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How to Pay by Phone Bill an Play on a Mobile Casino


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The more options there are for online gaming, the more we can play! This is exactly where the pay by phone bill slots and casino comes in to play because this opens up a whole new array of options for us so that we can play more as we move around. The mobile casino has been a huge hit but why has this been the case with so many players to make this the number one way to play phone slots today?

So if you don’t already know how to make a deposit by mobile casino, this blog post will help you to discover how to make this your new favourite way of doing so and educate you as to the reasons why it is the best way to do so.

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Mobile Casino Popularity

The mobile casino has increased in popularity due to the ease of which it can be accessed. This came around due to the internet when gaming and casino freeslots use went online and we no longer needed to wait to only be able to play our favourite casinos in their traditional format. A mobile casino became popular because it enabled players to continue with their favourite casino games when they were on the move.

They did not have to pause their games and this also increased their potential to be able to win big jackpot prizes because they increased their playtime too. The outreach of the number of players increased with so many more players being able to participate so as long as you had an internet connection and a Smartphone, you could participate. What was not to love when you could deposit by mobile casino and play in any location at any time you chose!

Pay by Phone Slots

As you may be aware already, phone slots are the most popular mobile casino slot games to play by far. As this was the case early on, the games developers and online casinos wanted to make sure that players had a fast, safe and secure way of making a deposit by mobile casino. In order to do this, they created as many varieties of online payment methods so that their gamers could pick the option that worked best for them.

The majority of players initially chose PayPal because this meant that they did not have to remember a number, password or find their bank card to be able to debit their account with credit in order to pay. This was a positive for many players as the less time their personal data was entered into the ether, the less at risk they felt to hackers. But PayPal is not the only top payment option any longer.

Pay by Mobile Casino Option

For many players, the newer payment method of pay by mobile casino is favoured highly because there is no need for any passwords, bank details or any personal data to be entered. This means that play can still take place from any location and at any time but the safety of a player is much higher. This has been a huge selling point for many players and many mobile casino slot games.

Simple but effective, a player just texts their chosen online casino, such as the Thor Slots site with the amount they would like to have deposited in their account as credit and then this will be added to their phone bill at the end of the month. This type of mobile casino is known as a deposit by mobile casino.

Specifics on how to Deposit on a Mobile Casino

Using a deposit by mobile casino is one of the safest and fastest ways of using a mobile casino. This is because no personal data is used to transfer money into an account online as credit. Once a player has text the amount they would like to deposit, it appears in their online casino account within seconds for play to commence almost immediately.

Limits can be arranged with the telephone company so that no sort of unexpectedly large phone bills arise at the end of the month and this method of payment leaves players subject to not being able to be hacked by online predators. This is why the pay by mobile casino is the new favourite method of mobile casino when playing phone slots.