Jungle Jim - El Dorado

Uncharted? No this is Jungle Jim - El Dorado silly, which is quite an easy mistake to make!

Have you ever sat and wondered what life might be like as an avid explorer? We personally have and we have to tell you, it was quite the wild ride. Imagination aside, Jungle Jim El Dorado is one of the better online slots that we’ve had the pleasure of playing, and that’s due to the clear passion shown by developer Microgaming, who have again managed to craft a slot that has all the potential in the world to become a sure-fire franchise. This slot looks oddly familiar to the PlayStation game series Uncharted, this slot is clearly inspired by this game as well as other forms of pop culture, as seen on various levels within the slot itself. Click here to learn more.


Jungle Jim El Dorado is a 5 reel slot that is played out over 25 separate pay-lines. These pay-lines are not adjustable, making the experience a very linear one, but hey, all adventures tend to follow a very linear story. If players are looking for reasons to keep spinning, then there is a 30 coin jackpot at play here that gives players a reason to keep pumping this slot full of money. This slot is riddled in mystery, making it a very rewarding experience for those who happen to be following this story very closely. Be sure to check out the rest of our review on Jungle Jim El Dorado to see if this is the right adventure for you.

 Jungle Jim: El Dorado Logo

Expectation vs Reality


Adventure slots seem to be all the range nowadays, making them somewhat of a hot property when it comes to developers who appear to be well ahead in terms of trends and things such as that. When a market becomes over-saturated with content revolving around the same theme it can become stagnant. Just look at how many Irish themed slots there are presently, there are far too many which makes it harder for players to identify which is good and which isn’t. In Jungle Jim El Dorado, players are invited to engage in a very fun slot that has an aura of mystery surrounding it, and who doesn't want that from their online slot experiences right?

 Jungle Jim El Dorado Gameplay

About the Game


Microgaming have a knack of offering experiences that tend to follow the status quo to a degree before veering off and heading in their own direction. This is one of the reasons why they have managed to be in business for such a long time, and it also goes to show that true originality can not be imitated, no matter how hard their competition/peers try. Jungle Jim is a relatively simple slot to grasp, there are very few issues one will run into when running these reels for themselves. We would like to point out the fact that before players should begin spinning, they will be required to set their coin and bet amounts accordingly. One can do this at the bottom of the screen by using the various arrow buttons to raise and lower your amounts. An autoplay feature is available for players who wish to spin these slots off in the background as they go about other business, this feature can be stopped/started at any given moment, making it incredibly useful to players who are looking to keep the money train rolling. Click here to learn how to play online slots.


This is a very beautiful slot to behold, the colours are various shades of brown and green. This is a 3D slot that gives players all the reason in the world to keep spinning based on the visuals alone. Every symbol on these reels takes the shape of various different adventure-themed curious. Each of these symbols offer something different in terms of scores depending on how many of these symbols you are having in the same winning line. Symbols are matched from left to right of the screen.

 Jungle Jim El Dorado Screenshot

Bonus Games and Bonus Features


The mysteries of this slot will reveal themselves in due time, or whenever you manage to unlock the various bonus and additional features.  All of these additional features towards granting players the most memorable experiences possible.


WILDS: The games logo symbol is this slots chosen wild symbol, matching this symbol will allow not to substitute out for various other scoring symbols.


ROLLING REELS: This feature will activate constantly through the course of play. Once one matches symbols, then the replacing symbol will tumble onto the reels.


MULTIPLIER TRAIL: This bonus feature will allow one to multiply their scores with each and every spin. There is up to a x15 multiplier available here, making it very useful in getting a big score.


Hit or Miss?


What one will notice straight away in this slot, is the attention to detail as well as the very crisp graphics. These graphics are very well produced and serve only to immerse players for hours on end. We would advise one always familiarise yourself with the pay-table. Microgaming continue to astound even now, if you are yet to experience Jungle Him El Dorado then what are you waiting for? Or why not play Irish Luck Jackpot?


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