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Free Spins No Deposit

Now has never been a better time to find free slots without deposit in the UK, there are hundreds if not thousands of sites out there offering quite a range of hit titles for you to jump head first into! No deposit games are fantastic in letting you play a wide range of slot games completely free of charge. Some use these free slots games as practice, others just for fun.

We get it, finding the best free slots out there can be a difficult task indeed, especially if you’re new to the online gaming industry and there is just so much to choose from. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. Consider us a guide of sorts, pointing you in the right direction. Below you’ll find some of the best free slots out right now, all can be found across various reputable UK casino sites, enjoy! 

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Dragon Lore - Action Slots UK

Ever wondered what life might be like as a noble knight? Check out Dragon Lore slot games free, an adventure of epic proportions. This five reel game is chocked full of interesting features and symbols that rival some of the industries heaviest hitters. It’s here you’ll be battling for huge wins alongside brave knights and beautiful princesses.

Fetaures in Dragon Lore are quite varied to say the least. Be sure to slay the dragon symbol as often as possible, this is the wild icon here. Wilds will appear on reels two, three and four exclusively, substituting for all symbols except for the scatter. So as you can see, plenty to uncover in Dragon Lore, go storm the castle!

No Deposit Animal Slots: Silver Lion

In nature there is always going to be an alpha male, you just never expected it to be so majestic — we are of course talking about the Silver Lion free slots no deposit bonus game. Fans of The Lion King and various nature documentaries will no doubt flock to this one, it has a certain aura to it that you just don’t get in other free slot games (might have something to do with all the big cats you’ll find on the reels).

One can play up to 50 lines in Silver Lion which does pose a challenge to punters wanting something with a bit of variation. Arguably the best thing about Silver Lion is the stacked symbol multipliers which take the shape of the bengal tiger and Silver Lion himself. These are symbols that offer massive boosts to scores if found out in the open.

Go Bingo - No Deposit bingo games

Fancy a cheeky take on the game of bingo? Go Bingo is not a bingo game, we should get that out there first and foremost before we break this one down a little. Go Bingo is actually quite a swifty little video slot that comes with up to 35 lines and utilises a lot of bright and striking colours for you to marvel at. If you’re looking to play a different kind of free slot, then this is the one for you.

Up to 10 free spins can be won when matching scatters on select reels. Outside of free spins you have all your classic features such as the infamous wild. Wilds will appear on any reel and will cause symbols to sub out, replacing them with a potential win in some cases. Symbols in this free slot are incredibly amusing too, always a good thing to have.

Halloween Thrills Slots UK

Who says you can only play Halloween games on October 31st? Not us that’s for sure. Say hello to Halloween Thrills, a spooky yet rewarding free slot game that is sure to get your ghoulies in a twist. On the reels you’ll find all your classic symbols: black cats, toothy vampires, creepy dolls and bony skeletons to name but a few.

The trick or treat bonus round is one to get excited about, the same goes for the various wild multipliers you see, represented by the falling guillotine symbol. Did you know that you can win up to 39 free spins from matching the black cat scatters you see leering every now and again?

Last Notes on 2021 Slots UK No Deposit

There you have it, did you find anything worth checking out? Most reputable UK casino sites will offer various free slots that are just as good as our picks here. Everyone will have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to the slots they play, so if none here catch your eye know that there are plenty of quality free slots out there that require no deposit in the UK.