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There has been a huge tectonic shift in the gambling industry, one that means that slot games will never be the same. Casino games and slots started in brick and mortar casinos. The idea was that players would visit the casino, bring their own real money and play slot games on the slot machines provided by the casino. For a long time this was the only way to play free slot games and it came with several problems.

There was a limit to how many slot games a casino could house and therefore you were never guaranteed the chance to play on your favourite slot. Also, it was a chore to actually get to a real casino. Weather, time constraints and traffic were all obstacles that slot players had to avoid in order for the opportunity to play slots. Then came the online casino and all of these problems disappeared, with even added benefits for players looking to play free slot games.

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Deposit for free online Slots

Can I play free slots with no deposit?

Now, playing slot and casino games is as easy as logging onto an online casino site, choosing the slot that you want play, depositing your funds and playing, all from the comfort of your own home. There are hundreds of casino sites out there, all with their own catalogue of casino games. More and more people are switching over to this way of playing slot games and it isn’t hard to see why. But now online slots are a lot better than you might think.

With the huge rise in online slot players, it becomes an online casinos main goal to ensure that these new players sign up and play slots on their site. To do this, casino sites will offer welcome bonuses and offers, loyalty rewards and even allow players to play slots for free. That is right? There are ways to play free slots with no deposit.

How do I do that you ask? Well, there are several ways, some more difficult than others but it is definitely possible. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the ways that slot players can engage free online slots without having to put down a deposit:

  • Pay by mobile casino deposits, which can also come in the form of credit.
  • Cash bonuses without deposit (£5 - £50 no deposit).
  • Free spins no deposit offers (10 - 500 free spins no deposit).
  • Promotions for returning players often do not require a deposit.
  • Cashback and tournament prizes.
  • Wheel with free gifts upon sign up.
  • Registration bonuses.

£20 no deposit slots

What are free slots no deposit?

In terms of playing free slots, I will now refer to it as free slot, no deposit. This is because online casino sites require a deposit from players for you to access their online casino games. Each slot game is different but they all need you to make a deposit of real money to play. So, to play free slots we will have to look for slots with no deposit. Therefore they are called free slots, no deposit.

That means, by looking at the definition, we are looking at slot games that we can play online without having to make a deposit ourselves. Online casinos will try and grab the attention of new players in all sorts of ways and free slots, no deposit are a great way to do this. The benefit for the casino site is that players choose to play slots on their site. The benefit for slot players is obvious. Who doesn’t want to play free slots?

Now that we know what free slot, no deposit are, how do we get to play them?

Note to Self: Remember that free slots no deposit are hard to find, and are not very rewarding in some instances.

Welcome Bonus No Deposits

Common No Deposit Bonuses Online

So, you are looking for free slots with no deposit? The first place that you should be looking is the numerous online casino promotions pages. Each one is full of bonus offers that allow you can use to play free slots, no deposit.

  • The most obvious of these is the no deposit welcome bonus. This is an offer made by online casinos that will gift players with an amount of credit to use on any of their slot and casino games. For example, a site may give players £10 to play as credit but it must be used on their slot and casino games. You cannot use this on any other casino site. This is great as people are using that casino site exclusively and the player gets to play slots for free.
  • Another offer that a casino site might make is a free spins bonus. This very much works in the same way as the no deposit bonus but instead of giving players an amount of money to deposit, they reward them with a specific amount of free spins. Players can then use these free spins to play slot games on the casino site without having to make a deposit. In other words, they are playing slots for free with no deposit. These free spins allow players to understand the mechanics of the slot games and the casino hopes that this sample will be enough to convince players to keep playing slots and that eventually they will make a real money deposit once their free spins run out.

These are both viable ways to play free slots with no deposit, however they are both limited. Once the credit you receive as a free deposit or the free spins runs out, that is it. You can only play free slots for a short period of time before the offer ends. Then you as a player will need to pay to keep carry on. Players might also end up winning real money, by making some winnings and wagering them as many times at as the bonus Ts & Cs outline.

But don’t fear. There is still another way to play free slots without limits.

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Free slots versions: Demo play, Free Play, Free Mode

Yep. You can play free slots, no deposit without having to use a welcome bonus. For a safe way to play you can find hundreds of slot games online that feature a free play mode, also going by other names, as well as the standard way to play.

In the free play mode, you can play slots and still have a chance to win. Spin the reels, match the symbols and watch that multiplier climb. It is all good fun without the player having to make a deposit. This mode also includes the slots bonus rounds and free spins features as you would expect.

You might be wondering why a casino site would allow players to play online slots for free. Well, for the online casino it is a good way for players to sample the slot game. If a player is forced to pay real money for an experience that they might not enjoy, they might avoid the experience altogether. By giving people a sample like this, the player is able to find out what online slots are all about before deciding to make a deposit and play more online slots.

Also, let’s not forget that many online slot players choose to play slots for fun rather than competitively or for large sums of money. These free slots are perfect for those kinds of slot players. Casino sites try to make sure that all kinds of players are catered for.

Speaking of catering for all slot players we have the loyalty bonuses.

£50 no deposit slots

Loyalty Offers for long time slot players

Once the welcome bonuses are all dried up, what are we players to do if we want to continue to play free slots, no deposit for real money?

Well, casino sites do continue to dish out bonuses and offers to their loyal slot players as a thank you. If you play slots at a casino site for a long period an online casino is likely to reward you for your patronage. It may come after a month, 6 months or a year but this bonus will come.

  • To keep players using their casino site and slots, a player may receive a bonus of a free deposit amount or free spins. There we have it. After some good times playing slots we are then rewarded with another period of time to enjoy free slots, no deposit. Consider these as bonus funds. They works out for both player and casino.
  • Another bonus for long time slot players is the reload bonus. This acts as a prompt to anyone that has not played slots at a specific online casino for a while. The casino site will send the player an offer, like the ones above such as a free spins bonus to get them playing free slots at their site again.

Whilst this is a great way to get playing some free slots, no deposit again, the pessimists among you may have noticed something important. To get these bonuses, you do actually have to make a deposit. In theory, you have to continuously make a deposit over a long period of time. It will take a while but, technically these offers do provide a way for players to play free slots, no deposit. The key with this method is patience.

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Free spins no deposit bonuses

Now that we have looked at the more popular ways to play free slots, no deposit - which is the best way.

Whilst the loyalty and reload offers are nice and keep players using the slots on your site, they take a long time to activate and require players to deposit a lot of real money to take advantage of these free slots. That kind of removes the entire no deposit part of the equation.

When we look at the no deposit welcome bonuses, these appear to be more in line with what we are looking for. A free no deposit amount is a good offer however, if we look at certain casino site promotions pages we will notice that the amount offered as a free deposit is usually minimal compared to the amount of free spins that sites offer. When it comes to a decision between £10 and 200 free spins, the spins will always add up to more. This makes the limited time that you can play the free slots with a deposit bonus feel a lot longer and more of a slog to get any value.

The reason that free spins no deposit are best for playing free slots is also the way that these spins are implemented within a slot game. The aim of a slot game is to spin the reels and match up symbols across a pay line. Most slot games also include the opportunity for players to win free spins in game. This means that players can use a free spin given by a casino site to win more free spins in games. That way they are prolonging the free spins, no deposit experience.

That makes the free spins no deposit bonus one of the better ways in which to play free spins, no deposit.

60 no deposit free spins

Can I really win real money with free slots?

With all of these ways to play slots with online casino bonus no deposit, sadly there must come a down side. When you play slots at an online casino using a welcome bonus, it is very rare that the casino site will allow you to withdraw the money that you win on these slots.

This goes for both the free deposit bonus and the free spins that you receive for signing up. It stands to reason though as a casino site could lose a lot of money if they did pay out for every win a player receives from a free spin. Some online casinos offer new players up to 200 free spins as a welcome bonus. Could you imagine how much a site would have to pay out if a player was lucky enough to win on a slot on every one of these free spins? The casino would go bankrupt. Whilst it is a bit of a downside for players that they cannot withdraw the money they win with a welcome bonus (until they meet the Terms & Conditions), it is highly understandable from the casino sites point of view.

With the free spin mode on slot games, this is also the case. You need to choose the standard mode on a slot game to actually play for real money. This is fine as the free play mode still fulfils its purpose of giving the players a taste of online slot games. If a player does like the free play mode then it stands to reason that eventually they will try the standard mode and make a deposit.

But think for a minute about what I said about free spins in online slot games. They are useful for all manner of reasons but there is one that you may not have thought of. These can be used to earn more free spins within an online slot game. This is extremely handy to know as the free spins won in the slot games DO pay out. It is a very roundabout way to do this but it is possible to use a free spin from a welcome bonus to win a free spin on a slot game and then win real money.

So, to answer the question, ‘can I win real money with free slots?’ yes, you can. But that all depends on what you consider to be real money. You can work around certain limitations of free slots to win money, but you aren’t going to win the max jackpot or anything like that. You are more likely to win 1x your stake at most from one spin. Therefore you can win on a free slot, but just not that much.

Disclaimer: Remember that to withdraw funds from a no deposit casino bonus, you must first meet all the Terms & Conditions. Unless, if you have opted in for a no deposit bonus, no wagering!

Best Free Slots No Deposit 2021

So, now that we know that you can play free slots, no deposits, what are the ones that you should be playing? When visiting an online casino site for the first time as both a new or existing player, it can be hard to know where to begin. There are so many slot games to choose from and you have a free deposit bonus or a multitude of free spins burning a hole in your pocket. Where do you put them to start playing free slots?

Let me point you in the right direction. Try some of these slot games and see what you can achieve with free slots, no deposit.

  • Gonzo’s Quest No Deposit by NetEnt

This is a slot game from Netent that is an archaeological adventure themed slot that follows the character of Gonzo in his attempt to uncover the mysteries of the ancient Spanish kingdom. The slot game takes place over 5 reels and contains a possible 20 pay lines. To win on one of these pay lines is by matching 3, 4 or 5 of the games symbols on a pay line after a spin. These symbols are made up ancient masks of various colours such as red, blue, purple, orange and grey. The grey mask is the one that you want to match five of as it offers players a max win of 2,500x your own stake. Check it out here.
Alongside these masks are the golden masks that the player needs to match 3 of in a pay line to receive the games free fall bonus. This earns the player 10 free spins and that is why this is a great free slot to play. During these free spins, more symbols will fall including the golden masks. If they match up on a pay line again then you will keep on receiving more free spins. Considering that you are playing with no deposit, there is a chance that you could be playing Gonzo’s Quest for hours without putting in a single penny. Play it now on Thor Slots.

  • Book of Dead Free Spins by Play'n Go

This Play'n Go masterpiece is an Egyptian themed slot game much in the same vein as Gonzo’s Quest only this time you take the role of an Indiana Jones-esque character that is looking through the ruins of ancient Egypt. The slot is comprised of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 possible pay lines and you have the option to play for free as a practice round. You won’t win any money but you get a feel for the slot games. Match any of the card symbols, the mask, the book of dead or Anubis 3, 4 or 5 times on a pay line to win. Book of Dead has an RTP rate of 96% and so it is well worth playing as a free slots, no deposit
What separates Book of Dead from other online slot games is the amount of bonus features that it contains. Land the scatter and you can win 10 free spins. Land the wild symbol and you can win the expanding wild. This is a symbol that stretches across the reels to help fill uncompleted pay lines and earnt he player more free spins. The best way to experience the other features Book of Dead has to offer is by playing it for yourself at sites like Thor slots.

20 Free Spins No Deposit

Other Top-Rated No Deposit Slots

Both of these slot games are perfect for the free slots, no deposit model as it offers the chance for players to win lots of free spins. Also, the free to play option gives players a chance to test out the slot before committing with real money. Even if you don't win any money, you will definitely know whether or not you want to spend more time playing these slots. In fact, I can almost guarantee that these slots will be enjoyed by players both new and old. Give them a try at Thor Slots, where you could also try out:

  • Fluffy Favourites
  • Starburst
  • Rainbow Riches
  • Jimi Hendrix Slot
  • Diamond Strike

1000 no deposit free spins

Demo Slots vs Free slots

There is another way for players to experience free slots when playing at an online casino. There are of course Demo Slots.

A demo slot is released by a slot game developer to showcase a version of one of their new slots. It is a demonstration that is free to play and gives slot players the opportunity to try out the slot game, completely for free.

Developers do this as it is a great way to build up awareness for their online slot game. They put out a small sample for players to try and if they like it, then they will be more likely to make a deposit and play the real slot. For us players, this is a fantastic way to get experience with a slot game and play some free slot without having to make a deposit. If you like the game, then you can continue playing at a casino site. If you don’t, then you have not lost anything by playing the slot.

This is a model that works well for both slot developers and players but there are a few things to consider when discussing them. Firstly, just like free slots, you cannot withdraw the money that you win on a demo slot. Secondly, these demo slots are only available for a limited time. Some will only be available for 3 days, others are only out there for a week.

The worst part though is some of the overall game might be missing from the demo. This can include the free spins bonus or any other bonus rounds. That means the player is cut off just when the slot game is getting most interesting.  Want to experience that bonus round that looked exciting? Sorry, you have to play the full game. It might put the player off entirely or bring them on board. It is a risky play.

Unlike free slots, demo slots are only there to get slot players to play the main game when it is released. They do offer a chance for players to get to grips with the game like free slots. A demo slots main focus is getting players to make a deposit on the real thing. They dangle the carrot as it were. Make sure that you are aware of this when you partake in a demo slot. You could end up disappointed.

Important: Remember that if you play demo slot games on unlicensed casinos, then you could be experiencing a pirated version of the game. This would operate differently from the real slot game, which could end up damaging you in the end!

Terms and conditions with No Deposit Bonuses

As is the case with most things that come free in life, there are certain terms and conditions to consider with free slots, no deposit.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that the legal gambling age is different depending on what country you are in. It does not matter if you are gambling to win money or not. The simple act of gambling is still illegal if you are underage and so that does include playing free slots. Make sure that you look at what country the online casino site you visit is based as the age of consent varies. In the US, you need to be 21, in the UK you need to be 18 and in parts of Europe you need to be 16. It is very easy to get confused by these laws and that is why it is imperative that you check the terms and conditions before you play. Free slots are great but neither you nor the online casino wants to get in trouble for playing them.

Another thing that you might want to be aware of is that not all online casino sites are registered the same. For example, all types of casinos require a bookmaker’s licence in Ireland. Check the terms and conditions as you could get in trouble when partaking in online gambling on casino sites that do not follow the rules. If a site is breaking the law you must report it to commissioners. All money that you win on sites like these will be forfeit.

One more point that I feel needs to be made is one that does not necessarily relate to terms and conditions or the law but is still something that you should bear in mind. Do not be disappointed if an online casino site does not offer a way to play free slots, no deposit as unfortunately not all of them do. Free slots are not mandatory, nor should a casino site be forced to include them. A great casino site like Thor Slots does not offer free slots no deposit but that does not make it a bad site to play slots.

Remember, free slots are a fantastic thing to come across but they aren’t universal. Do not expect every site to carry them and do not put all of your hopes on taking home the max win without making a deposit. Also, always check the terms and conditions when you gamble online and always ensure the casino sites that you visit are doing the same. The rules are there for a reason and gaming activity is regulated to ensure that everyone is safe when playing online slots.

Major Ts & Cs that Apply to No Deposit Slots:

  • Max win from the bonus (usually limited at £20 - £50).
  • Max bet with the bonus (usually 10% of the bonus amount).
  • Wagering requirements attached to the bonus (usually 30x your bonus winnings and over).
  • Expiry date of the no deposit slot bonus (1 - 60 days).
  • Qualifying games that you can play/wager the bonus (only slots usually, with high RTP ones not being included).

It is also important to pay attention to what is required to claim the bonus; usually it will be:

  • Sign up on the site.
  • Registration of a phone number.
  • Confirmation of your email address.
  • Adding a payment method.
  • Verifying your account through the KYC procedure.

Win Cash No Deposits

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, it is possible to play free slots with no deposit. You can do this by utilising a welcome bonus, using free spins, finding free slots or by playing free demo slots. These are all examples of ways to play free slots without players having to physically make a deposit to do so.

However, all of these methods come with their downsides and limitations. Demo slots are only available for a limited time and free spins will run out eventually. But the big issue that most players discover with free slots is that you will rarely manage to win real money with them. Sure, you can find loopholes or ways to win something, but max wins or huge jackpots are usually out of reach with free slots, no deposit.

If you want a slot game experience where you can enjoy spinning reels with no consequences, then free slots, and no deposit is the route that you should take. For those that actually want to win and continue winning real money then this is not a viable method for you. Free slots, no deposit are a good way to sample slot games, get used to online casinos and reward loyal customers but they are not a reliable method of earning money from casinos. Isn’t that what gambling is all about? Not necessarily. If you want to give free slots a try go ahead. You might find a new side to online casinos that you may not have noticed before.

If you want to have a chance at making real money from a slot game (or 800 slots), then why not join Thor Slots? New players can win up to 500 free spins on Vikings go Berzerk, and also get access to weekly tournaments, cashdrop bonuses, free spins bonuses, and so many more perks (Full Ts & Apply)!

No Deposit and Play

Any references to bonuses and free spins are subject to the following terms: New players only, min deposit £10, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250), 65X wagering requirements and full T&Cs apply. Please see our promotions page for more information.