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Casino Game Review of Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is a pay by phone casino game of chance played on a roulette wheel and with a betting grid. As one of the most popular casino games to play online, roulette offers decent payouts, interactive gameplay and many variants.

In Auto Roulette, the ball and the wheel used to play are in a virtual form, but you still have real payouts and gameplay. You can play online roulette and many variants at Thor Slots. You can also play for fun free slots and more.

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Auto Roulette Basics

Auto Roulette might offer different variants, but they all have the same basic gameplay. Every roulette game is played with a wheel, which has little pockets on the perimeter. Each pocket has a number on it starting from 0 (or 00 if you're playing American roulette) to 36. The pockets are also coloured red, black and green.

Apart from the wheel, the online game is also played with a small ball, and all bets are made on a betting grid. Once you make your bet, you click on the spin button on your screen. This sends the wheel going in one direction, but the ball on it going in the opposite direction. As the wheel slows down, the ball lands in one of the pockets.

The number on that pocket will be named as the roulette winning number, and you win the round if you bet on that particular number. When playing roulette, you can bet on more than one number at the same time.

Play any online roulette game at Thor Slots with these simple rules. When you play with this slots casino, you get the chance to play other table games and freeslotgames.

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Auto Roulette Betting Grid

To play Auto Roulette, you have to understand the betting process. There are two types of roulette bets and many other side bets. You can place your bets on more than one number, and this increases your chances of winning, but it reduces your payout. If you bet on one digit or a small number of digits, you have a lower winning chance but a higher payout.

Online roulette wheel bets are placed on a betting grid. The grid is made up of three columns and twelve rows, and all the numbers you can find on the wheel will be written in each of the boxes on the grid.

The grid will be presented on your screen before playing a round of roulette, and so you click on each of the numbers that you want to bet on. Once you're done betting, you can spin the roulette wheel.

When playing online roulette, you can either make an inside bet or an outside bet. The inside bet is a bet you make on single numbers or a small amount of numbers. This bet is made inside the betting grid. It is advantageous but offers very low odds.

The outside bet offers lower payouts but higher chances of winning. It is made outside the betting grid and on a large group of numbers. It is made by betting on all the odd numbers, even numbers, red numbers, black numbers, 1-18 or 19-36.

The main difference between inside and outside bets is the payout. If you bet on one number, you can win 350 coins with ten coins wagered, but it is less likely. On the other hand, if you bet on all the red numbers, you might end up winning only ten coins on the ten coins you wagered, with a 50% chance of winning too.

There are other side bets in online roulette, including street bet, split bet, corner bet and line bet. You can play roulette now at Thor Slots. Enjoy playing Viking slots and many others at this casino.

Last Take on This Casino Game

Auto Roulette is a game of chance with interactive gameplay, different bets and decent payouts. You can play different versions of roulette when you play at Thor Slots, including 20p Roulette, 100/1 Roulette, European Roulette and Auto Roulette.

The slots casino also offers Live Roulette and Live Speed Roulette which comes with a live dealer, making it feel like you’re in a brick-and-mortar casino. Start playing all these versions of roulette now, and enjoy a massive welcome bonus when you sign up and try some of our exciting slots, like the Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home slot.