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Help a wizard do some magic and in return he’ll line your pockets in gold! Play free online slots with the best 2020 welcome offer on Thor Slots

White Wizard Slots - Introduction to this Game

How many of you out there have wondered what life might be like as a white wizard? We are sure that there’s many of you out there, but you just don’t want to admit it. Well in the Eyecon developed slot White Wizard, you are given plenty of opportunities to become the wizard you want and more! Not only that but players will be given many different opportunities to win some legit cash prizes! Who doesn’t want that? If players are looking for the most fun wizard themed slot going today, then might we recommend they play White Wizard for all of the reasons you are about to read below at Thor slots.

White Wizard is a lot like many of the play slot games you’ve come to know, this includes the 5 reels that are played out over 25 different pay-lines. These pay-lines are fixed so what you see in this slot is generally what you will get. Players can experience this slot from as little as 25p to around £12.50 per spin, making it a very useful slot for getting the most  for your money when you think about it! Be sure to check out the rest of this review in order to maximise your earning potential, this is a very simple and fun slot so you would be better off reading on really.

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Expectation vs Reality on White Wizard Free Slots

Wizard slots are more often than you would think, which can make them a tad stale if you are playing them nonstop. White Wizard is something a little different. Eyecon have clearly been monitoring the market before they decided to make this slot for themselves. It could have been easy for the developer to make yet another cash grab, but they have only seen to make the other developers out there foolish for trying to make a fun wizard slot. If you happen to be looking for the best slot that features a wizard, then might we recommend White Wizard? There is a lot of fun to be had here for those that are willing to seek it.

 White Wizard Gameplay 1

White Wizard Gameplay - Getting Started

If any of you out there have played any Eyecon slot before, then you will find similar themes here. This is a very simple slot to grasp, so if you are someone new to this world don’t worry, everyone had to start somewhere, and although these reels appear complicated they are quite easy to grasp once you’ve had the experience of  a few spins under your belt. The reels themselves remind us a lot of the cartoon Adventure Time for some reason, with all symbols appearing in a very bright and colourful manner.

There are a mixture of both low and high value symbols, these symbols all reflect a different numerical value compared to the others. Matching more of these symbols on the reels will grant players additional scores in turn. Some of the high scoring symbols here come in the form of dragons, wizards, broomsticks and various other symbols. Low value symbols come in the form of various letters and numbers, these symbols are here to simply give players something to aim towards in-between the big wins! The background of this slot features various star symbols that appear to be cascading across multiple different shades of blue. This is a very beautiful slot to hold compared to others we’ve played of a similar theme.

 White Wizard Gameplay 2

White Wizard Bonuses Reviewed - Wilds, Free Spins & Gamble

White Wizard would not be one of the more popular slots nowadays without the additional features that help pad this slot out. The bonus features all work in giving players the most memorable experiences possible, which isn’t as difficult due to the fun look and feel of this slot that it already has going for it. If you have played a handful of online slots in the past, then some of these features will appear familiar, which if anything works in your favour as you know what to expect.

WILDS: The white wizard symbol serves as this slots chosen wild symbol, matching these symbols in repeat succession will cause the symbols to substitute out for the various scatters that also appear on the reels.

FREE SPINS: Land 3 or more of the dragon symbols and one will earn themselves up to 20 free spins. These free spins offer more chances for victory in the form of additional multipliers that will throw scores even higher up the pay-out table.

GAMBLE: This feature can be activated at anytime the player likes, this feature will activate once one makes a successful spin on the reels. This feature is a double edged sword, in that you can double your scores yet, but you can also lose it all simultaneously.

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Hit or Miss?

Conjuring wins from out of thin air was believed to be pretty impossible, but in White Wizard this does not seem to be the case. You are this wizards apprentice in this slot, and he is willing to provide big cash pay-outs for lessons learned on these reels. Everything about this slot screams Eyecon, which also screams success in turn. If you are looking for the next big slot to experience, then why not play White Wizard? You may also want to try Mad Mad Monkey!

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