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Live Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack Counting Cards
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Blackjack is a beloved casino game by millions of players around the world – although most people online tend to play free slot games! When it moved into the live casino world, its popularity only grew as it attracted lots of new players. The live casino gaming market has really taken off in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. People love that they can play their favourite game from the comfort of their own home, but still get the feeling that they are at a land based casino! There are many strategies that players take when they play the game, and for some card counting is one of them. However we wouldn’t recommend this strategy, keep reading to find out why.

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What’s card counting?

First off, what even is the card counting strategy in Live Blackjack? Put simply: it’s the art of counting cards! The decks of cards that are played with have a predetermined amount of cards that hold fixed values. In Live Blackjack all of the face cards are worth 10, for those who don’t know face cards are Jacks, Queens and Kings. In the game Ace cards are worth either 1 or 11, depending on how the game is played. There are 52 cards in total in a deck of cards, and 16 of these cards hold the value of 10. If you get lots of face cards and they group together to make a shoe, this could cause the House to lose money. Put simply, those who count cards are longing for high value cards to connect as this increases their chances of landing a strong hand.

Can live casinos prevent card counting?

Live casinos aren’t silly, they have designed Live Blackjack with the innate ability to stop and manage card counting. There are methods in place like Deck Penetration. What’s that I hear you ask? Let us explain, Deck Penetration is essentially where the deck of cards is cut. In regular shoe games it will be will be cut by one deck, meaning 50 cards. In online games the cut can be as big as half, and this is not good news for the player. As you may have guessed, the cut could remove those high value cards from the deck and mean that your chances of a winning hand will be greatly decreased – no player wants that! This also raises the issue of the shuffle, as people may think that Live Blackjack holds an advantage over online versions of the game because you can literally watch the live dealer deal out the cards. But this isn’t necessarily the case, as live casinos can have an automatic shuffler in place, which stop players from being able to successfully count the cards.

Live casinos have the ability to ‘keep count’

Because it is clearly in their interest, live casinos have software in place to keep track and count of the shoe. It monitors the bets and wagers of the players in order to check that the count of the cards does not affect the pattern of the bets. The message is clear from live casinos: don’t try and get the better of the House.

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Players play Live Blackjack with different strategies

You won’t necessarily be able to rely on your card counting strategy, as other players in the game are playing with differing Live Blackjack strategies. The strategies between players will be distinctly different, especially between beginners and advanced players. The combination of the differing decisions made at the table will certainly have an impact on the card counters, as you won’t be able to rely on your strategy and number of cards.

Don’t rely on Dealer’s Tells

This is good advice to follow for Live Blackjack, as it is something that players can get so wrong! Don’t misunderstand the game, the dealer does not know the value of the card that they have dealt until all of the bets have been placed by everyone in the game. So it is not possible for the live dealer to have any tells! Some people give out this so-called ‘advice’ to not only confuse players, but to increase their chances of losing as they would be following advice that doesn’t make sense. So please keep this in mind!

The casino might not accept your bet

Of course, some casinos could point blank refuse to accept your bet. After all, they are under no obligation to accept it, and if they think you are card counting it could leave a sour taste in their mouth. They could disconnect you from the game, or take more drastic action and ban you from their casinos all together. Even though you are playing behind a computer screen, it does not mean that you will be able to hide. As we know, the online and live world of casino gaming has software to track the betting patterns, meaning card counters will eventually be identified. Of course, this applies to those casinos that don’t allow card counting as a strategy. But it is important to remember that if you are perceived as being at an advantage during the game then you’ll certainly be stopped.

Card Counting Table

Concluding thoughts on card counting in Live Blackjack

Overall, we really don’t think that the card counting strategy in Live Blackjack is worth it for many reasons.  Live casinos have software that keeps track of the cards, you could be banned from future games and the strategy itself can be considered unreliable because of the other players at the table. Plus the strategy itself can be considered an ‘advanced’ one, as it’s not that easy to pull off. Of course, there will be players that swear by this strategy and have had great success with it. We are not saying that this isn’t possible, simply giving our opinion and advice. After all, it’s up to you which strategy you choose to use when you play Live Blackjack. Just make sure that you choose wisely, and to your level of knowledge of the game.  

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