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Online Roulette Tips and Strategies 2021

Online Roulette Tips and Strategies 2021

Losing online gambling games can be extremely frustrating. This is especially true if you have been gambling with your own hard-earned money. Stop throwing away your cash! Sit down, read through this article, and learn how to beat online roulette games!

This article will show you how to break your losing streak and turn your odds in your favour. This is an article that online casinos do not want you to read. This is because it exposes tried and tested roulette tricks and techniques, used by professional gamblers.

Roulette was a French invention from the early modern period. So, it’s not just the stethoscope and the pencil sharpener we have the French to be thankful for!

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Roulette Odds

Before knowing the roulette tricks of the trade, it is important to understand the odds and pay-outs in the game of roulette. In roulette wheel there are two versions of the game: European and American. The European version of the game is more widely played of the two. On its roulette wheel it has 36 red and black pockets, labelled 1-36, and 1 green pocket, labelled zero or ‘0’. The American version is almost exactly the same. There is one small, but game-changing difference between the two. And, that difference is that there is an extra green pocket, labelled double zero or ‘00’ on the American wheel, putting the odds less in your favour.

Online Roulette Odds Tips

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Roulette Bet                            Pay-out            European Odds           American Odds


Red or black (Outside)                 1: 1                  48.6%                          47.4%


Odd or even (Outside)                 1: 1                  48.6%                          47.4%


High or Low (Outside)                  1: 1                  48.6%                          47.4%


Dozens (Outside)                          2: 1                  32.4%                          31.6%


Columns (Outside)                        2: 1                  32.4%                          31.6%


6 no. combination (Inside)            5: 1                  16.2%                          15.8%


5 no. combination (Inside)            6: 1                  13.5%                          13.2%


4 no. combination (Inside)            8: 1                  10.8%                          10.5%


3 no. combination (Inside)           11: 1                8.1%                            7.9%


2 no. combination (Inside)           17: 1                5.4%                            5.3%


1 no. combination (Inside)           35: 1                2.7%                            2.6%

Online Roulette Tricks by Masterful Tricksters - Top Advice

Throughout roulette history, many players have figured out how to cheat the game. One of the most famous of these con-men (and con-women) was Joseph Jagger. After observing one of the tables at his local casino for a long time, Jagger identified a pattern in the results of the game. After working this out, Jagger was able to predict where the roulette ball, or pill, would land next. Jagger raked in, an equivalent to, £7.5 million today. The casinos reacted by changing the roulette wheels in their establishment. Jagger was no longer able to predict the results and he gave up on his passion for roulette.

A more modern tale of roulette thievery comes from the Ritz in London in 2014. A small team of technicians were able to use mobile phone laser scanners, hooked up to computers, to predict the area the roulette ball would land. The team got away with a £300,000 win! And, although never charged, they received a lifetime ban from the casino.

Today most people try to trick casinos through the promotional offers they have on their sites, since the old tricks have been eliminated. But, approaches like this do not seem to work on modern pay by mobile casino platforms.

Online Roulette Strategies

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Recommended Roulette Systems and Strategies

So, which legal techniques can you use to beat online roulette? Roulette strategies have been refined and developed for generations. They attempt to change the odds of the game, to favour the player.

  • Martingale System – This is the most commonly used, low-risk roulette trick. It was invented by the creator of roulette in the 18th century. The strategy is to wait-out your losses and wait for the probable win coming your way.

To utilise this strategy, begin with the lowest table-limit bet size and place it on even odds. For instance: high or low, red or black and odd or even. Make this bet, and if you lose, make it again, but double it! Did you lose again? Make it again and double it! ‘What? This is ridiculous!’ – you may say to yourself. The idea is that, probability wise, you should eventually win, and when you do, you will recoup all the money you lost and more. When you do finally win, go back to betting from the smallest table-limit bet, and start again.

  • James Bond – Yes, you read correctly. 007, James Bond has his own roulette strategy. Designed for his fictional series of novels, Ian Fleming devised his own system for beating roulette, and people really use it! For this strategy, start with £200. Then split this £200, placing £140 on high numbers (19-36), £50 on numbers 13 through 18 and £10 on 0 for insurance. The payouts on these bets will be £80 for any number between 19-36 if it lands between 13 and 18 you will win £100 and for 0, an appealing £160. You do not need any special-operation training for this technique, but we recommend returning to the Martingale System if your purse drops below £200, to recoup your losses.
  • Paroli Strategy – This strategy is labelled as the most emotionally positive way to play roulette. It is an altered version of the Martingale system. Like this other strategy, it requires you to place bets on an outside, even odds bets. But, in the case of the Paroli strategy, you increase your bet if you win by adding on your winnings. Keep adding on your progressions to the total. After three winning hands, stop increasing your bets and return to the initial bets.

Always Play Online Roulette Safely

When gambling online remember to know your limits and bet responsibly. Use trusted online gambling websites. We recommend websites who are affiliates of BIGWIN, as they are licensed through the UKGC. These sites include Easy Slots, Wizard Slots, Cozino and Umbingo. When handling money online it is important to use trustworthy websites. If you are not convinced about roulette through the above blog, then why not try out some cool free slot games?

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