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Facebook Casino Games

Facebook, a social media platform that practically everyone on the planet uses, home to information and all kinds of entertainment - including free gaming which covers everything from slots to poker! Social media is always trying new things to attract players from all walks of life (especially Facebook), so this was inevitable when you think about it. These slots/casino offerings are 100% free too by the way, simply log in and play or create an account.

Today we'll be helping players better understand the purpose of Facebook slot machines, and other gambling-based games like this on the platform. Most players out there don't realise that they aren't limited to just log in or create posts anymore on Facebook, and that they actually have a library full of unique Facebook casino games and free to play slot games online, which are often tied directly to the gambling industry.

Disclaimer: Facebook slot games have free and premium features that do not reward real cash. For true variety of free casino games that can reward real money - sign up on Thor Slots Casino in 2021.

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Can you Play Slot Games on Facebook?

Facebook has certainly come a very long way from being just a social media phenomenon. The original purpose of the page was always to connect people, which is exactly what the gaming industry does too - hence why these games made an easy transition from one online page to the other. Facebook slots have been riding the wave of trends for the better part of a year or so now, with no signs of slowing down.

The page see actions taken by a number of other industries and have put their own spin on things. For example, you don't play for real money, you play for coins the Facebook slot games. All these quirky social slots still come with the odd bonus, or two like wilds, scatters and bonus games. It can be a bit jarring at first, going from seeing someone's profile picture or what they like/liked, to then playing Facebook slots, but you'll get used to it.

Online platforms everywhere are incorporating classic casino games, giving users/players the opportunity to take a break from all the news they're digesting to take a little break on the site. The advancements in technology allow you to play across multiple devices too, just as long as you have the Facebook app installed. You will need to be online and be signed in to your Facebook account to play. Remember, the slots/casino fun you see are all free.

Mobile is a great option in general for free play slots and other casino gaming titles, as some of the more popular offerings borrow a lot from hit app store titles, the same titles that essentially borrowed classic fruit slot machine gameplay and reincorporated it for handheld devices. You can play these gaming slots at a time suitable to you, which has always been the appeal of mobile no matter where you get your entertainment from.

Best Free Facebook Games in 2021

Facebook is not a place to only manage and post content, they are actually home to quite a few classic gambling options depending on what your preference is. Is it time you checked out these readily available top Facebook slot and casino games for 2021? We think so. Forget everything you know about the purpose of a page like Facebook and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the following casino games:

#1 Jackie's Treasure

Ahoy pirate fans, and say hello to Jackie's Treasure, a 5x3 Facebook slot that lets you high-tail it to the seven seas with every spin! Clearly based on well known swashbuckling media, Jackie's Treasure is the sort of real gambling experience you might see on other casino sites given the extravagant colours and music.

Multiple jackpots await for you to chase in the game. The Mini, Minor, and Major net you 400,000, 750,000, and 2,500,000 coins respectively. Simply get Facebook to connect and you'll have instant access to this scurv of a game.

#2 Vegas Cash

You don't need a decent profile picture to gain access to the next free Facebook casino game in our list. Vegas is known for being the place to be for anything and everything casino related - and this Vegas Cash game is no different! You might have already like/liked this one as it's pretty popular on the app.

Coin Grab and Money Case features should grab your attention - same goes for shifting scatters and jackpots. Vegas Cash is akin to visiting the real vegas, just in a different kind of social sense. Gambling in Vegas has never been better with this fantastic free casino slot.

#3 Rapid Fire

Old school gambling options like Rapid Fire will never get old, they'll get more popular if anything due to how easy it is to play via these social apps. Another 5x3 casino game, Rapid Fire simulates the classic fruity experiences of old, this time with wilds and free spins making up all of the bonuses.

A lot of the gambling options you'll find on this social media platform borrow elements from classic fruit slots such as this. You can tell the page see actions taken elsewhere when they were putting-together Rapid Fire as the game is near identical to various free casino titles out right now.

#4 Pink Panther

And now for a very relatable face! Yes, the infamous Pink Panther himself has his own social media casino game for you to check out. The same iconic style can be found on both the app and desktop versions, making it a fantastic choice for real fans of the original cartoon.

35 paylines and a max bet of 35,000 coins await. Be sure to look out for those Pink Panther bonus symbols specifically - find three of those and you'll enter the bonus arena for multiplied winnings of all kinds. It goes without saying, but there is no better free casino game to check out than this one!

Free Casino Games Apps

The purpose of a page can limit the types of casino experiences players have access to, which is where apps come in. Free casino apps make gambling that much easier due to how streamlined they are towards your entertainment. Hell, on the App Store you have hundreds of options where you don't even need Facebook to connect.

If you play on desktop, then chances are you navigate to other sites because you can, whereas with apps you are more likely to stick around as you've more than likely got an account already. We don't mean the Facebook app either, we're talking about legit casino provider apps that are free to download right now from the app store.

Next we'll be sharing/showing information to help pick out the best casino game apps that are relevant to you and you alone. Real casino apps don't ask you to manage and post content, they cut out the middleman and give you the fun without the extra fuss. When picking the right app, always look for the following:

  • Library of slots/casino titles available
  • Navigation on the app itself
  • Good to great user reviews for the app
  • App memory size (do you have the space on your mobile?)

Real Money Slots vs Facebook Casino Games

Playing a Facebook poker/slot game can be incredibly fun, and well, a nice break from all the other million things going on in the world. Create an account on Facebook nowadays and you gain access to slots and all kinds of casino offerings, but is it the same as real money slots? We personally don't think so. All the top slots/casino offerings are found online, but through sites such as Thor Slots directly.

Showing information to help connect the world in unison: this is the purpose of Facebook. The transparency Facebook is showing when it comes to slots/casino offerings is very surprising, as they understand there are limits to the free games they're giving you. Playing for coins can be fun, but ask any new players what they'd rather spin for, and we can guarantee they'll say the cash.

We're not saying that free casino table titles aren't fun on Facebook, because they can be, but there are limitations. At the end of the day, players need to remember that Facebook is a social media platform that allows you too log in or create posts first and foremost, and creating gambling experiences comes second - which isn't the case for dedicated casino sites.

Play Free Casino Games, Win Real Money?

Even some of the more casual players have had enough with mediocre experiences; they want something with the ease of use of Facebook slots, just not with coins to keep them invested. We find that welcome bonuses are much more effective in getting new players to sign up on real money casinos. To better understand the purpose of casino sites, take a look at the current sign-up bonus when you log in or create an account at Thor Slots - all available right now:

  • Net up to 500 Free Spins across slots like Vikings go Berzerk, Starburst & Rainbow Riches via the Mega Wheel (Welcome Bonus, accessible from £10 deposits)
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  • Wednesday Happy Hour: A chance to Win Free Spins across online games
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