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Roulette Odds & Strategies: A Simple, but Effective Roulette Guide

Roulette Odds & Strategies: A Simple, but Effective Roulette Guide

In the world of online gambling, roulette has always been a fundamentally important and greatly favoured game of choice as it has been in casinos, worldwide. Many people assume they understand the game of roulette: you just guess the correct number, right? Not exactly, roulette is a sophisticated and refined game of chance, enjoyed by gamblers for over three-hundred years. If you prefer more simplistic but fun games, why not check out this online slots?

In fact, early adaptations of the game date back as far as the seventeenth century, in early modern France. The first roulette wheel was developed, named roulette, French for ‘little wheel’. The version of roulette that is enjoyed today was first experienced around 100 years later, in Paris. Today the game is synonymous with a life-in-the-fast-lane: Las Vegas, James Bond, fancy cars and a partying lifestyle.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the game of roulette, from the basic rules to the system and strategies adopted by experienced players to win the roulette wheel. Read for more below, or play the best roulette games online on Thor Casino uk!

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Basic Gameplay Tips

In essence, roulette is a simplistic game to way. A roulette ball, otherwise known as a ‘pill’, due to its size and white colour, is span around the roulette wheel. On the wheel, there are a number of pockets, 37 on the European wheel and 38 on the American wheel. These pockets are numbered and coloured red, black and green. The aim of the game is to estimate which pocket you think the pill will land in. These estimates are made by placing chips on the different betting options on the table.

To improve your roulette skills, we recommend playing roulette for fun for free. Hone your craft before hitting up the casinos, and the online casinos. This gives you the ability to play the game without the fear of embarrassment, financial loss because of inexperience or doing something wrong. Always remember when playing roulette:

  • All strategies of roulette are based on bankroll, as the game depends on luck.
  • Video roulette games odds and payouts vary, so choose your variant wisely.
  • Some roulette games have RTP of 99%, aka 1% house edge only.
  • All online roulette games use RNG, which makes them completely random.
  • Live dealer roulette has higher bets than video roulette.

Roulette Stats

European Roulette Games

Roulette Odds: American vs European Roulette Odds

Here is a breakdown of the odds and payouts on a roulette table. Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly what your chances are, and the potential pay-outs is vital in mastering the game of roulette. These bets are split into inside and outside bets – named after their placement on the table. As you can see from the table (below), the outside bets have higher probability odds, but also have lower pay-outs. Contrastingly, the inside bets have lower odds and higher pay-outs.

Roulette Outside Bets Payouts: European vs American

  • Red or black (Outside): 1 to 1  / 48.60% vs 47.40%.
  • Odd or even (Outside): 1 to 1 / 48.60% vs 47.40%.
  • High or Low (Outside): 1 to 1 / 48.60% vs 47.40%.
  • Dozens (Outside): 2 to 1 / 32.40% vs 31.60%.
  • Columns (Outside): 2 to 1 / 32.40% vs 31.60%.

Inside Bets Payouts: European vs American Roulette

  • 6 no. combination (Inside):5 to 1 / 16.20% / 15.80%.
  • 5 no. combination (Inside): 6 to 1 / 13.50% / 13.20%.
  • 4 no. combination (Inside): 8 to 1 / 10.80% / 0.50%.
  • 3 no. combination (Inside): 11 to 1 / 8.10% / 7.90%.
  • 2 no. combination (Inside): 17 to 1 / 5,40% / 5.30%.
  • 1 no. combination (Inside)    35 to 1 /  2.70% /  2.60%

Best Roulette Strategies 2021

Although anyone can play roulette, as it is a simplistic, unphysical activity, it is still difficult to succeed on the table. Most new players do not rake in the wins, and are left puzzled, asking themselves: ‘what am I doing differently to the more experienced players, who are winning their games?’

The answer to their question is often their own ignorance of the game. Yes, roulette is a game of chance, but placing bets can be more sophisticated, more mathematical than simply placing your chips on the table and hoping for the best. Years and years (and years) of refined strategy has been developed by experienced players, to try and bring the odds more in their favour. Here are some of the most famous roulette strategies, explained just for you.

Roulette Strategies

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1. Martingale Strategy

The most widely implemented strategy, invented by the creator of roulette.

The system allows you to play with the comfort that you’re relying on probability to see a return on your investments. For this strategy, bet with the lowest table limit bet on an outside bet (even odds pay-out bets, such as Red or Black, Even or Odds, or High or Low). Every time you lose, make the same bet again, but double it. This most seem cost-ineffective, but when you eventually win – which, with this started is probable – you’ll always end up with more money than you started. When you win a bet, return to the beginning of this strategy, using the lowest table limit bet – simple!

2. Reverse Martingale Strategy

This is an interesting spin on the original Martingale system. The player must reduce bets after loses and increase after wins, to make sure they reap the full benefits of hot streaks. This may not be suited to players who do not believe there is any logic in a ‘hot streak’, but those who do should attempt this system and ride the momentum!

3. James Bond Strategy

Although this technique does not require a tuxedo or a remote-controlled car, it will leave the online casino feeling ‘shaken’. This strategy was devised in the prose of the author of the James Bond novels, Ian Fleming.

Starting with £200, split your bets: £140 on high numbers (19-36), £50 on dozens 13 - 18 and £10 on 0, for insurance. If the pill lands in a high numbered pocket (which would be between 19 and 36), you will receive £80. if it’s between 13 and 18 you will rake in £100, and better yet, if the bill lands on 0, £160 will be gained.

If you are not good with money and just want to see the money going up or down instead, why not check out some free slot games to play?

Roulette Strategies

Best Roulette Casinos

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