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Creating a Roulette Wheel

Roulette Wheel - How is it built?

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People have been enjoying the roulette wheel since the late 18th century. This means the game. Even it is not one of the new casino games that people play now online, like free slots. Even though today it possible to play online roulette in casinos like thor slots, the physical version is much in use and contains a very complex mechanism. The roulette wheel was invented in France, but it soon found its way to other parts of Europe, and eventually, the US. However, the mechanism behind the making of the roulette wheel dates way further than when the game was invented. The mechanism is specifically attributed to Blaise Pascal, who attempted to create a perpetual motion machine 150 years before.

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1. Roulette wheel making materials

Just like in the days of their early creation, most roulette wheel frames are still made from wood. This material is both reliable and makes the wheel look vintage and classy. The wood used for the production is polished to provide a smooth and shiny look. The most common polished wood used for making roulette wheels is the mahogany.  The other segment of the roulette wheel where the action happens is created from metal, and then there is a metal handle and some metal parts that separate each of the wheel's numbered fields.

2. Roulette wheel size regulations

According to standard casino regulations, all roulette wheels must be 80cm (32 inches) in diameter. An average roulette wheel should weigh around 45kg (100 pounds). Roulettes are of different versions, so depending on the one you're playing, there can be a varying number of pockets. French and European roulettes each have 37 pockets for numbers 1 to 36, and a 0. For American roulette, you can expect something similar but with an extra double zero to the wheel.

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3. The Production Process

Once the wooden frame is created, the next step will be sandblasting,  polishing, and then painting. For the most part, the roulette wheel will keep its wooden texture, but sometimes, the sides and edges of the wheel are painted black. The metal wheel is then put in place with figures, put accordingly to their positions. While the number positions may look random, they are actually set in a specific order that ensures balance. Next, the divider pockets are put on top of each number so that the ball will only stop at one figure at a time. Finally, the handle is chosen and installed in the middle of the wheel.

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4. Roulette wheel testing

After the wheel is made, it must go through testing. The purpose of this is to ensure that the wheel spins smoothly and also spot any irregularities on it. All pockets are measured to ensure they each have equal space between them.

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Are there Rigged Roulette Wheels?

Yes, indeed, there are rigged wheels. Some shady casinos do what they can to ensure that the house is always getting the total edge over the customers and that players only get minimal winning outcomes. These are either created with a set of magnets that can doctor approximately where the ball will land or by a tiny pin that pops out once the croupier presses the button beneath the table.

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Final Thoughts

If you're in the mood for some DIY,  you can try your hands on creating your own roulette wheel. Although you can play online roulette on Thor Slots Casino, where you can qualify to free play slot games when you sign up and deposit £10!

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