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Pay By Phone Casino Not Boku

Pay by Mobile, not by boku

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You can do practically anything with your mobile phone these days, including play various mobile-versions of hit casino sites. If you are a casino provider and don’t have a mobile variant, well, you’re slacking. Pay by phone casinos are a little different, and are a great way of looking at slots and casino games in a completely different light as far as paying into them goes.

You might think these sites are quite new, but they’ve actually been around for quite a fair bit of time, only now are they getting a push. Today we’ll be looking at pay by phone casinos not Boku — there’s a lot out there that are worthy of your attention, trust us. Who knows, by the end of this article you might be telling all your friends about the benefits of pay by the phone casinos!

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What Are Pay By Phone Casinos?

Pay by phone casinos are simply that, slots uk casinos that allow you to use your mobile phone bill as your ticket of entry. You see, every paying casino site will ask that you deposit funds before you can play their list of games, and ultimately make money. How you deposit and withdraw funds is varied to say the least. Standard payment options like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are very popular, but there is an easier way to pay…

Phone casinos allow you to pay with phone credit, you know, your mobile phone bill that you probably pay monthly as a part of a contract, or top up if you’re running a pay as you go type deal. It doesn’t matter how you pay, all that matters is that you have a working mobile phone capable of running modern tech — smartphones for example are the ideal handsets to have for phone deposits and whatnot. Most popular pay phone casino brands are: 

  • EE
  • Boku
  • Three
  • Vodafone
  • Zimpler
  • Virgin Pay
  • Tesco Mobile
  • O2 pay by mobile

How Most Pay By Phone Casinos Work

As mentioned, pay by phone casinos work by charging your mobile phone bill to play casino slot games, rather than take funds from your bank/ewallet directly. How you pay by phone is incredibly simple, and it takes literally seconds. Here’s how most sites do it:

  • Step 1: Visit the banking page of the pay by casino site you’re using. Normally sites will have little logos of certain payment methods, clicking those should take you to the banking page also.
  • Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to deposit and then enter your mobile phone number. How much you can deposit is up to you, just know that you can only deposit up to around £30 a day as it caps out.
  • Step 3: Reply to the verification text message you receive. Every pay by phone casino will need to verify that you and you alone made the request. Most will ask that you reply with the letter ‘Y’ to confirm it’s you.

SMS options aren’t the only way you can pay either, certain pay by phone service providers allow payments via landline also. BT customers can call a specific number and make a payment that way. You’ll be asked to verify your details in the same way you would with SMS. Once complete, your account will be credited with the amount you’ve deposited.

If you still have questions, or find yourself confused by all this, be sure to speak with someone at your bank/phone provider. Alternatively, you can find all relevant information on ‘help’ and ‘FAQ’ sections on all reputable pay by phone casino sites. You’ll be playing phone slots in no time once you’re ready and comfortable!

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What Is Boku?

Boku is one of the major players in the pay by UK phone world — some would call them the biggest player. Boku is a service provider, so when people refer to a payment type as ‘Boku’, they are actually referencing the pay by phone method in a more roundabout way. Boku is an independent carrier, an operator that is primarily UK-based as of this writing.

Pay By Phone Casino Providers, Not Boku

Not every pay by phone casino site will use Boku as their respective provider — there are actually quite a lot of outside names that are just as efficient if not more. We’d recommend only using pay by phone sites that only use known or safe payment providers, failure to do so could cost you a fair bit of money. Phone deposits should be treat with the same level of care as other payment methods.

  • Fonix: Supported by most pay by phone UK sites, Fonix is a very reliable name to have. Fonix is also supported by most of the major UK mobile networks such as Vodafone, EE, O2 and more! These guys were founded in 2006, just to give you an idea on their experience level. Safety is definitely guaranteed with Fonix we’ll tell you that for free. The way you pay with Fonix is near identical to using Boku, it’s simply a different way to pay through your phone bill.
  • PayForIt: Another SMS option for you that credits your phone bill directly. Similar to Boku and Fonix, PayForIt allows you to deposit up to £30 a day up to £240 a month. PayForIt covers Vodafone, 3, EE and O2 customers with the greatest of ease. PayForIt is another solid option for direct SMS phone bill payments people. Know that it is not a registered company, but if you have any issues/worries, then please contact your carrier directly and they should provide the right info.
  • MuchBetter: This is another pay by phone method although it does involve downloading an app to use it. If you want maximum security on your account then perhaps MuchBetter will be the best option for you. This is one of many relevant apps you can use for this sort of service. All you need to do is top-up your account using the app rather than through SMS messaging. You’ll need to make an account if you go this route. The app itself has plenty of fantastic ratings and comments from users, making it a very viable option.
  • Apple Pay: Yet another variation to Boku, Apple Pay is probably the most used payment type available right now. Most pay by phone casino sites you come across will allow Apple Pay payments directly. Simply enter how much money you want to deposit and the site will then ask for your thumbprint or your passcode. Those of you already using this payment method daily will find this to be the most efficient payment method.

Why Play At Pay By Phone Casinos?

Pay by phone casinos have streamlined what it’s like to play and ultimately win in one of the most rewarding entertainment industries in the world. Mobile gaming in general comes with a pick up and play type attitude — making the transition appear effortless in a way. With these pay by phone casinos you can pick up, pay and play whenever you like with little to no fuss on various hit phone slots and so much more!

Pay by phone casinos are the talk of the town right now, which is always going to encourage the people in charge of these sites to be on their a-game. Think about it, the more interest these sites gain, the better it is for the player! Competition between pay by phone casinos is good for you too as it forces them to do something different that more often than not benefits you — just look at the various promotions you have on offer.

With standard online casino sites, every time you make a deposit of some kind the casino takes a small fraction of your deposit to keep for themselves. Pay by phone casinos don’t charge you a thing. Say you deposit £10, well you’ll have that full £10 to spend as you see fit. Any texts you send aren’t charged either, so you have free reign essentially in how you want to pay and play.

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Security On Pay By Phone Sites

There are safeguards in place that cover everything phone bill related, including overspending. Pay by phone casino operators will normally cap the amount of money you can spend. Why they do this is due to how easy it can be to deposit and forget about where that money is coming from. Most will cap out your deposits at around £30 a day, which should be more than enough in our opinion.

All payments need to be authenticated via a text message, to ensure that you are the one making the request. It’s this level of extra security that makes pay by phone casinos so viable, as you are the only one receiving this messages so there is no chance of foul play! Did we mention that most, if not all, pay by phone services don’t ask you to register? That means no one can steal your details because there are no details to take.

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