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This is an interesting game, which seems to be a little bit of a stretch to call a free casino slots game. If you have ever played solitaire on your computer, then you will know how to play this game, except you now have the opportunity to make some money whilst you play!

If not then don’t worry, we will talk through how to play the slot game, but if you would like to play without learning, there is also an auto-play feature making it accessible for anyone!

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Casino Solitaire Developer - Gamevy

This fun and lively team strive to create the best mobile, tablet and online games around with a variety of game types.

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Playing Casino Solitaire Slots Game

As any of us who have played before there can be a lot of skill required in playing solitaire, thankfully, this game provider gives us great engaging content time and time again.

This game has a really Low Volatility, though this is a little bit deceptive as volatility is measure based on how often players will receive a return. The likelihood of that is incredibly low with this game, however receiving a return that will be equal to or profiting from out stake may be less likely the same is true of an RTP of 96.8%.

Comparatively to most slot games, Casino Solitaire has a somewhat high min bets of £2.08 and goes up to a reasonable max bet of $83.20 though with the additional wagers we are able to make the true highest stake is actually £91.20.

Casino Solitaire Slot Game Play

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How to Play Solitaire Slot

In solitaire we are given a randomly shuffled deck of 52 cards (a full deck, minus any jokers). This deck is dealt into 7 columns from left to right. With the number of cards increasing per column in the following order: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

The last card of every column is facing up.

There are also 4 slots at the top right that can be filled with same suit cards in consecutive order, if we are lucky enough for that to be an option.

How Do We Make Our Winnings?

The concept behind this is fairly simple. We choose between set stake options in the range we discussed earlier; this will define the value that each card from the deck will hold. Which are value as follows:


  • £2.08
  • £4.16
  • £6.24
  • £8.32
  • £10.40
  • £20.80
  • £41.60
  • £83.20

Card Value:

  • £0.20
  • £0.40
  • £0.60
  • £0.80
  • £1
  • £2
  • £4
  • £8

As we can see, there is approximately a 10% return value from each card relative to our stake. This give us the opportunity to make the 10% of our initial stake times 52, plus any additional side bets we have made per round. In monetary terms that gives us a per round max win of £416 plus the potential of actualizing side bet two, which we will go over soon, bringing us to the potential grand total of £816

Whilst the odds of achieving this higher sum may be particularly slim, there is a great potential for some serious winnings!

Casino Solitaire Slots Win

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Bonus Features and Free Spins

Side Bet 1

Side Bet 1 acts almost as an insurance against busting out from the off set, whilst it is unlikely to the actually occur, by the nature of the randomness of a deck, it is possible to start a game and have no moves available – this side bet means we can get something back.

Side Bet 2

The Second side bet comes with an incredibly high return of 200 times the value of the bet. We can win this if the initial cards presented are all a single colour, offering a maximum win of £400

Auto Play

Pretty self-explanatory, this will play the solitaire game for you.


If any of us are confident enough to not use the Auto Play feature, but we make a mistake, then there is a feature to undo a move – this doesn’t apply to overturning a new card

Our Verdict on Casino Solitaire

This game is loosely a slot game, it offers healthy returns provided the cards present in your favor. If any of us are fans of solitaire then this is definitely a game to try out. Respective of the sub-genre of this game, we would give this a 7/10. And for more great titles, check out the Book of Kingdoms slot.