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Is There a Roulette Approach that Works?

Roulette Strategy

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We all love to play Roulette wheel, in fact, it is one of the most popular casino games in the world. But with any popular game, Roulette strategies are one of the most calculated and talked about concepts. What we want to know is; how much is really true or really that useful to us when we are playing Roulette itself? Is there a specific Roulette strategy that we should always use and are their Roulette strategies that we should keep away from?

As with any game, the more we know about Roulette before we start to play, the more prepared we are and the more we can gain through having better knowledge about the game before we start to place our bets on the table! The famous saying of “Knowledge is power” still applies even when we are referring to playing Roulette.

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Always Set a Roulette Bankroll

Before you start playing your next game of Roulette, it is always advised to set up a bankroll for yourself. This is almost a Roulette strategy in itself and though not specific to Roulette itself, it is something you should do before gambling or gaming in any way. This will protect you from becoming addicted and will stop you from spending more money than you can afford to do.

What you need to do is to credit your online account with the maximum amount of money that you intend to spend on that one time playing Roulette. This is money that you should be able to afford to lose. Once this money has gone, you must never increase your bankroll. Alternatively, if money is no object, you can set a time limit for yourself instead.

You must apply this on freeslots gaming too!

Either/Or Roulette Bets Increase Odds

Choosing whether to play American Roulette or European Roulette (if you have the choice) is definitely a Roulette strategy you should always take into consideration because of the odds. The best odds in any Roulette game are the even bets. These are the red/black, odds/evens, and low/high bets. A simple but one of the most effective Roulette strategies can be whether you place your bet here on the American or European Roulette table.

This is because there is one more number in play slot games or on the American Roulette table, the 00, so the percentage of winning is slightly less at 47.4%, compared to the European roulette outcome of 48.6%. It will never be solely 50/50 due to the House Edge of this game usually being around 5%. But as placing bets go and effective Roulette strategies, this either/or strategy will never earn you your millions unless you are playing with the big bucks in the first place, but it is the safest bet you can place in this game.

RNG and Roulette Strategy

Did you know that the pay by mobile slots casino game of Roulette is controlled by the same type of RNG that controls a slot machine? Not many people know this and think that this popular casino game is just luck. Though luck does come into it and there is still some for or Roulette strategy require, especially when it comes down to understanding the types of bets you can or should place, this is not a game that you have a great deal of control over.

You have control over how much you place as a bet and therefore how much you can potentially lose. But the Random Number Generator dictates whether a win is going to occur through a computer-generated code. Is this part of a Roulette strategy or more knowledge to help you make better decisions?

Roulette Strategies and Superstition

Interestingly, Roulette strategies and superstitions seem to go hand in hand, as superstitions do with so many casino games. It is often thought that a big win occurring on a specific day, time or in a certain place, is lucky, so a player should aim to repeat these for the same happenings to repeat themselves. Just for the record; this is not a Roulette strategy! This is nonsense.

As you have just discovered that Roulette strategy is minimal, but luck and the Random Number Generator play a large role in your success of this game, being superstitious about wins, is about as unhelpful as you can possibly get. So, don’t waste your time on Roulette strategies that aren't strategies at all!