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Free slots no deposit 2021

What is a free slots no deposit 2021 bonus?

Online Slots No Deposit

When you’re making your way through the world of online casinos, the sheer range and breadth of play slots for free bonus offers can sometimes seem overwhelming. New online casinos are springing up all the time, and the types of bonuses that they offer to tempt in new customers and retain loyal players are becoming ever more varied. If you want to find out a bit more about online casino bonuses then you are in the right place!

In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at £10 free slots no deposit 2021 offers. We’ll tell you exactly what a free slots offer consists of, and what types of free slots bonuses you can claim in 2021. You’ll also get some tips on how to claim a bonus of this type, as well as some advice on finding the right online casino, so read on to find out more!

Free Slots 2021 - 3 Step registration

What is a free slots no deposit bonus?

Before we go any further, it is a good idea to tell you exactly what a free slots no deposit win real money uk 2021 bonus is. This is a type of online casino promotional offer that awards you some bonus spins on slots in return for simply opening or continuing to hold an account at an online casino, without you having to deposit any real cash in it.

Sometimes, these offers will consist simply of some extra spins on specific slots. Other times, you may be able to pick up some bonus credit to use in the online casino. A very rare number of no deposit online casino bonuses combine these two benefits and award players both things. It is more common to see this type of bonus offered to new players at an online casino, but both types of offer can sometimes be picked up as a reward for loyal players too.

How to claim a bonus for free slots no deposit in 2021

If you want to claim a free slots no deposit 2021 offer then the process is usually very simple indeed. For a welcome bonus, you need to first open an account at the online casino that is offering the free slots no deposit bonus in 2021. The process is clearly outlined below for you.

  1. Click on the Join Now tab or its equivalent at the homepage of the online casino.
  2. Provide the personal details that are needed to verify your account.
  3. Once your account is verified, check to see if there is a bonus code required.
  4. Input the bonus code when prompted, if necessary.
  5. Check the make sure that your bonus has been credited to your account.

If the free slots games no deposit bonus is not a welcome offer but a reward for loyal customers then the process is usually simpler. In cases like this, you will probably need to input a bonus code or follow some specific instructions to claim the bonus. These instructions will be found on the Promotions page of the online casino in question, or you can ask customer services if you are still uncertain about anything.

Why do online casinos offer free slots no deposit bonuses?

Why do online casinos offer free slots no deposit 2021 bonuses to customers? This is a question that you may well be asking yourself, given that online casinos do not tend to have a reputation for massive generosity. In reality, there is a very good reason why online casinos offer no deposit free slots bonuses to players in 2021.

That reason is competition. The online casino marketplace is growing more crowded and competitive all the time, meaning that attracting and retaining customers is a constant battle for online casinos. No deposit bonuses, as well as other types of offers, help to freshen up the customer base as well as helping to keep established customers loyal.

Should you always claim a free slots no deposit 2021 offer?

So when you see a no deposit free slots bonus in 2021 should you always snap it up? It may seem like a good idea to grab a bonus for which you are not required to make a deposit, but you should always consider a few things about the bonus first before you commit to claiming it. Here are a few things to think about when considering a free slots no deposit 2021 bonus.

Is it simple to turn the bonus into real cash?

Obviously, something that makes a bonus more appealing is the possibility of turning it into real cash. If you see a free slots no deposit 2021 bonus and you want to win real money from it then you need to read the terms and conditions of the bonus very carefully. In the terms and conditions, you will see something called wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements are conditions that you need to meet in order to be able to withdraw any winnings from your no deposit 2021 casino bonus into cash. You will usually need to wager the winnings several dozen times over within a certain period of time before they can be withdrawn as cash. Meeting wagering requirements means that you will need to show some patience, so always check them carefully before you commit to claiming an offer.

What games can you use the bonus spins on?

Another thing to check before you claim a free slots no deposit 2021 offer is the games that you can play using the bonus. Sometimes, no deposit bonuses that offer extra spins on slots are intended to promote certain games or games from specific software developers. The bonus spins from a no deposit offer cannot just usually be used to play any slots in the casino’s lobby.

So before you claim a no deposit offer, check to see what games can be played with the bonus. That way you will not be in line for any unpleasant surprises. If you are unfamiliar with the games for which the bonus can be used then play them for free in demo mode first.

Do you get bonus credit as well as extra spins?

Another useful feature of a free slots no deposit 2021 bonus that you should check is whether it includes any useful extras. While many no deposit bonuses will simply offer some extra spins, others will offer a small amount of bonus credit. Always look at exactly what the bonus consists of before you claim it.

A really tempting bonus will include both bonus credit and extra spins, though as we have said above, these offers are very rare. You may find some of the larger, more established, online casinos offering bonuses like this. Smaller casinos will be less likely to be so generous.

Does the casino have a good range of games?

Another thing to consider before you dive in, open an account and claim a free slots no deposit 2021 bonus is whether the casino offering the bonus has a good range of games. As well as slots, a good online casino should also offer you the chance to play table games like blackjack or roulette. The slots and other games should come from a selection of developers too, so that you can get to play different styles of slots based on different themes.

If you are opening an account and claiming a free slots no deposit 2021 bonus then you want to make sure that the casino is going to provide you with consistent levels of entertainment. For this to happen, there needs to be a good variety of games on offer in the casino’s lobby.

Is the casino properly licensed?

One important thing to check when claiming any bonus from an online casino is where the casino is legitimate or not. You do not want to end up opening an account at an operator that does not take the safety or security of its customer seriously enough. A good way of checking this aspect of a casino is to look at the licence that it holds.

Reputable online casinos will always be licensed by a reputable body like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) or Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). These are two of the world’s strictest gambling regulatory bodies, and they audit all licence holders regularly to ensure that they are adhering to the required standards of fairness and safety. If you see that the online casino offering the free slots no deposit 2021 bonus holds a licence from either or both of these bodies then you are in good hands.


Online casinos offer free slots no deposit 2021 bonuses to attract new customers and retain established ones. Some no deposit casino bonuses in 2021 will offer extra spins on slots, while others will provide you with a small amount of bonus credit to use in the casino. Rarer bonus offers might provide you with a bit of both. Claiming a no deposit offer is very simple, just make sure that the casino is one you like before you commit to claiming any bonuses.