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Tips for Slot Machine Gaming

Tips for Slot Machine Gaming

Slots machine games are not based on skill but on luck and chance instead. It is more about making the most of the opportunities you are presented with than needing strategies to be able to come out on top when playing slots games. Using the following different techniques as your slots game strategies can help you to increase your chances of winning and your likelihood of being able to win more substantial quantities of cash. Play today Viking slots games on Thor Slots and you could change your life!

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Shop Around

Before you choose which slots game to play, it is well worth having a look around at different gaming sites and making comparisons between as many different sites and games as you can. Having something to compare your initial choice of game to will give you an insight as to how successful you have the potential to be with a particular game. The easiest mistake to make is to assume that the brightest, most colourful and fun looking games must be the games that will pay back the most money because they look to be the most exciting. This is commonly assumed by the masses but actually, the case is often quite the opposite. It is more common for the less attractive, less eye-catching, less outrageously aesthetically pleasing games to be better at paying out and enabling bigger and more frequent wins to be obtained - as well as better bonuses and promotions.

Perfect Play Time

The best time to play your chosen slots game involves avoiding the busiest times of the day when it comes to the online gaming world. The hours between 6 pm and 9 pm see huge influxes of gamers once they have finished at work and either want to find a way to occupy themselves during their commute home or want to find a way to relax after a long day at the office. Whatever, their reason for playing, the time when there are most players online means that the chances of you winning significant cash are hugely reduced because you are up against so much competition. For this reason, it would be good if you were able to play at a quieter time during the day or night, especially during the week. This could be during the hours of 8 am and 5 pm when the majority of online slots players are at work and unable to play slots game, or this could be during the night and into the small hours of the following day when most people will be asleep. If you have some flexibility in your regime then take advantage of this and see if you can bag yourself a jackpot whilst everyone else is otherwise engaged.

Change your Playlines

Don’t be fooled when it comes to being in with a chance of winning big. It is often thought that to win the jackpot you need to be betting with the maximum number of coins in play. This is absolutely not the case and will do nothing for your credit except empty the balance quicker than you would like. What would be of assistance to you is the alteration of the number of paylines in play. If you are able to increase this number to the maximum, then you are increasing the number of options you have to be able to win and this includes the jackpot. Although this is the ideal scenario, this is not always financially possible for every gamer, so adjust the number of pay lines to suit your budget but so that you can still enjoy your playtime to the max. There is nothing worse than your credit running out just as you start getting into the game and before you have a chance to enjoy playing slots all of your money has gone. If you feel ready, then perform a mobile phone deposits and start spinning on Thor Slots today!


Creating a bankroll for yourself before your gameplay starts is very effective as a strategy in its own right. Not only will it prevent any untoward financial situation from occurring but it will also give you a limit as to when to stop playing. This is a great way to ensure that no addiction occurs at the same time as only playing whilst you are still enjoying your slots game experience. It is true that as soon as you are no longer playing a game that you should stop play as this is when gaming online become dangerous. Bankrolling is great with this as it provides a limit that you should not override because once your credit has run out, your gameplay should finish. It is advised that you set up a bankroll before you begin to play so that you are not making monetary decisions whilst you are mentally invested in the slot games. You should never decide to add to your credit once you are in the middle of playing a game even if your credit has run out as this is not seen as responsible gaming.

No Pay, No Play

There are times when we have all played a slots game that is usually a good payer but either the game is having a bad day or we are out of luck. If you have spent what seems to be considerable time playing on your slots game of choice and don’t seem to be winning any sort of return at all, then you should think about changing slots games. This is done by many people and is not to be frowned on at all. Slots machines are controlled by RNGs so there is no merit to continuing to play even when the chips are down, so to speak. Slots games do not remember how long you have been playing for or how much money you have spent playing them, so they do not see it as something that needs to be returned to one specific person. Instead, each spin of the reel is a unique code which sees the player as an individual and a new player even if you have been playing the slots game in question for hours.  Loyalty has absolutely nothing to do with being successful in the game of slots online, it is purely based upon luck, chance and a bit of clever management.