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Free Online Slot Games With No Downloading

Slots No Download

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Isn’t it irritating when a game doesn’t come already finished?

You spend so much time investing in a game and thinking you’ve done all there is to do, only for there to be an expensive DLC that could have been put in the game to begin with. You’ll probably end up getting it anyway, but you won’t be happy about it.

Well the same annoyance could be transferred to freeslots games. Nobody wants to have to pay more money on top of their initial deposit for extra content. You’re supposed to be making the money back, not sinking more of it into the game unnecessarily.

As luck would have it there’s a whole host of free online slot games with no downloads to choose from. Thor Slots have picked some of the best for you to sink your teeth into.

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El Jackpotto – Blueprint Gaming

What’s better than seeing a Mexican man live his dream of being a burrito salesman by day and a professional wrestler by night? Luckily for Senor Burrito, he never has to ask ‘what if?’

As well as being a free slot game with no downloads, El Jackpotto is a beautifully designed slot from Blueprint Gaming. It’s more of a hidden gem compared to some of the more prominent slot games that you’re likely to come across in online casinos, which adds to its mystique.

It also helps that it comes absolutely packed with in-game bonus features that make the hours fly by. If you yourself can’t become the Ultimate Luchador Champion, the least you could do is help Senor Burrito achieve his dream. Learn more on slot games features here!

Wheel of Fortune – IGT

Whether your’re a fan of the US version, or Bradley Walsh’s effort in the UK, Wheel of Fortune is a great show which has been brilliantly replicated by IGT in slot game format.

When compared to other video slots, Wheel of Fortune has a more unorthodox layout. There are 5 reels, with the two outside reels having 3 rows, the next – 4, and the central one – 5. This setup forms something which resembles a diamond which makes it stand out from traditional slot games which mostly utilise a more common 5 reel setup.

If you decide to eventually play for real money on this pay by mobile casino game, there’s a couple of cool elements things to look out for. One unique feature is that Wheel of Fortune’s paylines pay both ways, which is a big plus for real-money players. There are also two separate bonus games. There are chances to win 2000x your original stake, and with a maximum payout of over £7m.

Fluffy Favourites – Eyecon

Easy to play and with ridiculously cute characters that come as part of the game, rather than an add on you have to pay for. There’s a lot to like about this online slot. Eyecon have clearly spent a lot of time putting fine details into the game. As a result the cuddly characters are well designed and they enhance the overall playing experience.

The actual gameplay looks the part as well. Fluffy Favourites comes with only two bonus features – one of which is a classic pick ‘em up feature and the other is just a mechanic to reward you with free spins.

It’s a great game to play for both inexperienced players easing their way into the online casino world, and for seasoned veterans who want to play something fun to pass the time.

It’s sequel games Fluffy Favourites Fairground and Fluffy Favourites Fairground Jackpot are both great games as well, but sometimes you can’t beat the original.

Starburst – NetEnt

Starburst was one of the best online slot games when it was first released almost a decade ago, and Starburst is still one of the best online slot games around. Class is permanent.

This slot games simplicity has been the key to its incredible longevity. Press spin, match the gems, and hopefully claim your winnings. Even with the vast amounts of competition its had to face over the years, there’s a reason that Starburst has remained at the pinnacle of online slot games.

It’s simple to play and it pays out regularly. It kills time, and you can have fun while you do it. All in all it ticks a lot of boxes.

Last Notes on No Download Slots

We understand the aversion to in game downloads – we’re not all made of money. Luckily these alternatives, as well as thousands more, will help to scratch the itch without taking too much money out of your pockets.