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Summary of Irish Luck Jackpot Slots

May the luck of the irish forever remain in your favour, allow us to introduce you to your new favourite slot: Irish Luck Jackpot, a slot that is packed to the brim full of additional features and interesting gameplay that will no doubt get your foot tapping in excitement. You might ask what’s different than the original Irish Luck slot? Well there’s quite a big difference and this comes in the form of the jackpot. Most slots tend to have their jackpots fixed so that they can avoid having to pay players massive amounts of cash, whereas in this slot, the jackpot is progressive, giving players many different opportunities to win this jackpot! Try mobile casino slots like this one today!

Irish Luck Jackpot is a 5 reel game, played across 25 different pay-lines. Developer Eyecon have gone out of their way once again to provide players with an experience that is worthy of their time and their efforts. We would recommend players get accustom with everything green in this slot as this is an Irish slot. There are many reasons why you should play this slot, but we find that those are best discovered in the heat of play! If you are looking for a fun slot to waste a few hours in, then look no further than Irish Luck Jackpot. If you are still curious about what to expect in this slot, then why not read the rest of our review below!

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Expectation vs Reality when playing Irish Luck Jackpot Slot

Irish Luck Jackpot was quite an interesting one for us to review. We had played the original Irish Luck, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but were left curios as to where the game could go next. We never imagined that the dev would then release the same slot with a jackpot edge. You might think that changing the jackpot settings would not change enough about this slot to make it more original, but boy would you be wrong. The progressive jackpot element of this slot is incredibly versatile, and will keep you hooked on this slot for hours on end, trust us with this one. Don’t think that just because you’ve played Irish Luck that you’ve discovered everything there is to find, there is still money to be made and this interpretation is the place to do it!

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About Irish Luck Jackpot Slots - Gameplay

This slot works in the same way that its non jackpot counterpart does, so players who have experienced the original Irish Luck will find similar themes. The reels are still set across a beautiful green-scape, that is packed full of various Irish themed curious, such as four leaf clovers and leprechauns. Developer Eyecon are known throughout the industry as a developer who have a very long-lasting relationship with their fan-base, which makes this slot somewhat of an audience-centric game, meaning all of the content here is there in order to give players the best possible experiences imaginable. A lot of Irish themed slots tend to follow a similar theme, and although this slot does too to a degree, we like to think that Irish Luck Jackpot does it a little differently.

Pay-lines in this slot are not fixed, allowing players to adjust them accordingly. This is a very useful design choice that is so easy to implement. All of the symbols in irish Luck Jackpot offer something different in terms of scores, with the more symbols you match giving the more opportunities for success. Symbols are matched in the classic left to right orientation. If those of you out there are wondering if this slot as an autoplay feature then we will happily let you know that yes, there is an autoplay feature and it will allow you to play reels whilst going about other business. This feature can be stopped and started at anytime which is perfect for players who just wish to reap the financial rewards of this slot wholeheartedly. Play today with the best casino bonuses!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features available on Irish Luck Jackpot 

The additional features in Irish Luck Jackpot are just as enticing as the rest of this slot. A lot of these additional features will look familiar to those of you out there who have played various free slot games before.

WILDS: Wild symbols here come in the form of the four leaf clover symbol. Matching these symbols will grant players the ability to substitute for other symbols, most importantly the scatter.

PRIZE PICK: This works in the same way that a free spins game would, where matching certain symbols will grant access into a world full of multipliers!

IRISH COMBO: Winning the jackpot is as easy as spelling out the word Irish with the various letters on the screen.

Hit or Miss this Jackpot Game?

Irish Luck Jackpot is one of those slots that remind players just how incredible online slot gaming can be, especially when the jackpot incentive is so incredibly high. There aren’t that many slots out there quite like this one. Remember that before you make the decision whether or not you wish to play. Or why not play Fluffy Favourites Fairground?

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