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Pay by Phone Casino 2021

To play at an online casino, players are required to log onto a website and create an online casino account. This means both registering your personal information and providing your card details at your choice of casino site. This has been the way that new players have always made a deposit to play online slot and casino games.

But what if I told you there was a different and better way?

The rise of technology has been fantastic and has given us the option to play at online casino sites from home instead of driving all the way to a land casino. Playing slots is now as simple as logging onto your PC. Now that we all have access to the internet on the move, thanks to that small device in our pockets, the smart phone, we have opened up the ways we can pay and play casino games. It is estimated that 85% of all internet activity is provided by people on their phones.

No longer are we routed to one spot to play on casino sites. We can access them anywhere at any time. That’s not all though.

As well as all the great advantages that playing casino and slot machine games on your phone can bring you, the most rewarding is the fact that you can now play slot games by using a pay by phone bill feature. This is a method that allows casino players to deposit the money that they wish to use to play slots by adding the amount they pay to their phone bill. No more signing up to online casino sites. No more putting your bank information out there unnecessarily. When you pay by using your mobile phone bill, you are more in control of your deposits and you can play casino games with ease.

How can we do this? Let’s take a look at Thor Slots, one of the best pay by phone casinos in the UK in 2021 - or click to play mobile casino games right away.

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Can I play slots with my phone?

In case you haven’t heard, you can now play slots and casino games on your mobile phone. That is because we now have access to online casino sites via your mobile. You do not need to sit at a computer desk any more to deposit and play since you have pay by mobile slots.  

This means that you can play casino games anywhere as long you have a strong internet connection. Want to pay and play on the bus, in a café or at a friend’s house? No problem. Just switch on your phone and get spinning. A massive 35% of casino players are choosing to use this method already, a 3% rise since 2012.

However, I am sure that you are wondering about security concerns. If you are playing at an online casino on an unfamiliar network, doesn’t that make being hacked more likely? Is some stranger able to log on and grab my email address or card details?

That is all true, in a way. Casino sites do try their hardest to keep the people who pay to use their sites safe. But complete online security is never guaranteed.

That is why there is a new method to pay for online slots that is much safer. It is called pay by phone casino or pay by phone bill slots.

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Mobile Casino Sites

Can I deposit using my phone bill?

A frequent question that comes up when discussing pay by phone casinos is: can I deposit the money I want to play casino games with buy using my mobile phone bill? The answer to that is yes. That is one of the main benefits of playing casino games on your phone or at a phone casino (more on those in a bit).

When you log on and start playing slots on a casino site, you will be presented with several options. One will ask you to log in to your online casino account. If you do not have one then you will be asked to create one. Another option will ask if you want to use another method to pay. If you choose the second option, you then have the choice to add the money that you play with to your phone bill.

This means that all of the money that you deposit to play casino games online will be added to your personal phone bill at the end of the month. You do not have to count out change to pay into a machine. You no longer need to keep making individual, small transactions out of your bank account. All the money that you use to pay and play with is compiled into one lump sum that you pay at the end of the month and is added to your phone credit.

The deposit by phone method of playing casino games is not fixed to just mobile casino sites either. You can use this method to pay for casino sites by using your landline phone bill. Let’s say you don’t like to play at online casinos via your mobile? Don’t worry. You can still use the pay by phone method while playing on PC or tablet. As long as you have a phone of any description, you can play casino games using the pay by phone bill method.

How can I withdraw my funds using my phone?

The pay by phone casino method has many benefits when it comes to depositing money, but how do you receive the money that you win on a casino game. Since you pay by using your phone bill, surely you can counteract any charges by using the money that you win. In other words, can you withdraw your online casino winnings using your phone bill?

Well, to answer that we need to consider why you would want to use pay by mobile in the first place. The main benefit of pay by phone casino is security. You are less likely to get hacked when using pay by phone casinos and that is great. With this in mind that does mean that, whilst you can deposit by phone, sadly you cannot withdraw money by using your phone bill.

As you have probably guessed, the main reason for this is security. New players do not want anyone randomly taking their winnings but also, phone companies still need to ensure that they get paid. If you are a savvy player, or just happen to have a very lucky day at an online casino, you could wipe out not only the money you have deposited to play with but also the amount that you pay to use your phone. Whether you are on a pay as you go contract or not, this would be a foolish business move and a security risk for both player and phone companies.

There are ways to bypass this flaw and remain safe whilst playing on your phone, however. Third party sites, like PayPal, exist so that you can make a deposit via your mobile on a casino site and then transfer the money you win to a separate website. This means that casino sites still do not need your card details to pay you your winnings.

Therefore, whilst not being able to withdraw money using your phone bill is a slight negative, it comes in lieu of being extremely safe while playing at online casinos and there are ways around it. Pay by mobile casinos continue to be one of the safest ways to play casino games online. To withdraw money that you win from using the pay by phone bill method, you can’t go wrong with third party sites.

Zimpler pay by phone is one of the mobile payment gateways allowing withdrawals to your phone bill; but remember, you can always withdraw using debit cards, paypal, or eWallets from Thor Slots!


Benefits of using a phone casino site

When you search for an online casino you will come across a variety of different sites. Some of these are designed for you to pay and play slots at your PC. Their casino games are more traditional and tend to re-create classic one screen slot games in the online space. Fruit machines, Vegas slots etc.

Then there are phone casinos. These are a relatively new addition to online gambling and are centred entirely on creating casino experiences for phone users. Not only do you get all of the benefits of the pay by mobile phone bill method of paying for slots, but the games available in mobile casinos, are more varied. They take place over several screens, can feature numerous bonus rounds and are designed to be played on a smaller device. There are no restraints when creating a casino game from pixels.

You can also use phone casinos to play live casino games with other players logged onto the site at the same time. This goes a long way to recreate a real casino experience wherever you are on the planet. Play with friends or complete strangers. It’s up to you. All whilst remaining completely safe and secure. It is estimated that 164 million online casino users will visit a phone casino in 2020. With that in mind there is no end to the amount of casino games that you can join.

To summarize the main features of mobile casinos like Thor Slots:

  • HTML5 slots and games, with instant play from mobile, laptops, and tablets.
  • iOS, Android, and Windows software systems are operative.
  • Mobile casino bonuses, with added value for these types of players.
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal mobile methods.
  • Mobile casino apps, with instant applications to sign in to your favourite mobile casino.

Safety and security with phone casinos

As I have mentioned already, the main benefit of pay by phone casinos is safety and security.

The main reason for this is that you do not need to set up an online casino account to start playing. An online casino account is something that most online casinos use. When visiting the site, you will be asked to sign up using your name and a means of contact such as an email address or phone number. On top of this, you will need the casino account to deposit money you wish to play with and also withdraw anything you win. That means providing your card details or another way for the site to access your bank account.

When reading this, I’m sure you can already see some flaws with this setup. If a person is clever enough to hack into the online casino, they not only have access to your personal information but also your card details. That’s not good. For new players that are nervous about playing casino games online, this can turn them off completely.

That is why the pay by phone bill method is so good. By adding the deposit to your phone bill, you are cutting out another place that has your valuable information. The less places out there that have your card details, the less likely it becomes for an unfriendly party to get hold of them.

Pay by phone casinos really are worth using if you are even the slightest bit concerned about internet security. Remember, you are always safe and secure when you choose to pay by phone bill to play online casino games.

Other common deposit methods

Whilst the pay by phone bill model is the safest way to play at casino sites, it isn’t the only way to make a deposit. For those not concerned about security, you might want to take a look at these.

Let’s get the most obvious deposit method out of the way first. As I have mentioned many times already, you can deposit to play at an online casino by creating a casino account with that site. This is a good method for those that value speed over safety. Casino sites are as safe as they can be, but with the advent of pay by phone casinos they are no longer the most safe and secure method of playing casino games.

You can use both credit and debit card to pay for your casino experience. However, if you are using a casino based in the UK, they no longer allow player to pay via credit card. This is because it is easier for player to flake on their commitments when making a deposit and both credit card companies and casino sites lose out. It’s not the end of the world but it is something to remember when playing online casinos UK side.

Another way to deposit and play casino games is by taking advantage of all the welcome bonus offers that are out there. Casino sites will offer new players a slew of different casino bonuses to get you to choose their site to play slots. These include the likes of free spins, bonus spins, offering the player a starting deposit or doubling the amount that the player initially deposits. That goes for mobile deposits too.

These are all great however they are somewhat limited. You will only be awarded ten free spins for example before being asked to pay or make a deposit of your own.  Also, like pay by phone bill deposits, you cannot withdraw anything that you win here. There is no work around by using a third party site this time either. You cannot win real money from a free spin. If, however, you manage to win extra spins on one of these bonus spins and win, this money will be yours. It is something quite difficult to get your head around but, with time and patience, you can get these welcome bonus offers to work for you.

Still, for now, pay by phone casinos are still the best way to make a deposit at an online casino. It is easy, has no limits, you keep the money that you win and it is safe and secure. Other popular mobile deposit methods include:

  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards, like PaySafeCard and Neosurf.
  • eWallets, like Skrill, PayPal and NETELLER.
  • Cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dodgecoin.

Mobile Casino Sites

Key Takes from Pay by Phone Casino Platforms

There are so many reasons that you should be using the pay by phone bill method or a phone casino to play at online casino games. You are always safe and secure when playing as you are less likely to have your card details stolen. If you trust your phone provider, then you can trust the pay by phone bill method.

Alongside the security benefits, you have convenience. So long as you have your mobile phone and a secure internet connection, you can pay and play at any number of casino sites.

Not only this, but you can play casino games that have been specifically designed for mobile phones. These games are limitless in their capabilities and allow you to play with people from all over the globe.

But the main reason that you should be using pay by phone casinos is that they are so easy to use. Casino accounts are tedious and require a lot of set up to get going. Not everywhere will allow you to use a credit card. Trying to find a welcome bonus is in fact free and works well for a while, but all of these all have caps.

So long as you have a phone contract for your smart phone or landline (and let’s face it, we all do), you can use the pay by phone bill method. There are no limits, no security worries. Just you and all of the casino sites you wish to play with. Why not become one of the projected 100 million players expected to join a phone casino in the next year? There are so many upsides.

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