wolf's treasure in Wolf Gold!


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