Roulette Strategy

Originally, roulette started out as being a traditional bricks and mortar casino based game which was played by the rich and famous players in stereotypical locations such as Las Vegas. Though there are still opportunities for this to be the case, roulette is now more frequently played as an online casino game, and although players are unable to physically sit at the table, the same strategy for roulette applies. But the ease of having your very own roulette table equivalent in the palm of your hand is very appealing for players all over the world, where players with any bankroll size have the ability to make money with betting being fast, simple and safe to access. Its fast pace is one of the main reasons it is loved so much as a game but it also gives any player the ability to win, no matter how much previous experience they have, but the more strategy roulette players use, the more likely they are to succeed and win at this game when they place their chosen bet.

The casino game of roulette may have been said to have originated in France but it is now a commonly played casino classic all over the world. If we translate the word "roulette" itself, we understand that "small wheel" is the translation and this gives us an immediate insight as to what the game is all about. The roulette wheel is the key to the game along with understanding the betting system, house edge and the strategies roulette can require. To assist your ability to win at playing roulette, commonly used strategy in roulette include the Martingale, Reverse Nightingale, the James Bond, the D'Alembert, or the Fibonacci, though the same betting systems are not required every time you play. Players can increase their chances of winning massively by gaining a more thorough understanding of different roulette strategies to allow them to place a more well-educated bet.

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Common Roulette Strategies

When it comes to considering placing a bet using some of the most well-known roulette wheel strategies, you need a clear understanding of how each strategy works and how it can impact your roulette playing before you consider using it. The Martingale strategy, for example, is one of the most popular techniques used when people play roulette because it uses the technique of increasing the bet every time you lose. The logic behind this strategy is that it hopes that the losing streak will eventually be broken and in turn, the player will win a substantial amount of cash. This double your bet technique is used when there is only a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. Examples of this are placing a bet on high or low, odds or evens, and red or black. The latter is the most common way to use the Martingale system but is by no means the only way, as odds or evens remains hugely popular with this approach too.

As you may expect from the name, the Reverse Martingale is exactly the opposite to the Martingale strategy when it comes to placing bets. This roulette strategy uses the concept of increasing the amount of money placed as the original bet and continuing to double it every time a win occurs. This method is thought to encourage good luck at the roulette table and increase the overall size of the win that can occur for the player in question, and when winnings streaks continue for long periods of time, this can certainly be the case, obviously depending on the size of the original bet. This is a very popular roulette strategy to use because it helps to regulate financial loss due to the amount of money that can be won back in a short period of time.

Commonly compared to the Martingale strategy is that of the Fibonacci due to their large number of similarities and the capacity they both share enabling the player to win big money. It differs due to the fact that it is not determined by whether you had a win or loss in the last round. Although it is a much slower way to potentially increase your winnings due to the fact that it does not rely solely on one round of roulette, it does have a much more variable outcome both to lose more or win bigger than if compared to the Martingale strategy which does need to be taken into consideration. This is a strategy created for players with nerves of steel and should not be played as a long term solution so that large sums of money are not lost in short periods of time when unlucky bets are placed.

Best Roulette Strategies

One of the best roulette strategies is that of the D'Alembert which may have a fancy name but it's actually rather a straightforward betting system to use. If you are looking for a strategy that is safer and enables you to increase your chances of winning then this could be the best roulette strategy for you to use. To use this strategy effectively, bets should only be placed on even numbers on the roulette wheel. This is often used as an alternative to the Martingale strategy with professional players enjoying using it as it gives them a reliable alternative to other roulette betting methods and new players to the popular casino game of roulette enjoying the reliability of this strategy. This is because even if they encounter a loss, a good-sized win can occur fairly quickly.

However, the most well known of the roulette strategies is that of the 007 or James Bond and it is, of course, named after the main man himself. To effectively play roulette using this strategy, two-thirds of the roulette table must be covered before the white ball is thrown on to the roulette wheel. The options are low, middle or high numbers and only one of these groups should be left without a bet on it. The 0 should also be covered. This is not a strategy that requires you to double your bet if you win or lose but will undoubtedly give you a significant chance of being able to win.

What is the Best Bet in Roulette?

The answer to this question will definitely depend on who you ask and to some extent, will also depend on how much luck a player has had on winning with a specific bet. For some players, specific numbers have been lucky for them in the past and therefore they also consider them to be the best bets to place their money on for in the future. In this respect, there is no particular roulette strategy used but it is a personal strategy used for the player which will often be variable in its success but is not a recommended casino system. You will find that professional roulette players never base their previous success on a particular number as they remove their personal significance from their roulette games. The only number, or numbers, (depending on the style of roulette you are playing) that is the anomaly to this rule is that of the 0 or 00. If you place a bet on this number and are fortunate enough to win on the only green number on the entire roulette wheel, then you will win yourself a substantial 35:1 payout. This bet is most commonly forgotten about in the casino but, along with any other single number, can give you the biggest win on the casino roulette table. Though small, it should not be overlooked as this is one of the casino games best bets.

Depending on what your definition of "best bet" is, many people consider the best bet to be that which is more likely to guarantee a win at all or more frequently as opposed to being able to give the opportunity for the largest win. As the frequency of winning is sometimes higher with certain bets, it is possible to win more money placing a bet on 50/50 style casino bets than a specific single number that may entitle you to a bigger single win. In this instance, many players, especially players who do not play roulette frequently, prefer to use betting systems such as the red or black, high or low numbers, and odds or evens so that they always have a 50/50 chance of winning when they place a bet. This is not a roulette strategy that would suit every player and is certainly not a roulette strategy that would be particularly profitable for professional roulette players, but it is a more reliable strategy for people who do not have a significant understanding of the roulette house edge, the wider roulette system or an alternative roulette strategy that may assist them in their casino betting technique. This comes with time, experience and knowledge of the game.

Playing and Winning at Online Roulette

Players around the world enjoy the modern variation of roulette because of its ease of access and the speed at which it can be played. Online roulette can be played from any location that a player fancies and at the time that a player finds convenient. This means that it has hugely increased the accessibility to the game and has even enabled people who live in countries where roulette is not accessible to still be able to play one of the most well-loved casino games around. Many of the best casinos in the world now offer online roulette as an option for their worldwide players so that they can continue placing their place from any given location in an attempt to win significant amounts of cash.

Placing bets on online roulette sites such as Viking Casino and Thor Slots draw in huge crowds as they love that they are able to place a be and be in with a chance on winning a cash prize from the comfort of their own home without having to visit a traditional brick and mortar casino for the privilege of playing this game. Roulette games, whether they are played online, in a casino or even on Live casino, all function in the same way when it comes to the rules of the game and the ways in which winning can occur. Bets are also placed in the same way but there are more options as to the monetary value of chips when it comes to online roulette playing as they want to cater for larger numbers of players, but the strategy that is used by these players is still used when they are playing roulette. The most up to date and immersive variation of casino roulette betting is that of Live casino which is offered by a huge array of online casino sites. Betting is fast, croupiers can be seen, heard and communicated with, and the roulette strategy of your choice can be played out right before your eyes. Other than the fact that you aren't physically sitting in the casino, you would be amazed at how real this roulette system is! Roulette, as mobile slots, can also be accessed nowadays from your mobile device. To learn more click above.

Online Roulette Strategy

Using your chosen roulette strategy, bets can be placed easily when playing online roulette because the roulette systems the same as playing in a casino. The roulette strategy used can determine whether a player wins or makes a loss but there are other factors that come into playing roulette, such as luck to some degree and the RNG when playing roulette online. There is no guaranteed way of being able to win or make money when playing roulette or online roulette but having a greater understanding of different roulette strategy that can be used is hugely advantageous to players which should be done before they place their bet. The main thing you will notice a big difference when playing on the online variation of this casino classic is the lack of croupier but that is because they are not needed for the roulette wheel to spin or for the famous little white ball to start rolling. Instead, outside bets are placed and it is the RNG, or Random Number Generator, that determines a winning or losing bet. The RNG actually knows whether each bet will be successful or not before the player does, but only after all betting has occurred. The real pro of the RNG is that it prevents any cheating from occurring which not only protects the players but also the online casino as well.

A roulette strategy of any preference can be used by players even though they are placing bets online, but due to the RNG, they must be aware that there is absolutely no way that they are able to guarantee a bet winning. This helps the house edge to remain viable but also gives players the chance to test out a different roulette strategy when they are betting on different roulette systems, as online games have slightly different house edges. Usually, players use a different roulette strategy if they have not had a significant win for a while as they want to test out a different strategy to see if they have better luck placing a bet in a different way. This is not an uncommon way to play, with many players looking to change the odds in their favour as much as possible by varying roulette strategy until they find a winning combination for them to continue placing bets.

How to Win at Roulette Online

Before you start to play roulette and certainly before you place a single bet, you should read into different roulette strategy that could assist you with the decisions that you make at your roulette game of choice. Not only can you look at helpful roulette strategy but you can also look into different ways of being able to place a bet and the way that betting techniques can impact your wider game playing, including your chances of winning. It makes no differences whether you are a professional roulette play or you are just starting out, having plenty of information at your fingertips regarding roulette strategy types and betting methods is always useful. It is also good to be also to have different bet methods to be able to compare so that you have a backup method if one particular strategy does not seem to be working for you during a game.

You can also increase your ability to be able to win when playing roulette if you can find roulette games that enable you to take advantage of being able to place minimum bets but games that give you the chance to win and withdraw the maximum amount. Not only does this increase your personal protection but also your financial protection because it increases the length of time you can play for and therefore will ensure that you are able to place more bets. To do this, you can watch roulette videos and tutorials online or read up about roulette playing in general so that you understand more about increasing bet levels, what your starting bet should be and will also help you to win more money on the betting you do.

Most crucially when looking for ways to win is being able to tell the difference between American roulette and European roulette, both of which are commonly found online. If you have the option, choose European because the odds are better which means that single number wins have a higher chance of being able to occur and you will win more money when they do. European roulette also has one less number as there are 37 numbers in play, not 38, so placing a bet here is less risky.

Before Playing Roulette

Before you ever start placing your first bet, you should always ensure that you have created a bankroll. Not only does this protect you from spending money that you are unable to afford to lose, but it will also help to prevent you from getting any sort of gambling addiction. Irrelevant to what type of roulette strategy you decide to use when playing this hugely popular, classic game, you want to be protected and fully in control, and setting yourself a bankroll is the best way to do so. You should never rely on any potential winnings either. As an alternative to setting a bankroll, many high rollers or professional players who are playing for high stakes and who do not have an issue with cash flow choose instead to limit their play with a time limit. This is a great alternative for players who do not need to concern themselves with the financial aspect but everyone still needs to be protected against addiction.

Roulette Alternative?

Many people who love playing roulette also love to play slot games too and there are plenty of free slots games for you to take a look at over on the Thor Slots site. If you are looking for an alternative to roulette playing or want a break from placing another bet on the roulette wheel, then take a look at the wide array of free casino slot games for fun that Viking Casino and Thor Slots have on offer. They are hugely enticing, have great aesthetics and there are slot promotions to suit everyone. Created by many of the biggest games developers in the world, there are free slots no deposit available with different themes, bonus features and chart-topping slots games for you to try out. What will you play today? With the world of online gaming growing at such a rapid rate, there is so much for you to choose from that you won't know where to start so whether you fancy playing roulette today or want to mix things up a bit and hit the free slots, it's completely up to you. Either way, we know you will have a great deal of fun as long as you play safe!

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