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A look into the Pioneers behind Slot Games

A look into the Pioneers behind Slot Games

What makes a slot game developer stand out 

The world of free slots games is absolutely thriving right now, with more games than ever being out there to choose from.

For fans of online gambling or maybe just avid free slot games spinners, there has never been a more exciting time to spin reels online as the once humble fruit machine has evolved into a whole different beast online today. The online slot game is now a video slot, a 3D adventure that can come in many shapes and sizes, with various themes and varying payouts and lay outs.

The slot game is something of a sensation amongst those gambling online and when you take a look around the web right now, navigating online casino sites, it is not hard to see why the format has become so popular in recent years. But who is behind this recent surge in the popularity and creation of online slot games? Well, quite simply, there is no one way to answer that question. The rise of smartphones has certainly played a huge role, with gambling on mobile devices now being the most obvious way to bet online for some.

But again, who is to thank for this mobile functionality? Well, the people behind the rise of the slot game and the smartphone slot game has to be, of course, the developers of such titles. They can often be the unsung heroes to some extent, what with their reels, characters and even the online casinos lapping up much of the glory, but without the online slot game developers there would quite simply be no online slot games at all.

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What is a slot game developer?

A slot game developer, as mentioned, is an incredibly important part of the modern online gambling industry. These brands and companies and people are the ones who create the very slots gamers before us. They are the ones who come with elaborate and ambitious themes, before carrying them out in style across various platforms and layouts.

Slot game developers work tirelessly it seems, creating and developing games for online casino brands to pick up and use, connecting them with the gamers who love them so much. And there are so many developers out there in the online slot game community which we will soon tell you about. Ranging from names that may sound familiar to more obscure brands, there are plenty out there to find and learn about.

Why is it important to know about slot game developers before you start playing?

Knowing about slot game developers is actually a rather important part of gaming with online slots. As any good online slot game review will show you, developers always have a key role to play and the chances are that, if you like one or two games from a developer, you might just like their whole catalogue.

On this basis alone, it is hugely important to know about slot game developers. With so many online slot games to choose form in today’s online casino industry, it will save you time and energy when you pick a developer and then choose your game from there. You know what to expect with certain developers and this will help you get used to games quickly and hopefully, set you up for some smart betting and decent sized wins.

That said, you should never feel as if you have to stick to just one slot game developer. Doing so would almost be a waste of the vast amounts of talents are that are to be found within the slot game world. All of these brands bring their own style and uniqueness to each game they have worked on, so do be sure to pick one or two of your favourite brands to play with.

What makes a slot game developer stand out?

When it comes to looking at online slot games, each stands out for different reasons. You might get used to certain attributes of certain slot games, or perhaps you love the graphics that one developer constantly offers. In this section we will look at what makes developers stand out, starting with just that, the graphics.

Casino Games Graphics

As we now see more and more 3D video slots, to the point where glitzy and glamorous graphics are now becoming the norm, it is hugely important that developers of online slot games can keep up with the times. Graphics are probably the first thing that catches the eye of the modern online slot gambler as they navigate websites and look for thumbnail of a game that really stands out.

Graphics are what tie the slot game together and without them it would be a very different and perhaps very boring game, indeed, so good graphics and visuals are one thing to look out for in a slot developer.

Slot Games Bonus features

Another aspect of slot game developers’ work to look out for would be the amount of bonus features that they regularly offer or, perhaps more so, the kinds of bonus offers that on offer from certain developers.

Some developers are set in their ways about what slot game bonus rounds and extra features they offer, while some are more fluid. The likes of High 5 Gaming, as an example, have a Mega Bet feature that they like to offer in many of their games and this unique bonus, exclusive to the developer in question, has become a trait of the brand. So it certainly pays off to know what bonus features are on offer.

Smartphone Accessibility on Casino Games

Now, this is something of a given for most online slot games these days as almost all newly released slot games are fully functional on smartphone devices. However, perhaps the issue here should be that developers would stand out for the wrong reasons if their games are not smartphone functional.

Fully optimised slot games for smartphones are not hard to find and, aligned with the phenomenal rise of smartphone users, are a huge reason for the success of this subgenre of online gambling. You can be assured that all of the top developers that we recommend are well adept and well versed in creating slot games that work across all major platforms. So not only will they work on mobile and desktops, but across tablets as well.

Best 5 Slot Game Developers today

As you can tell already, developers are hugely influential when it comes to the world of online slot games. Just like how there are so many slot games to choose from and so many online casinos to pick from as well, there are also a wide range of online slot game developers out there as well. So, in the hope of narrowing down your selection and saving yourself a bit of time when it comes to choosing an online slot, we have for you here 5 of the best developers of online slot games.

In our list we have a classic name that has been around for as long as the genre, as well as brand that has rebranded the online slot game as we now know it through amazingly high levels of graphics that were thought to be impossible but a few years ago. We combine new names with old ones and classic slots with ambitious, unbelievable ones as we navigate this list of the best 5 developers. We start off with possibly the most well known developer of the lot, which you can also access through a Thor pay by mobile casino deposit today!


If you have ever played an online slot game online, even just a handful of times, there is a high chance that the name of this online slot game developer has appeared on your desktop, tablet or smartphone screen once or twice. For Microgaming is the most prolific and consistent online slot game developer of the lot.

Every week they release a new slot game and it feels as if it has been this way since the format first appeared online in the first place. With some classic titles in their collection, dating back to the early 2000s, Microgaming is a household name and not without good reason. Great themes, simple gameplay and smartphone functionality is the norm with this legendary developer of online slot games.

Top Slot Game Developers


Yggdrasil are the brand who gave online slot games something of a facelift. This insanely talented developer must have some of the most creative and skilled minds in the entire gambling industry on it’s payroll, as their games always have the best graphics and most slick animations.

The result of this obvious dedication to great visuals is a loyal fanbase of slot game players that will probably only ever play Yggdrasil titles. For, once you play a few Yggdrasil games and realise how consistent they are with their top class graphics, it can be hard to step back down to other games. In their amazing selection of games you will notice quite a few penguins, because it turns out Yggdrasil have a knack for creating really good and well humoured titles that use these little guys to drive the narrative. Check out Penguin City if you like the sound of Yggdrasil.

NextGen Gaming

Now this is a developer who have prove themselves to be incredibly diverse.

In many ways, NextGen Gaming embodies the online slot game industry as a whole, creating a wide range of games that vary in themes, looks, layouts and payouts. NextGen are prolific to the very extent of the word, getting several new games out every month and making them all of a certain standard. While they may range in context and contents, you can always expect a high standard of game and this is to the credit of their staff.

They work with all the best online casinos and as such, you cannot escape the effect that this developer is having on online slots.

Leander Games

This has to be considered as one of the best developers of online slot games out there today. Quite simply, Leander Games have provided time and time again that they can make some of the most technologically advanced and visually pleasing slot games of all time. They never seem to be phased by a theme or task, pulling off some wildly ambitious games with style and grace as they create game after game.

Leander Games are not as well known as the likes of Microgaming, but they have not been around for nearly as much time, either. The developer is constantly working though, regularly releasing slots and building this great reputation amongst those who already know about the strength of the brand.

Leander Games are colourful and vibrant, plus you ca expect them to take on some very original themes that you may not expect from some of the more well known brands out there. Leander are known for not only their quirky take on slots, but also their ability to bring great graphics to all platforms. Despite going all out with 3D graphics and video slot machines that are filled with unique animations, the experience does not alter from screen to screen. Whether you are playing on tablet, desktop or phone, you can expect the same amazing look from a Leander developed online slot game.


The importance of Barcrest in the online slot game community can be explained every simply. Only two words are really needed in many ways, as ‘Rainbow Riches’ is the direct impact that this instrumental developer of gambling games has had. Both online and offline, Barcrest have been making games for years and years and their most famous game, the earlier mentioned Irish themed slot game that is Rainbow Riches, existed offline before it became the online hit that it is today.

Barcest games are classic but timeless, and the evolution of the series that is Rainbow Riches proves this well. There are so many versions and sequels of this iconic game now, ranging in bonuses, layouts and jackpot sizes. Barcrest may be an older name but you really cannot beat the classics sometimes, do no not forget about them!

If you feel like playing their games, come on Thor Slots and go through our slot game variety, which is over 500; you can also check out our welcome offer to get bonus spins for your favourite slots.