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Slot Bonuses & Extra Features Explained

Slot Bonuses & Extra Features Explained

There has never been a better time to be playing online slots games. Available on your phone, on your tablet and on your desktop, there are so many ways to play and so many ways to win when it comes to online slot games and video slot machines. The standard of the game available right now is wonderfully high, as developers are doing their very most to provide what are all action, 3D graphic and well-animated experiences. As well as looking better than ever before, with graphics once unimaginable for a slot game, they are improving in terms of their attention to detail and depth of gameplay, too. Bonus games and features are now regular components of the modern online slot game and for many online gamblers, it is these bonus features, mini-games and more that provide the biggest appeal.

There are all sorts of themes of slot games out there and the best titles will be able able to weave this theme effortlessly into gameplay, with theme relevant bonus modes and features to work with. These bonuses can come in many forms, too, making every slot game different from the last. It is this extensive selection of games, all offering different things, which has helped the online slot game scene so quickly and organically. From underwater spectacles to out of space adventures, Ancient Egyptian tombs to zombie apocalypses, a slot game can truly take you anywhere and along the way, the settings and narratives of such themed are often finely tied together with the bonus modes in question. But first, what kind of bonus features will you come across when spinning reels of online slots games and what constitutes a bonus anyway? Check some slots with bonuses below.

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What is a bonus feature in a slot game?

Typically, a bonus feature in an online slot game would be any feature that takes the player away from the standard gameplay of the game. For example, triggering a bonus mode might result in increased multipliers, expanding wild symbols or even a completely different set of reels or a whole different game being offered to the player.

Free spins features

Some common examples of bonus features include the likes of a free spins round. This is arguably the most common feature that you will find used in various online slot games across the web. A free spins round is like a bonus set of spins that do not require any additional bets from the player to use. Furthermore, the best free spins rounds will also come with extra bonuses. For example, some titles will offer multiplier bonuses during a free spins round, meaning that anyway wins gained using a free spin will win you more money than usual. Better still, although some games will limit the number of free spins you can give at any one time, some will allow you to win more free spins using your free spins to do so. When you add in extra factors like the potential of a multiplier or extra wilds on the reels during these free spins, you start to realise why bonus features and extras like these are so beloved.

How to trigger a bonus feature

Every bonus feature and every game is different, so there is no one way to trigger a bonus feature in an online slot game. That said, one common way of triggering a slot game is to land the relevant bonus symbols. These are quite often the wild symbols or scatter symbols of the game and, again, depending on the bonus and the game that you are playing, the more relevant symbols you land the more effective your bonus feature might be.

Slot games with bonus games and features

As the inclusion of bonus games and features is such a big part of the slot game experience in the modern online casino, we thought we better provide some examples of slot games with great bonus features. Ranging in themes, the below slot games either have bonuses that are completely unique to their theme or perhaps, they simply offer an abundance of bonus features to the extent that they become integral to the gameplay. First off, we start with a classic series of slot games that veterans of the online slot will know all about already.

Rainbow Riches: Pick n Mix Casino Slot

Rainbow Riches has to be regarded as one of the most iconic slot game titles that there ever was or ever will be. More of a series rather than being just one slot game, the original Rainbow Riches title can be enjoyed offline in pubs and bars even to this very day. Naturally, though, Barcrest’s invention of this popular Irish themed slot game has evolved into various games and as far as bonus features go, they do not get much better than Rainbow Riches: Pick n Mix. The game is called Pick n Mix because of the amazing variety of bonus features on offer. From mini-games where you pick your prize to free spins rounds and everywhere in between, this is a who’s who of slot game bonuses.

Foxin Wins 

This is one of the best slot games with one of the most unique themes you will ever find, as Foxin Wins centres it’s narrative around a rather wealthy fox. He welcomes you into his not so humble abode for a slot game that has various symbols of riches and luxury on the reels. The game is good fun and has a great sense of humour. But best of all, in our opinion at least, is the random bonus feature that comes into play when you’re least expecting it. The random bonus is a bonus that does not need triggering, it simply happens at random. And random is very much the word for this bonus that sees an off-theme leprechaun enter the screen, only to be picked up, tipped upside down and emptied of gold coins by the aforementioned fox. You keep the coins for your kitty.

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