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Roulette (European)

An online table game that is too realistic for its own good trust us!


There are those of you out there that look for more than online slots in their online entertainment. Online table games are just as popular as their online slot counterparts, which is why developers such as NetEnt are going above and beyond to create experiences that do feel too real for their own good, which only benefits players who maybe can’t afford a ticket to Vegas, or are bound by their homes, where a computer screen is the only way they can get their fix. European Roulette is essentially what it’s name suggests. This is an online table game from developer NetEnt, and promotes all of the most up-to-date graphics that you’ll find presently here at Thor Slots.


If you’ve never played a game of roulette in an online slot casino before then maybe you’ve seen it on television or in a movie of some kind. In the James Bond movie Casino Royale, there is a heavy chunk of the movie spent playing roulette. The return to player percentage is very high for this online table game, which should peak the interest of players wanting to get the most financial gain from this slot. 97.3% is high even by NetEnt standards, so what you’re experiencing here must be top of the line quality right? Well why not read the rest of this review and find out…


Expectation vs Reality

 European Roulette Logo

Like its name suggests, this is a European version of roulette which is played a little differently to the American version which seems to be the more popular version. Although there aren’t that many differences in either version, both seem to divide players in which is better (despite location of where they live being quite a big catalyst in their decision). The fact is that this is entirely subjective, and those that are arguing are wasting precious time that could be spent at this table. We expected big things from this slot considering it is a NetEnt creation, and well we were pleasantly surprised at the experience we got, and we’re sure you will too once you take a seat and begin betting.


About the Game

 European Roulette Gameplay

In European Roulette there are 37 different pockets for one to choose from, each are numbered 0 to 36. The aim of the game is to guess on which pocket the end up on after spinning around a wheel. The chip values found here all vary depending on your personal preference, players can play on the following values: 1, 2, 4, 25, 100, and 500. The layout of European Roulette is very well done, if you look at the bottom of the screen you will find multiple buttons which all possess a different function. These buttons allow you to spin, see the pay-table, look at the statistics from your previous spins and much, much more! Players will also find that they can double the value of their scores at the bottom of the screen with the greatest of ease.


In order to place a bet, players will be required to select their preferred chip value and then start the game by hitting spin. The specific number of chips placed on the board will be added to selected bets as they play out on the board. You must first select the colour or number in which you hope to be victorious, from there you may hit spin. This is a very diverse online table game, as players will find that they can bet on a variety of different features depending on their personal preference. Players can place many different bets such as inside/outside betting, call betting, and special betting. Inside these bets lie additional bets which include straight, split, three line, corner, and of-course who could forget six line.


Bonus Games and Bonus Features

 European Roulette Paytable

For an online table game of this magnitude, you’d expect NetEnt to go all out with the additional features, and you’d be right in thinking that, as there is plenty to see and do on these table before you’re ready to get up and move on. These features are very useful in a pinch that’s for sure.


VARIOUS BETTING TYPES: As we’ve already stated above, there are various different ways for one to bet in European Roulette, all of which depend on your play style. Straight, three line, corner and split betting are all encouraged here.


AUTOPLAY: Like most slots in the NetEnt catalogue, European Roulette is not without an autoplay mode that is pretty self-explanatory. Simply select how many spins you’d like to play and for what chip values you’d like, of-course doing this is not the same as playing this table game for yourself, but is very useful in keeping the table occupied.


Hit or Miss?

 European Roulette Gameplay

NetEnt are very very good at their jobs, and they prove it time and time again with online experiences like European Roulette. This is a very beautiful online table game that is chocked full of additional features and betting types for you to remain occupied for hours on end if you let it. This is not like its American counterpart no, but that could be seen as a good thing depending on who you happen to ask. We personally enjoy the European version a hell of a lot more. Make the right decision, play European Roulette today! You may also want to try Wild Wild West!


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