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Free Spins No Deposit

Casino games are changing. No longer is it necessary to drive all the way to the general high street, withdraw the real money that you wish to deposit from an ATM, and enter a casino to play your favourite slot machines. In 2021, we have the wonderful world of online casinos and slot games sites in our fingertips. We can log onto a casino from anywhere and play whatever slots we want, for as long as we want.

Players used to have to wait for their favourite slot to become available to start playing. Imagine travelling all that way and not being able to play your favourite casino games. It is incredibly frustrating but it gets worse. If you found yourself on a hot streak and wanted to continue gambling, there was a high chance you would run out of cash. That meant leaving the casino, and the slots, to get more real money to play with. It was a real hassle. Plus there was no guarantee that the machine you were on was still available when you got back to the casino.

That is why the ability to access hundreds of online slots and casino games from the comfort of your own home came as a blessing. We owe the removal of all of those problems to online casinos. With so many different slots developers, sites, and a huge community, the variety of casino games online is endless. From different themes and stakes available, there is something for every type of gambler out there. It is all so easy to access. But it does come with a downside.

Now, that there is no limit to the amount of players that can log on and play slot games, it has created a highly competitive market. How can a casino site ensure that online slots players choose their site to play their slots? How do we, the players, know that we are on the right online casino, the one best suited to our needs? The answer is in bonus offers, just like free spins no deposit. Read more by the team on this complicated matter!

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Why Do Free Bonuses Exist?

These are designed to entice new players to register with a specific online casino. Or, they can reward existing players for their loyalty. A bonus can take the form of rewarding players with free spins on certain slots, giving a player a free deposit to get started or any other weird and wacky variation that gives the casino site the edge over its competitors. It is beneficial to an online casino as it grabs a player’s attention and gets them to spin on your site. Once the bonus spins are over, they are hooked and signed up to your casino. For us players, we get to partake in many different slots and decide whether or not a casino site is the best one for us. All thanks to the no deposit free spins bonuses, as they come with no cost.

With this in mind, what is the best bonus offer or promotion an online casino can use to hook new players and ensue the loyalty of the existing ones? On top of this, which is the best bonus for both parties, player and online casino. Let’s take a look at some of the promotions available to find out what is the best bonus offer.

Did you know that some casino sites even offer 10 daily free spins without deposit in 2021?

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No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses

A popular promotion that casino sites often use is the no deposit bonus. This is a bonus that does not require a player to put down a deposit of real money to start playing the slots at this casino. At some casino sites, the player isn’t even required to register full time to take part in these bonus offers. Make sure you read through the casino sites terms and conditions before committing yourself though.

Some no deposit bonuses include free spins for desktop and pay by mobile slots. This is an offer that rewards players with an amount of free spins to use on the slots available on the site. These spins might be available to use across the entire catalogue of slots that the casino features or just one slot game. It is up to the individual online casino. For example, players could be given up to 20 free spins for signing up to the casino or 200 free spins for playing at that casino for a year. This allows players to sample the slots on this site without losing anything on these spins. If they like the game or win then they are more likely to return to play, this time putting their own real money down. Free spins are a great tool to get players to see exactly what your casino site has to offer and players do not lose anything for the privilege.

Another no deposit bonus is the free deposit offer. This is an offer that will give a certain amount of money in the form of a deposit to use at their casino. This can be anywhere from £10 or £100 or more. It is up to the online casino but this deposit can only be used on slots at that specific casino. Much like the free spins offer, this bonus deposit allows players to sample what the casino site has to offer, without losing any of their real money. Again, for the casino this is a chance to really get people invested in their slot and casino games and earn loyal customers. The feeling of winning is incredibly powerful after all.

As you can probably guess, these no deposit offers are perfectly suited for those new players who are unfamiliar with online casinos. What about existing players? Is there a bonus out there for them?

Fun Fact: Online casinos casually offer new players welcome bonuses, which increase their initial deposit amount or gift extra free spins to sample some best-rated slots free.

Free Cash No Deposit

Deposit Bonus Offers

A free slots no deposit bonus offer is a bonus that is awarded to casino players that requires them to put down real money of their own to activate the bonus. In other words, put down a deposit.

One such bonus is the matched deposit bonus. This is a promotion where a casino site will give a player the amount of money that they initially deposit in the form of extra credit. For example, if you sign up to play at a casino and deposit £10 to start your spins at the online casino, they will add an additional £10 worth of credit into your account for free. It works the same whether you are depositing £20 or £200. This bonus keeps players spinning for longer at your casino site and rewards them for loyalty. For the online casino site, you are still receiving real money when players gamble.

Speaking of loyalty, that is what deposit bonuses are all about. They reward long term players and get them to continue playing slots at your casino. Every so often, a casino site might offer a player some free spins for their continued custom. They could award the player with 10 free spins for logging in after a month of registration, 20 free spins after two months, and so on. Of course, the only way to keep receiving this bonus is to keep making a deposit at this online casino.

Deposit bonuses, such as these, are great for the casino site as it stops players from leaving to start gambling elsewhere. For the player, well, who doesn’t like free spins or free cash deposits?

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Register for Free Slots at Thor & get free spins

Are Free Spins on Registration No Deposit the best bonus a casino can offer?

Let’s take a look at the free spins bonus for a moment. It is an offer that appears often amongst both deposit and no deposit bonuses. But why?

The promotion has so much versatility that is can be used in any bonus situation. Imagine that you are someone new that has never played a slot before. Where do you begin? Well, if you sign up to a casino site that offers free spins as a bonus offer, you are getting so much more than you realise. Not only are you not taking advantage of these spins with no deposit, but these free spins are actually teaching you how a slot game works.

Every slot game requires the player to spin the reels and match symbols across a pay line in some capacity. Some even offer free spins as a bonus within the game. Free spins aren’t just a way to get new players to sign up to a casino site, but actually function as a tutorial for slot games in general. Awarding players with free spins is the best way to get players immersed in slot games.

No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

Casino Bonuses Versatility

By looking at the breakdown of both the no deposit bonuses and the deposit bonuses, you may have noticed that free spins are a big feature in both types of promotions. That is because they are the most sought after reward.

As I mentioned before, a key part of a lot of slots is winning free spins in game as a bonus. This is because the only way to win on a slot is by having a spin. So it stands to reason then that by giving away free spins, you are also giving players more chances to win. Isn’t that what gambling is all about?

You can give these spins to slot players both new and old and they will know exactly what they mean. A long time player will be grateful for a casino site giving them more spins and will most likely want to stick around longer. A new player sees free spins as a lure to join the casino and start playing. Free spins offer so much to so many different types of players that they will always remain a staple offer from online casino sites.

Did you know that some casinos reward even up to 1,000 free spins on the first three deposits?

Are There Free Spins No Wagering Requirements?

It might sound strange, but some online casino bonus no deposit require certain wagering requirements from players. A wagering requirement is a criteria that a player has to meet in order to take advantage of the bonus. Remember when we discussed matched deposit bonuses. The player was required to deposit some of their own cash in order for the casino site to match their deposit. That initial deposit is a Term & Condition.

With free spins no deposit, there are can be no wagering requirements or a few of them. This goes for most no deposit bonuses, but when a casino is offering free spins, you know that this is a good bonus to take as it does not require anything from you, the player. That is why free spins works so well as a welcome bonus. Those who have trepidations about online gambling can be safe in the knowledge that they do not have to lose anything of their own to use this bonus. 

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Still, to withdraw funds from a no deposit bonus, the player might have to meet the rollover (or wagering requirements), unless if the bonus is a no wagering one. Usually these range:

  • 10 Free Spins with 30x wagering.
  • 20 No Deposit Free Spins with 45x wagering requirements.

And so on. Always read through the Ts & Cs of the bonus you are claiming.

Downsides to Free Spin Offers

Unfortunately it can’t all be rainbows and sunshine. There a few negatives to consider when discussing free spins as a bonus offer. Some of these down sides are applicable to all bonus offers or casino sites in general but they are worth mentioning nonetheless. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

No Withdrawing Winnings

Let’s get the most crushing negative out of the way first. When an online casino sets up free spins as a welcome bonus, chances are that you will not be able to withdraw the money that you win on these spins. This is a downside for several reasons.

First of all, not actually winning real money is a blow to both player and casino. For the player it takes away that rush of winning that is one of the main reasons that people play slots in the first place. Sure, there is an innate pleasure from being told that you have won on a spin but without a reward, the whole experience becomes hollow. What is the point in playing if you don’t stand to win real money?

For the casino, this paradoxical feeling of loss that players get when they win on a slot machine might turn them off of playing slots entirely. Sure, they aren’t off gambling at another online casino, but they aren’t playing at your casino either.

Register for Free Slots at Thor & get free spins

Secondly, a casino site might ask you to register with them to gain the free spins. This comes as a security risk for players as they need to provide personal details and bank details to create an online casino account. Online casino sites do try to maintain high levels of security at all times but for new players that are unsure about online security, this could stop them from signing up entirely. What is the point of putting your details out there online if you don’t stand to win anything with the free spins that you gain? It is a small risk but something to consider. You should always read the terms and conditions of casino sites before signing up.

It is perfectly understandable as to why a casino site does not allow players to withdraw the money that they win from free spins. Some casinos offer up to 200 free spins as a welcome bonus. Imagine if a player wins on every spin. It is a highly unlikely occurrence but that is still a lot of money that a casino stands to lose. Everything is luck based in an online casino. By not allowing players to withdraw the winnings from free spins it keeps them in business and stops them from having to pay out large sums after not receiving any deposit themselves. It is an incredibly smart business move at the end of the day.

Usually, online casinos offer a max winning cap from no deposit free spins. Keep that in mind, as you might lose some of your bonus winnings as a result.

Spins aren’t a Universal Game Mechanic

The way to win on a slot is by spinning the reels and matching up the correct symbols on a pay line. It is quite simple really. That is why free spins are so sought after by slots players. But what about other casino games?

Online casinos are, as expected, chock full of hundreds of different free slot games that, while they all try and remain unique, all require the players to spin reels. But casinos also house lots of other types of casino games.

From traditional brick and mortar casino games, such as blackjack and roulette, to other pay and win games like bingo, there are hundreds of other casino games available on casino sites. Other than roulette, these do not require the player to spin anything. What is an avid online bingo player to do with 100 free spins? Blackjack requires players to turn over cards. A free spin is no use to them there.

Whilst free spins are great for playing online slots, they aren’t a great bonus for online casino players that want to play something else. There is no ‘free card hit’ for blackjack players available as a no deposit bonus. Sadly, free spins only get their worth from players that play online slots. For those that want to play other online casino games, you may want to look out for another bonus.

Some players might be better off with a no deposit cash bonus or a no deposit bingo bonus! Always research before claiming a no deposit free spins offer!

Free Spins as a No Deposit Bonus

The aim of the free spins bonus is to entice players that don’t want to risk making a real money deposit. But there are other no deposit bonuses that have different functions.

A free deposit bonus will give players an amount of money in the form of credit that they can then use to their own devices. With a £40 welcome bonus at a casino site, players can gamble at their own leisure. You can switch between blackjack, bingo or slots without having to worry about the limitations. With free spins, you are sadly rooted to just slot games and roulette.

However, you are far more likely to encounter a larger sum of free spins than a large deposit to play with. It turns out that 200 hundred free spins is worth more than just a £10 free deposit. Sorry.

If you really want to sample as many slots as possible, free spins the way to go.

Another no deposit bonus we must consider is the higher reward bonus. This is a welcome offer that will reward players with a higher pay out on their first spins. Some may consider this a sneaky tactic as it does not portray the reality of online slots but it has a purpose. If a player wins big from their initial spins, then they are more likely to return to the site that they played that slot game and make a deposit to play.

This is a rare bonus that actually allows player to keep their winnings, however it sets standards too high. If a player does not then go on to win with a deposit of their own then they are likely to give up with slots altogether.

With free spins players know exactly what they are getting. There are no tricks or deceptions. They are far more common than other bonuses but can be quite limiting. But, there is a way for players to have their cake and eat it too.

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Merging Promotions

An offer or promotion does not have to include one single benefit to players. A familiar practice among online casino sites is lumping bonuses together. They might offer players a £10 free deposit and a further 20 free spins for example. This way the player gets the best of both worlds.

As I have discussed previously, there are downsides to both of these types of no deposit bonuses. However, by merging them together we remove a lot of negatives and make each part of the casino bonus more valuable to players.

Free spins do not allow players to sample and play things such as no deposit blackjack or free bingo without deposit. But add a large amount of free spins to a free deposit sum and you can experiment with a whole variety of games. Players can use the free spins to discover how stakes and betting works on the casino sites slot games and then transfer these skills over to other, more traditional casino games.

Another way to merge promotions is by offering players a first spin bonus and a surplus of free spins as well. By doing this, a player can receive a higher multiplier than normal on the first spin that they win with and then have a reason to keep playing as they have a ton of free spins to use up. This way they understand how frequently they stand to win.

This removes a huge negative of free spins. The player is actually winning something as well as getting to know how the game works. It is a win-win situation.

Keep in mind that free spins bonuses and free deposit bonuses might come with different wagering requirements attached to them! Usually free spins no deposit tend to carry much higher playthrough conditions!

Other Casino Offers to Consider in 2021

Deposit and no deposit bonuses are the most common offers that you will come across at an online casino. But the swathe of offers available to players does not end there. There are still hundreds of bonuses and promotions to consider and compare to free spins (deposit and no deposit required).

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Long term Bonuses and Offers from online casinos

Online casinos can find themselves in a bit of a pickle when trying to keep a hold of their existing customers. These types of players have already used up their free spins and welcome bonus offer. These players know how to play slots and have exhausted the sites entire library. How does an online casino keep players like this using their site and not taking their money elsewhere?

Well, online casino sites have what is called a reload bonus. These are reserved for only the most dedicated of slots players. This comes in the form of a friendly reminder from the site that prompts players to sign in to their online casino account by giving them an incentive. This could come as a further deposit bonus or some more of those juicy free spins.

Alternatively, the site could provide an event that takes place after a registration milestone. If a player signs in one year or two years after they initially registered, they may be rewarded with a bonus.

This type of bonus mainly tilts in the casino sites favour. They get to either keep a customer playing with them or bring a player back into the fold. All by offering a simple bonus.

For the player it requires a lot of time and money deposited to receive these bonuses and therefore might not be worth pursuing.

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Brick and Mortar Bonuses and offers

Whilst we have only discussed the online casino experience thus far, let’s not forget about the original article. Brick and Mortar Casinos have had their own bonus offers for years. They take a familiar form to those in the online space but are harder to monitor.

For example, how can you dish out free spins to players at the door and still ensure that they have not received their welcome bonus. To fraudulently scam an online casino it would take hours to create new email addresses and open up multiple bank accounts. Is that really worth it for a few free spins, something that you might win on a slot anyway?

With brick and mortar casinos, getting welcome bonuses and special offers is as easy as the teller forgetting your face. With so many patrons moving in and out of the building that is something that can happen quite often. There aren’t really many more offers that brick and mortar casinos can offer. That is why playing slots online is becoming the go to way to play.

Register for Free Slots at Thor & get free spins

Free Demo Slots

Let’s say that you are really desperate to play slots online for free but don’t really care about the financial side. Then slot game demos is the route for you.

Every so often, a slot game developer will put out a sample of their new slot game online for free. This is so that they can build awareness of the slots release and get players invested in the slot before it is available to play with a deposit. This benefits slot players as they get to see what the game is like without spending money and the developer gets players interested in their game.

However, this is not really a viable way to play slots for free full time. You cannot win anything on these demos and they are usually taken down after 7 days. Also, free spins bonuses offer everything that a slot demo does anyway without the free part of the games disappearing after a time.

Free Spins on Registration No Deposit

Free Spins No Deposit: Our Verdict

The aim of this exercise was to determine whether or not free spins were the best no deposit bonus that players can find in 2021. We have looked at the immediate competition in other no deposit and deposit bonuses and it seems that free spins can offer so much more than all of these other offers. There are no wagering requirements and the amount of spins you receive adds up to more, financially, than a free deposit bonus.

  • Free spins act as a player’s way of exploring how a game works and also reward players for signing up to the casino site. It is the best benefit to both the online casino and players.
  • What’s more is that there are often no wagering requirements for free spins, and so new players are safe when utilising this bonus. But it doesn’t stop there.
  • Online casinos can use free spins to reward players no matter what the situation. If they’ve been playing slots for a long time, they will be grateful for the bonus. If a player has been out of the slots world for a while, free spins are a great tool for casino sites to bring them back in.

However, therein lies the main problem with free spins. They are really only beneficial to players that want to play slots. For those that want to play more traditional casino games free slots are no use. This is where another, less rewarding no deposit bonus is best.

But, that isn’t what we should take away here. Free spins are the best no deposit bonus for players that want to play slots. However, if we merge this bonus with another no deposit bonus, such as a free deposit bonus, players get the utility of a free spin offer and none of the drawbacks.

Therefore, whilst free spins are a fantastic no deposit bonus, by merging them with something else we remove all of the weaknesses and create a new bonus that is the most beneficial for both the online casino sites and slots players.

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*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.