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Anyone who enjoys playing freeslots or roulette and other casino games at online casinos should consider playing Live Speed Roulette from Pragmatic Play. Live casino gaming is a great way to combine the convenience of playing a slot game or casino games at home or on the go with the excitement of a real-life casino. Pragmatic Play has established a fine reputation as a provider of some of the best live casino games globally, and their version of Live Speed Roulette certainly enhances that reputation. Using a European Roulette wheel, the house edge is around 2.7%, and you can bet from 50p up to £2000 per spin. The biggest prize that you can collect is 35x your stake. Read on to find out what else I discovered about Live Speed Roulette!

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How to play Live Speed Roulette from Pragmatic Play

Roulette is one of the simplest of all casino table games to learn. This version of it is very simple to play, but you need to understand the bet types before diving into the action. This particular version of live roulette utilises a standard European wheel with a single zero pocket. The betting layouts include the standard board as well as the racetrack set-up. You can soon learn to play the game by following these steps.

  • The game begins when the croupier (or dealer) asks the players to place their bets.
  • Watch closely as the croupier throws the ball onto the wheel. It is still allowed to place bets at this stage.
  • The croupier will say, “No more bets!” which is a signal to players to stop betting.
  • The ball will come to rest by a number on the wheel.
  • If you have bet on the number, section or colour of the wheel where the ball lands, you will be rewarded according to the appropriate odds.

It is called an 'inside bet' when you place a wager on a single number. An 'outside bet' is where you wager on whether the numbers will be high or low, odd or even, red or black or first, second, or third dozen. Of course, combinations of these bets are possible too. One thing of which you do need to be aware of in this form of the game is that it is played at speed. This means that you only have 11 seconds or so to bet between turns.

House Edge 2.7%
Developer Pragmatic Play
Bet levels 50p/£2000
Maximum win 35/1
Special Features Speed Play, stats, hot and cold numbers, saved bets
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*All values are subject to change at anytime.

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Betting Options

Anyone already familiar with roulette betting options should have no problem adjusting to this version of the game. All of the basic roulette bets are offered to players by Pragmatic here. That means you can place Straight Up, Split, Corner, Six Line, Column and Dozen bet. There is, of course, also a selection of Even Chance bets available. This list includes Red/Black bets, Even/Odds number bets and High/Low number bets. Finale en Plein, Finale a Cheval, and Full Complete are also offered to players of this particular online casino table game. The bet sizes usually range from 50p up to £2000 per spin.

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Live Speed Roulette Bets 

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Live Speed Roulette Odds and Payouts

This particular form of live roulette uses a European Roulette wheel, which means that the odds for each bet are as follows. The maximum win of 35x your stake is available for a successful straight-up bet that covers just one number.

Bet Type Odds
Even Money (covers 18 numbers) Evens
Dozen (covers 12 numbers) 2/1
Column (covers 12 numbers) 2/1
Line (covers six numbers) 5/1
Corner (covers four numbers) 8/1
Street (covers three numbers) 11/1
Split (covers two numbers) 17/1
Straight Up (covers just one number) 35/1

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Special Features in Live Speed Roulette

One special feature of this particular version of roulette that is different from other online table games is the speed you play it. Players in this variant of roulette have a mere 11 seconds to decide which bet they are going to place. To be successful at this form of the game, you need a mind that works quickly! Most roulette players are used to the game moving pretty quickly anyway, though, so if you already have some roulette experience, you should be able to adapt speedily enough. Be prepared, though, as the pace can still come as a shock to some! Gameplay is speeded up by around 60% when compared to normal versions of roulette.

One thing worth noting about this version of an iconic casino game is the quality of the Pragmatic Play live stream. The studio, based in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, looks great. The green and gold fittings in the studio make the whole set-up look very slick and professional. This impression of slick professionalism is helped by the quality work of the croupiers, who all speak good, though not always perfect, English despite being locally based in Romania.

One useful feature of this form of the game is the way that you can check statistics. This allows you to check out which numbers are currently 'hot' or 'cold'. You can also set your bet to repeat automatically for at least five spins, which is useful in a game that moves so quickly. I also saw a transparent ribbon on the screen that displayed the last winning numbers. All I needed to do to add these numbers to a straight-up bet was to click on them.

Mobile players will be delighted at the quality of this version of roulette when they play on their phones or tablets. I tried Live Speed Roulette on my phone and laptop, and I was delighted with how it looked on the smaller screen. I could easily access all the special features I've outlined above when playing on my phone.

Playing Live Speed Roulette Online

Playing live speed roulette online is very simple, and this version provides plenty of great entertainment. If you want to sample the thrills of Pragmatic Play's live casino games, such as speed roulette, you first need to open an account at an online casino such as Thor Slots. You can get your casino gaming account open by following the process I outline below.

  • Visit the Thor Slots homepage.
  • Tap one of the orange Join the Raid tabs.
  • Provide the personal details requested to validate your account.
  • Give a valid email address!
  • Select a username and password (make sure they’re easy to remember!)
  • Deposit at least £10 and claim your welcome bonus. (Full Ts & Cs Apply)
  • Now you’re ready to start playing Live Speed Roulette for real money!

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this casino table game are subject to change at any time.