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Best Slot Game Releases in 2020

Best Slot Game Releases in 2020

2020 offered us many surprising things, from Brexit, two prime ministers, and, of course, an abundance of new slot games. In this article, you will be pleased to know, we will only be concentrating on the latter. It has been yet another amazing year for the online gambling world. An ever-expanding world in many ways. New slot games are being released every other day. If you are one of the many, many people who love to spin the reels of these online slots, there is no reason to complain. The choice for online gamblers has never been better and online slot games are far from the only way to play. However, over the last few years, this format has really grown into a genre of gambling beloved by so many. Modern versions of the fruit machine that you may still find in pubs, clubs and chip shops really have come a long way!

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Slot Games Today

Typical slot games today have graphics that would have been deemed amazing at the start of the decade. Something else which has played a big role in 2020 is the continued rise of smartphone gaming. One of the key reasons as to why the gambling industry as a whole is thriving right now is the ease of gambling from one’s smartphone device. Players can gamble from wherever they like and at any time is practical. This has created new possibilities for online gambling brands. Complete smartphone functionality and optimisation is now a standard trait of an online slot games in 2020. This has created so many exciting ways to play and win. Play slots for free at Thor Slots!

With so much choice out there, there has never been a better time to play slot games than now. And, as we continue into this new decade, it is exciting to consider where the online slot game will go from here. But before doing this, we are keen to look back over the year at some of the best new games that are regularly being enjoyed online. These games are available across a wide range of casinos and from all different types of developers. They are the unsung heroes of the online slot game, we have a comprehensive list of the best slot games released for 2020. Some games you might know and others may be new to you. We have also tried to cover various themes in our selection. The ability of the slot game to shapeshift across various themes and narratives is surely one of its most captivating attributes. You could be lining up the reels of an underwater adventure one minute, then working out how to get to the bonus features moments later. There is such a diverse and exciting virtual world in online slot gaming, it makes me want to leave the cruel, evil world I have been born into. Speaking of which, here are the best of the lot from 2020…

Fat Rabbit Slot Game

2020 saw the emergence slot games with some really original themes. This is something that I, a journalist considered an integral part of the online casino world, welcome dearly. We need more games like this. Themes do not come much more unconventional than this one: Fat Rabbit. This is a slot game that is based around, you guessed it, a fat rabbit. The cute slot game is led by this main character who, as much you want to win some cash, he wants to eat whatever he can. The game is really well animated with plenty of colour and attention to detail.

Fat Rabbit is set at a quaint farm with hay bells and some luscious grass in the background as you play. But, in truth, the sheer size of the rabbit in question blocks most of the backdrop as all eyes on this rather large-bellied creature. The game has 5 reels, 5 rows and 50 pay lines, making for various ways to win in what is a really well humoured online slot. The betting in this title is quite open to all, starting at 25p per spin and working it’s way up to more high roller friendly amounts. The top bet here is one hundred pounds, making for the potential to really walk away from Fat Rabbit’s farm with some big wins. The wilds in this game expand which is quite fitting considering expanding the waistline of the main character. There are a couple of bonus rounds in total, with some free spins on offer, too. As you might realise throughout my list, free spins are something I adore. They are an important part of a good slot game and they can often provide an economic boost to one’s time spent playing slots. All in all, Fat Rabbit is a really loveable slot that combines some cute and cuddly goodness with the potential to take home more than just a few carrots. The game can be enjoyed on all major platforms as well, so you can play this title on smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. Easy.

Rainbow Jackpots Game

As much as we like to see original themes arrive into the slot game line-up, there will always be room for some classic ones.

Rainbow Jackpots uses the Irish theme and this is no easy task when you consider the sheer amount of online slot games that also do. You only have to look at the truly iconic Rainbow Riches series. They are an amazing example of how many slot games take the rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold as inspiration. This series has several titles of its own. Rainbow Riches may be an all-time classic, but Rainbow Jackpots is a modern release that already has a decent amount of fans. This is, perhaps, because it combines a classic feel with modern gameplay and possibilities. Rainbow Jackpots, as you would expect, is centred around your classic Irish iconography. The aforementioned leprechauns are involved of course, and a Luck o’ the Irish themes slot game just would not feel the same without them. You will also find four-leaf clovers and several other relics of Celtic culture. The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, so is not too original or unique in that sense. However, one thing that makes this game so popular is the wide selection of bonus features on offer. Bonus features are a big reason as to why this gambling genre as a whole is so popular. So when you realise that Rainbow Jackpots offers five bonuses, you start to realise what fun can be had in this particular Irish themed slot. Win up to 500 free spins when you deposit at Thor Slots!

Amongst the five bonuses we have two main favourites. One of these in the Beer Bonus, a unique feature that plays on the Irish’s fondness of booze you would assume. Politically correct or not, there is a sense of humour to this particular feature which can also increase your chances of winning, too. Elsewhere, a random bonus is very welcome. These random bonuses can be found across a select few slot games. This is particularly great because you do not need to match up anything on the reels to trigger them. Rather, they happen at complete random and offer a boost to your latest spin. In this game, a very helpful leprechaun wanders into the screen and swaps a few symbols around for you, making for a win. Elsewhere, a free spins bonus is another great extra feature that makes Rainbow Jackpots a really great play. Betting starts low and goes all the way to £100, too, so there are plenty of ways to win and amounts of money to win in this top slot game release of 2020.

Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure Slots Games

We mentioned earlier that online slot games can take you on an underwater adventure and this game does exactly that. Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure is a slot game with a title more like a movie and with high production value and a few great twists and turns, it may as well be a spectacle for the big screen. If had not already guessed, the theme is rather nautical, as the pirate theme mixes effortlessly with a more haunting and ghostly side, too. Going back to the movie comparisons, this game is a Captain Jack Sparrow away from being a tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series in many ways. Haunting characters, a good sense of fun and overall, the pursuit of some kind of power or riches is at the very heart of this narrative.

For Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure is a slot game with a great narrative, making it a more interesting play than your standard fruit machine that just wants you to line-up fruit in a row. Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure has 5 reels for the most part, but there is an additional sixth reel which comes into action as part of the game’s rather unique gameplay. There are 20 pay lines in the game, making for quite a few ways to win in this spooky underwater setting. You are aboard a sunken pirate ship with these haunted characters of the seven seas so do hold your breath as you hope for some decent wins and lion’s share of the fortune that sits on the seabed. In order to win your relative treasure, there are four bonus rounds to help you out. These vary in how useful they are but are all theme relevant, something which always goes down well with us. In order to activate or trigger these bonus rounds, you are going to need to line up the bonus symbols, with how many you manage to line up often determining just how much money you could win while playing these bonus games. The game was developed by Red Tiger, a developer who has a knack for pulling off ambitious themes with superb graphics. Both of these traits come into play here, as Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure combines a wonderfully well thought out narrative with what is a really easy to play and enjoyable slot game. Playable on all major devices, anyone can enjoy this underwater haunted adventure, but those who manage to take the big jackpot will enjoy it most. With a jackpot of 1000x your total stake, Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure offers a treasure worth navigating the treacherous depths on the deep sea for. 

Reel Talent Slot Game

Again with an original theme, Reel Talent is a surreal and humour experience from your first spin to the last. The focus here is a reality TV-style talent show, similar to the likes of Britain’s Got Talent or X factor. But rather than your standard hopefuls and sometimes comically bad wannabe performers, you are given a selection of animals who want to be on the big stage. From a lion who is singing his or her heart out as one of the main images on this game, to a wolf shredding guitar and a rabbit who wants to show their magic tricks, all sorts are going on here. One of the best parts of this online video slot game, other than the brilliantly bizarre theme, has to be the fact that every win results in a free spin. This has the potential to give you some real momentum as you spin the 5 reels and 20 paylines of this Microgaming slot. Betting starts at 10p and goes all the way up to £100 per spin, making for a very accessible slot game to gamblers of all budgets. Available on your smartphone, you can engulf yourself in this animal talent show on the go, too. 

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