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Roulette Strategy Chart

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Roulette wheel strategy charts enable players to compare different payouts between different potential bets but in a more visual easy way. They are laid out in tables most commonly so that information can be found quickly and no mistakes are made. Roulette strategy charts tend to start with the largest payout bets, also known as roulette strategic bets, at the tops of the chart and they then decrease in payout levels as the player reads down the chart. There is more information contained with a chart to help the player, but this alters depending on the roulette strategy chart in question. Common comparisons can include European roulette odds, American roulette odds, as well as information regarding inside and outside bets.

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Winning at Roulette Strategically

Having an effective roulette strategy and making the most of a roulette strategy chart can significantly increase your chances of winning when you are playing roulette whether you are in a traditional casino or playing at an online free slots casino. Taking the time before you start playing roulette to understand and compare the different statistics and odds covered in the roulette strategy charts can assist you in placing much more well-educated bets and increase your winnings. Though even the best roulette strategy will not work every time, there are some strategies that will be more effective, though this is often much more of a subjective choice for players. The size of the bankroll and the luck are what the game of roulette really comes down to but it’s nice to know that we can sway the odds of the game a little by doing a bit of research before we play.

Interesting Roulette Fact: Did you know that all roulette games at licensed casinos operate with a Random Number Generator? Roulette strategies are about bankroll management, as all roulette games are random and luck-dependant. 

Inside Bets and Outside Bets in Roulette

For people who want to play on the safer side of the roulette table, then outside bets will be of preference because they have better odds for winning. They can alternatively be called “even money” bets as they commonly have a 50/50 outcome which means the risk of losing is significantly reduced than in comparison to those of inside bets. Commonly used outside bets are red or black, odds or evens, and low or high numbers, but there are alternatives such as columns or dozens. Inside bets, however, do have better payouts when wins occur because they are harder to win.  They rely on the player being able to be more specific than betting on a 50/50 split of the roulette table. This could be placing a bet as specific as a specific number which is the way you win the largest payout in the game at 35:1. Too hard? Play slot games here for free or real money!


Best Roulette Strategies

Guide to Roulette Strategy Charts in 2021

Roulette strategy charts need to be paid close attention to because you need to be aware that the odds are significantly different when you are playing American roulette and European roulette. For odds in your favour, play European roulette, but if you want to have the ability to potentially see a larger return on wins, American roulette will assist here as there is an additional number in play, so the odds are less in your favour, so it’s harder to win, so payouts are higher. Popular roulette betting strategies include:

  • Martingale Strategy (and reverse)
  • Fibonnanci Strategy
  • James Bond Strategy

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