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Thor Slots has always brought punters the best of games in the world of free slots, and there more to offer you than just slots. If you are wondering what could be better than playing your favorite slots when you want, then you may want to try playing your favorite slots and paying with Pay By Mobile casino. Does Pay By Mobile casino sound new to you? Well, that's because it's a brand new way to make payments and enjoy online slot games.

In this text, you'll be fed with all the juicy details on what Pay By Mobile casino is and our promotions, why it's an excellent option for you, what you should bother about, and of course, how to use it to make payments on Thor slots.

What is Pay By Mobile Casino?

As earlier mentioned, Pay By Mobile casino is a novel method of making deposits that allow punters to make a quick and easy deposit into their Thorslots.com account.

The last time you made a deposit online or at an online casino, you probably had to use your bank card, but now things are much different and straightforward with Pay By Mobile casino once you sign up.

Pay By Mobile casino as a method of payment allows you to make a deposit to your Thor slots account with a click of a button through your mobile phone. And also, the remaining charge goes straight to your phone. If you desire a full breakdown of the terms and conditions associated with using Pay By Mobile casino, do well to contact your mobile phone provider – or just play the best free slot games after you make your deposit!

Why make a Pay by Mobile Deposit?

There are several reasons why it is a smart choice to use this medium of depositing, and you will find just a few of them in this segment. If you play with Thorslots, and you are a big fan of online slot games and other casino games that can be enjoyed on mobile devices, then you will find Pay by Mobile quite useful.

The main reason casino game lovers prefer to make payments with Pay By Mobile casino is convenience and ease of use. If you play slots and other casino games online, then you'll find Pay By Mobile casino useful. You do not need to have a mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection to use this service, you only need a working and verified mobile number to start making deposits wherever, and whenever.

The part where it is easy and convenient to use is one, but there is also the part of Pay by Mobile casino being one of the most secure payment options in existence. When you choose to open a new account with an online casino or you are creating an account with an e-commerce store or something like that, you can often be concerned about what they might do with your important details such as card information, which you are required to provide. You may even be tempted to ask questions about how the site uses your information or credit card details. When you use Pay By Mobile casino, you do not have to provide any bank details as your details only go directly through the mobile phone provider you patronize. The online slots site or casino will function as a distant third party, and the only transaction being will be made via the credit card of the account holder and their specific mobile phone provider. The total payments that the user has amounted throughout on a monthly basis will be deducted from their monthly phone bill.

To know about your rights and the associated terms and conditions of paying with this method of payment, please consult your mobile phone provider.

Pay By Mobile is a fantastic way to gamble with a budget if you are looking to manage your money better. Because you are allowed a deposit of £10 only in a day via Pay By Mobile, it means that you already have your deposit limits set for you. This way, you can play the slots games on Thorslots and never go overboard. Don't forget that your first deposit bonus can still be claimed with a £10 deposit. If you need to know ever about Thorslots terms and conditions, we are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission so that you can feel safe. For a comprehensive breakdown of the Ts&Cs, please read of our policy on responsible gambling here.

Why Choose a Pay By Mobile Casino over an E-Wallet

Although to this day,  the world will agree that E-wallets are a pretty safe deposit method, it is also true that SMS Pay By Mobile casino provides the most reliable way to depositing for online gaming. The two approaches share very similar drawbacks and benefits; that's why many people use them for the safety and privacy of their data.

New horizons for this Pay By Mobile Casino

So now that you have all the vital details on how to use this highly secure payment method to make deposits on Thorslots, the only thing left is to register and start playing your favorite casino games. As you already know, Thorslots has lots of highly rewarding casino games for you to try your hands on. If you're a new customer, take your time to peruse through our vast repository of fantastic slot games

While you may be used to playing only slots in online casinos, Thorslots has a couple of other games you may want to try out once you're registered. You'll find bingo,  blackjack, and roulette if you want to be adventurous.

Play Free Slots and Other Games through your mobile Today

If you haven't tried the blackjack or bingo games that we offer, and you are yet to try out Pay By Mobile casino, ghen now is the time to do so. Though we may be new in the industry, seeing as we started operating in 2018, our collection of games is still growing and beating the expectation of punters around the world.  Whether you desire to spin the reels an Amazonian adventure, the fluffy favorite, and more, you'll find a game for you.